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  1. Richard N. Frye, Iranologist
  2. King Cambyses II's mighty Persian army
  3. Persians as culturally & genetically offspring of Semites+Huro-Guto-Kassi-Elamites?
  4. The Jiroft culture!
  5. Paleoeuropeans and East Iranian Peoples
  6. Who are the Medians?
  7. What and who were the Parthians
  8. The proto Persian Semitic Iranians, The Elamites. Where they close to Assyrians?
  9. Who were the Elamites?
  10. Iranian Music
  11. Ancient Origins of the Kurds
  12. Nature of Seljuk/Seljuq turk sultanates and migrations
  13. Safavids, Iran and Shi'ism
  14. Decree by Shah Ismail in Azeri Turkish discovered
  15. Geography of Iran
  16. Proto-Elamite Codebreakers Try Crowdsourcing To Help Decipher Mystery Language
  17. The Cyrus Cylinder - Being Brought to the United States
  18. Images of the City of Isfahan -
  19. 15,000 images of Persian manuscripts online
  20. Setting the record straight on Iranian's (Persian) supposed claims to the "aryans"
  21. Sibero-Scythian Ice Maiden, had breast cancer and medicated with marijuana
  22. The Vikings made contact with the Persians through Steel/Silk