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  1. Need some info about two types of R1b
  2. What's Your Y-Haplogroup?
  3. R1a anomalies
  4. Indo-Iranian R1a (Wells et al. 2001)
  5. Y-DNA J1e, proto-Semitic marker?
  6. R1a1a7-M458; from Poland with love
  7. A counter-clockwise northern route of the Y-chromosome haplogroup N from SA to Europe
  8. A Y-chromosome signature of hegemony in Gaelic Ireland
  9. R1b...
  10. Chromosome diversity in Sweden – A long-time perspective
  11. Excavating Y-chromosome haplotype strata in Anatolia
  12. Famous or Infamous y-DNA haplogroup?
  13. Y-DNA and the beginnings of the Polish nation
  14. The origins and spread of R1a1 and other stuff (Klyosov 2009)
  15. R1a1 M17 From India with love
  16. Indian Y-DNA in Arabia
  17. Amhara and Oromo Y-DNA in Ethiopia (split) //mod
  18. Y-DNA J1e, Cohen Modal Haplotype, aka Y-chromosomal Aaron
  19. Let's tie ydna to phenotypes
  20. Maps of R1a "branches"
  21. Haplogroup I percentages in Iran
  22. y-DNA Amongst Ashkenazi Jews
  23. y-DNA Amongst the Sephardi Jews
  24. Are Y haplogroups I (Germanic etc) and J (Semites) the same?
  25. The origins of R1a1a (as of 2009)
  26. East Asian yDNA haplogroups
  27. R1b1a (R-V88) and spread of Chadic speakers?
  28. Question about R-M269
  29. R1a1 is not Indo-European
  30. R1b1b2a1b4c
  31. ISOGG changes name of J1e, J-P58, J-L147 to J1c3*
  32. what is the most haplogroup in african continent at the whole?
  33. I've finally found out my Y haplogroup, and it is...
  34. More DE* found in Nigeria?
  35. E1b1b1a2, African or Near Eastern?
  36. Is R1a1a7 (M458) a Bronze Age Lusatian marker?
  37. R-P312 in Yorkshire?
  38. Haplogroup G1*/G1a Allele Frequency Sheet
  39. Assyrian y-DNA Haplogroup Distribution
  40. L255 New J1 YDNA SNP
  41. So I'm a R1b1b2a1a... NOW WHAT?!
  42. Why are all my Y-dna matches on FTDNA Europeans?
  43. j2a4h1a1 AKA L70 Origins
  44. Announcement by FTDNA
  45. First J2* is an Armenian (per FTDNA J Project)
  46. Iranian and Azerbaijanian minority y-DNA
  47. The origin of haplogroup I1-M253 in Eastern Europe
  48. Y-DNA and Dutch regions
  49. Most R1a1a set to become R1a1a1
  50. Help with Haplogroup / Deep clade and DYS markers
  51. About my haplogroups...
  52. African Y-DNA Map
  53. Haplogroup Kurds
  54. Y-DNA Correlation Matrix Results For Select Populations
  55. reading hapmap files
  56. A Graphical Representation of J1*/J1c3 Frequency
  57. Birko and Haplogroup R2
  58. What phenotypes should be associated with male haplogroups H and L?
  59. Hitler "E1b1b," per De Standaard
  61. famous dynasty holes
  62. S116/P312 not so much Bell Beaker perhaps Linearbandkeramik?
  63. R2's (M124) set to become R2a.
  64. delete
  65. ISOGG Y-DNA Tree 2010
  66. Most populous y-DNA haplogroup?
  67. Phylogeography of the human Y chromosome haplogroup E3a
  68. Should haplogroup E be broken out?
  69. Haplogroup O, distribution map
  70. Study proposing migration patterns for Y-DNA in East Asia
  71. R1b folks what is your modal haplotype?
  72. Which Y Clan did you expect before testing?
  73. Europe Map of dominant Y-DNA HG by subdivisions
  74. R1b folk spoke Türkic-language when they came to Europe
  75. World Map of T-M70 and K*-M9(xNotSubtyped)
  76. R1b1b2a1a2e: Anyone know anything about this Y haplogroup?
  77. Haplogroup Q in modern Mexico?
  78. Digging deeper into East African human Y chromosome lineages
  79. Presence of Haplogroup J* in Southern Arabia
  80. Y chromosome Haplogroups in South African
  81. Arabian clusters of haplogroup E1b1b1c1 (M34)
  82. Sicily and Haplogroup Q
  83. 2 Y-chromosome studies on Sub Saharan Africa.
  84. Genetic Perspectives on Forager-Farmer Interaction in the Luangwa Valley of Zambia
  85. Negrito tribe haplogroups Philippines suprise.
  86. Why haplogroup O2b1 is only found in Korea and Japan?
  87. Please add your 23andMe Y chromosome file to Adriano Squecco's database
  88. Question about R1
  89. Genetic structure of nomadic Bedouin from Kuwait
  90. Help Reading Y DNA Test Results
  91. LGM biotypes and haplogroups
  92. DNA from Pakistan
  93. A New Topology of the Human Y Chromosome Haplogroup E1b1 (E-P2)
  94. R1a - help/clarification needed in understanding FTDNA results
  95. Famous R1a People
  96. Famous (or Infamous) men of Haplogroup G
  97. Y-DNA Haplogroup S
  98. Linguistic, cultural and genetic perspectives in west-central Africa - 2007
  99. Do you believe South Asia is the origin of the R1 Y-DNA?
  100. New branches of R1a1a1 - post all updates here plz
  101. F3 Haplogroup Update
  102. Poland's overlaps and sthng else
  103. Central Asian YDNA Haplogroups
  104. R1a1
  105. I2a2b Dinaric Isles Disles?
  106. Y-DNA G haplogroup please?
  107. L176.2 and L165
  108. Was hg I2a2a Thraco-Illirian?
  109. Dendrograms for European Y-chromosome haplogroup pools
  110. Y-chromosome pools diversity in Europe
  111. Increased Resolution of Haplogroup T
  112. ISOGG 2011 (new R1b subclades terminology, etc)
  113. Subclades? Help?
  114. Phylogeographic analysis of Y haplogroups A and B
  115. Turkish Dna, Research of Haplogroups C, E, G, I, J, L, N, Q, R and T
  116. Haplogroup T (Y-DNA) Tree
  117. Updated tree of Y-O
  118. Anyone know Y DNA charts from Peru/Bolivia?
  119. 23andme changed my dna to J1e?
  120. My R2 connection
  121. why R1b assimilated R1a in Europe?
  122. I think this guy must be like 100% R1b
  123. Genes and Languages in the Caucasus
  124. A Revised Root for the Human Y Chromosomal Phylogenetic Tree
  125. R1b1b2a1a2d(R-U152) in North Bashkortostan
  126. Indian celebrities John Abraham and Baichung Bhutia : Y-DNA results
  127. R1A in England
  128. New hpg I classification?
  129. Y Chromosomes Traveling South: The Cohen Modal Haplotype and the Origins of the Lemba
  130. Y-DNA results of Dominicans at 23andme
  131. J2a4h2a Picture thread
  132. Of Buryats and Kalmyks: The R2a connection
  133. The Gengis Khan marker
  134. Illyrian haplogroup...
  135. For men: what's your Y-dna and your sexual orientation
  136. New potentially interesting hg I1 SNPs (Z58 and Z63)
  137. What Y haplogroup will disappear in 100 000 years ?
  138. Guess Ötzi's Y-DNA Haplogroup And Possible ADMIXTURE Component Distribution
  139. Q in Norway..
  140. Up-to-date E1b1b Phylogeny Phylogeographic thread
  141. "Genetic Testing of Language Replacement Hypothesis in Southwest Asia"
  142. New Eupedia Y-chromosome haplogroups maps
  143. Help with my type - J2b
  144. Where did haplogroup J originat, was it in europe??
  145. Question about my R1b1b2 haplogroup
  146. "Sumers as the ancient bearers of R1b1b2 haplogroup?"
  147. How does this work?
  148. E1b1a, new theories, Trombetta et al 2011
  149. Information about J2's?
  150. R1b1b2a1a.....but from WHERE??
  151. G2a and E-V13 found in Neolithic Spain
  152. Names of the haplogroups - what do they mean?
  153. Famous (or Infamous) men of J2 Haplogroup
  154. Why so much N1c1* at Poland ?
  155. Native Y-DNA on 23andMe
  156. Patrilineal origins in Armenia
  157. Y-DNA Frequencies in Mexico and Central America.
  158. Saxon yDNA
  159. anyone I2a1b1-Disles?
  160. J1 in Near East Minority Groups: A cautionary tale of its own
  161. R1a in Near East Minority Groups
  162. E1b1b1
  163. Balkan people genes!
  164. Y-DNA in Near East Minority Groups
  165. J2b/R1b in South Central Asia
  166. Y-chromosome ties between Taiwan and Polynesia
  167. Y Chromosome of Kurds
  168. R1a1-M458 in Greek Macedonia
  169. Where/when/from whom did Ashkenazi Levites acquire their R1a1?
  170. The mysterious E-M123* (E1b1b1c)
  171. Does the Y chromosome affect male traits?
  172. What is the Significance of halpogroup E1B1B1C?
  173. Semargl.me Y-DNA Search Utility
  174. Whats the truest european ydna?
  175. Y-chromosome of Emperor Cao Cao: O2
  176. Is haplogroup I Paleolithic by origin?
  177. I1 l 22+ l 183+
  178. J1c3 P58+ L222- L65- L92-
  179. Napoleon belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1c1
  180. Updates in the E1b1b1 phylogeny
  181. Y Chromosome Lineages in Men of West African Descent
  182. Y-DNA E1b1b1b2a
  183. J1c3 and J1c3d Y-Haplogroups in Middle East
  184. Y Chromosomes of Jews
  185. did the massive rape in east-germany had effect on the distribution of the Y-haplo
  186. Potential correlation between Y-chromosome haplogroups and language families?
  187. An investigation of admixture in an Australian Aboriginal Y-chromosome STR database
  188. Eupedia's phylogenetic tree of haplogroup R1b
  189. Increased risk of coronary artery disease linked with haplogroup I
  190. Iraqi Jewish Y-DNA
  191. Eastern R1b [split] //mod
  192. Male haplogroups of India - % share in overall population
  193. R1a distribution in Finland
  194. J2b-South Central Asia
  195. E1b1a7a Moorish?
  196. "Genetic Affinity Of Assyrians Living In Armenia To...Near East and South Caucasus"
  197. N1c1 in Proto-Balto-Slavs [split] //mod
  198. Help trying to figure out which R1b subgroup I belong to
  199. Your theory about the spread of R-M269 in europe
  200. E1b1a outside West Africa
  201. R1b in Armenians
  202. Origin of ydna T in South-Central Asia
  203. Let's play with haplotypes!
  204. Guess cheddar Man Y-dna
  205. R1a1g M-458 - a Venedi/Veneti/Wendish marker?
  206. R1b-M73
  207. Post your haplogroup and sexual behaviour
  208. Gwozdz's Polish R1a study from 2009
  209. Anatole Klyosov's R1a Proto Indo-Europeans and Legendary Aryans paper
  210. ydna L3
  211. Haplogroup nationalism?
  212. YDNA-67 test result received ... how to interpret ?
  213. Q1B in south asia?
  214. Posted already
  215. Three quarters of Kerey clan men belong to Genghis Khan Y chromosome cluster
  216. G2c in Afghanistan/Pakistan
  217. Y-chromosome O3 Haplogroup Diversity in Sino-Tibetan Populations Reveals Two Migratio
  218. I1 M253 Invaders!
  219. I2a1b1 is from the Carpathians - a Slavic haplogroup?
  220. Can someone help me with this?
  221. Mysteries of the Haplogroups
  222. R-M17, to be or not to be proto-Indo-European?
  223. Haplogroup I
  224. Y chromosome of ethnic groups in Macedonia
  225. The Origin and Spread of Haplogroup J2a
  226. ydnas I, M269, Z280/Z283/M458 in central asia
  227. Ted Kandell : "A New Root for the Y-DNA Tree"
  228. Drawing the human Y chromosome tree with SNPs
  229. R1b among Bell Beakers
  230. Possible Early Indo-Iranian Y-DNA Haplogroups
  231. I, G and R1b in Asia
  232. Update on L1029
  233. Y chromosome diversity in Native Mexicans
  234. "Distinguishing the co-ancestries of haplogroup G Y-chromosomes in the populations...
  235. The Origin of Y-DNA DE?
  236. Ancestral modal Y-STR haplotype shared among Romani and South Indian populations
  237. Origins of Haplogroup L1c-M357
  238. Is Y-chromosome haplogroup I1 Paleo-European or Germanic?
  239. South Siberian R1a
  240. Mongoloid Y-DNA in Central Asian Turks and European
  241. y-DNA F
  242. ydna N-central/South Asia
  243. R1b-L23 origins
  244. Y-dna beoynd humans
  245. New aDNA Y-DNA (I2a1) - Dolmen of La Pierre Fritte
  246. Effects of Y Haplogroup
  247. E1b1a7a
  248. Missing gene on 23andme
  249. Y-DNA haplogroup J in Southeast Asia and Northeastern China???
  250. Haplogroup IJ