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  1. The Indo-European homeland and the most Euro zones of Europe according to DNA Tribes
  2. Afro-Asiatic urheimat
  3. The origins of the Scythians (and early Northern Indo-Iranians)
  4. The Indo-European homeland
  5. Uralic adventures
  6. Non-Kurgan, non-Anatolian Indo-European Urheimat theories
  7. Dienekes: Indo-European origins: Neolithic Anatolia still the best hypothesis
  8. Mongoloid Proto-Indo-Europeans
  9. Is Central-Eastern Europe the proto-Indo-European urheimat? [split] //mod
  10. Where was wheeled transport invented?
  11. Aryan theories
  12. On the Origin of North Indo-Europeans
  13. Germanic Urheimat: Jastorf, Nordic Bronze Age, other?
  14. Are Armenians the original Indo-Europeans? [split] //mod
  15. proto-Celtic R1a(?) and proto-Indo-European ancestry in modern Celts? [split] //mod
  16. Renfrew and Mallory on Y-DNA R1a1a, Irish, Tocharian and proto-Indo-European urheimat
  17. Pie
  18. Proto Hellenic homeland
  19. What's archaic in Mallory's In Search of the Indo-Europeans
  20. Is Prince Edward Island the Urheimat of the Algonquian languages?
  21. Can Dienekes Pontikos still be regarded as a useful source of info?
  22. Beaver and linguistic palaeonthology
  23. Anatolian urheimat of proto-Turkic R1a [split] //mod
  24. New information on Indo-European urheimat
  25. The proto-Afro-Asiatics were proto-Caucasoids from the Fertile Crescent (Mashriq)
  26. Nostrato-Amerind
  27. Indo-European Migrations and Aryan Invasions of India (maps and PDF)
  28. First Indo-Europeans
  29. Abashevo Culture Discussion
  30. Geographical/Geopolitical reasons behind the Indo-European languages expansion?
  31. Questioning the Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory
  32. Cheese making in Poland in the 6th millennium BC and proto-Indo-European homeland
  33. Recommendations on Books about Linguistics and Urheimat Theories
  34. Mismodeling Indo-European Origins: The Assault On Historical Linguistics
  35. Urheimat and the "Lachsargument"
  36. Pre-Proto-Germanic came from eastern Baltic ?
  37. Uralic urheimat
  38. German Dziebel's Out of America origin of humanity urheimat hypothesis
  39. Proto Indo Europeans related to Ancient North Eurasians?
  40. North Germanic ethnogenesis
  41. Sinitic Civilization began in 3000 BC in Liangzhu
  42. Solutrean Hypothesis
  43. Proto Indo European homeland Iran
  44. The concept of Indo-European "Ursprache" round 1800
  45. Afro-Asiatic Urheimat in the Green Sahara
  46. Suggested locations of Urheimat since 1960
  47. proto-Austronesian homeland is Taiwan?
  48. Ancestry-constrained phylogenetic analysis supports the Indo-European steppe hypothesis
  49. Argumentum ad dienekesam, or the “Indo-European equality” dilemma
  50. Can we locate the proto-Uralic urheimat by N1c-L392 phylogeny?
  51. Old Prussians from Dnieper?
  52. The origin of Slavs
  53. Genome composition of present day Europeans
  54. Otto Schrader, father of the steppe urheimat hypothesis
  55. Neolithic Anatolian ancestry not in the Eastern Middle East? Anatolian hypothesis for PIE now totally dead?
  56. The emerging picture from Chalcolithic/Bronze Age West & Central Eurasia thanks to ancient DNA
  57. Kvens: Pre-Germanic Scandinavians?
  58. Renfrew | Marija Rediviva: DNA and Indo-European Origins
  59. Renfrew | Marija Rediviva: DNA and Indo-European Origins
  60. Today Iran's Y Haplogroups
  61. is Something wrong with the so-called ‘Yamnaya admixture’
  62. Proto-Indo-European homelands – ancient genetic clues at last?
  63. Poland in 1st-2nd c. AD (Przeworsk culture & the Lugian Federation)