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  1. Kinship and Descent
  2. Eastern looking Hungarians - GREAT VIDEO
  3. Map your ancestry & source of heritage
  4. Good website for Comparative Genealogy
  5. Perolina surname
  6. 10 Best Web Sites for Vital Records
  7. 10 Best Web Sites for International Searches
  8. Barder surname, English or Norwegian?
  9. Genealogical vs. Genetic Ancestors (borrowed topic)
  10. My 9 grandchildren are all Middle Eastern-Americans
  11. African Ancestry Results
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  13. Rare Dominican Surname
  14. A Question to the Scandinavians here
  15. French Name Origin?
  16. Marques/Marquez?
  17. Pages for Greek Genealogy
  18. Pintto surname
  19. My family claims descent from Tribe Of Cain? This can't be right
  20. The Ibn Yahya family
  21. Puerto Ricans with the last name Class
  22. What are the Origins of the Surnames - Toribio and Tapia?
  23. What is the origin of the Last name Liriano?
  24. "Ybor" & "Ybarra" surname origin?
  25. Genealogical verse
  26. The Arab connection of the British Royal family
  27. Hubmaier Surname, some questions
  28. How Mongoloid Are Iranians
  29. South Indians
  30. Family tree share and compare
  31. What to call myself?
  32. Share Genealogical Stories
  33. What's the deal with the Jews & the following surnames?
  34. Mongolian spots and RH Negative blood???
  35. Armenians and Assyrians: Bringing Family Together
  36. Polako now "officially" Scythian
  37. Origins of Family Names
  38. no birth records?
  39. can anyone help me..
  40. If a birth record cannot be found...
  41. Jean E. Deutch
  42. can anyone read?
  43. Were socially security forms in the 1940's filled out by an individual or by a recipi
  44. 1615 Sweden
  45. How can I get a copy of my great grandfathers birth certificate?
  46. Martin Luther King and Marcus Garvey Y Chromosones
  47. What origin does this surname sound like?
  48. What's your opinion about my surname origin?
  49. What's the odds?
  50. Tool: World Surnames Profiler
  51. Need help
  52. Share stories of your ancestors
  53. Colonial US DNA discussion
  54. Surname Gethe
  55. Origin of Sang and Zang Surnames
  56. Recommendations for Starting to trace Genealogy
  57. Professional Genealogists Researching European Records
  58. Famous descendants of Mayflower passengers
  59. Origin of the Pintto surname (serious discussion this time)
  60. Kashmiri phenotypes
  61. Any Asian Genealogy fan out there who can help?
  62. Any good source for indigenous surnames?
  63. Native American descendants in Europe
  64. Origins of Two surnames
  65. What is americans love affair with native americans all about?
  66. What migrations have your lineage made from early modern to current?
  67. Do you have ties to true modern nobility? Show it here!
  68. Anyone know a good site for Mexico or El Salvadorean lineages?
  69. Classify my last name.
  70. TV Show: "Who Do You Think You Are?
  71. Now this is very interesting... and Macabre...
  72. Dominicans and Other Santanas
  73. Descendents of Famous People
  74. Origin of the last name "Portes"
  75. royal genealogies
  76. Surnames
  77. "Alcalde."
  78. Which Genealogy Test kit?
  79. Mexican Chicano Rapper "Serio", DNA test results,
  80. (de) Japon family in Spain
  81. O'bama connects with Irish roots
  82. the case for russia.
  83. Surname Dougan
  84. Lady Ga Ga
  85. Dying relative's legacy?
  86. Isaiah Washington's gets Sierra Leonean Citizenship Based on DNA Evidence
  87. Warsaw, Russia 1930?
  88. Kha Family
  89. Finnish or Swedish Surname?
  90. What is the origin of the surname Behar?
  91. Origin of surname
  92. The Maré/Marée surname??
  93. Canary origin of kilo's paternal family
  94. My Findings =)
  95. Origin of these surnames
  96. Origins of these names/surnames/my MtDna
  97. were there shtetls in Warsaw?
  98. Do you think women should be allowed to keep their maiden name after married?
  99. Curious Case of Criminal Last Names
  100. French Surnames/Families in Colonial America
  101. Uniquely white Canadian surnames
  102. My ancestor is featured on the national news!
  103. Non-Africans are part Neandertal, a new study confirms.
  104. Post pictures of ancestral locations.
  105. Searching Zimmerman, Hoppen
  106. A few surnames
  107. help with the origin of these surnames
  108. Is this a russian or an estonian surname?
  109. The ugliests names?
  110. Stories of Jewish Ancestors
  111. Question about German Surnames
  112. The surname Pust/Püst
  113. How much do you know of your genealogy?
  114. Genetic Genealogy providing hope
  115. origin of surname "Badaei"?
  116. Could you be a descendant of Gengkis Khan?
  117. Distribution of your surname among races
  118. A Polish surname
  119. Bohemian names: Mixan & Rusonig Grard
  120. French Canadian DNA Project
  121. Colonial America Naming
  122. French Huguenot ancestry
  123. The surname Ibrahim? Armenian?
  124. Surname Ecret
  125. Related to Royalty?
  126. Collecting genealogical info from family
  127. Names of grandparents and other ancestors
  128. Do Any on Here Have Same Maternal or Paternal Ancestry Despite Different Nationality?
  129. what is three generations removed?
  130. Indians in Nuevo Leon
  131. Puerto Ricans labeled Black on the 1900"s US Census
  132. Arab surnames in Dominican Republic
  133. What am I? Looking for Roots
  134. Paternal Lineage Results
  135. Nobility and the Use of Wax Seals
  136. Basque surnames?
  137. Have you any family members to buried inte church?
  138. WEST COAST USA colonial period
  139. Scottish Clan Membership
  140. Help with Greek surname!
  141. About English,scottish,irish immigration to Brazil
  142. Finding Birth Records
  143. Slavic Surname Tircz Help Needed
  144. Alawites/Alevis dynasties
  145. From mestizo to criollo ruling elite
  146. Has anybody ever had this problem?
  147. Finding out your not who you think you are
  148. A Match at 5.1 Generations - Meaning???
  149. Ancestry Lookup
  150. Interesting new family finds
  151. Ancestry
  152. History of Jews in Mexico
  153. My Swedish ancestry from 1700s
  154. Ethnicity unclear, doesn't match records - any insights?
  155. Siege of Derry
  156. How far back have you managed to trace your ancestors?
  157. Acadians and Cajuns more Basque than French
  158. How does one reincorporate tradition?
  159. Scottish matches increasing at FtDna, the genealogical background
  160. Where does the name Milo Jose sound like it's from?
  161. Tracing Stephen Harper's Family Tree
  162. Are you rhesus negative?
  163. DNA Evidence Links Murder Case With Mayflower-Era Family
  164. japanese migrations to iran
  165. Ethnic/Genealogy Test
  166. Post pictures of your ancestor's Genealogical records & documents
  167. Am I Jewish?
  168. Did German-Bohemians often have relationships with Czechs?
  169. Filipino Genealogy
  170. Ancestors graves
  171. Minor Jewish ancestry?
  172. list your full ancestral connections made through DNA
  173. What would you say this women's phenotype is?
  174. Genealogist: etiquette question
  175. The statisistics of my genealogy
  176. How do I find out about my ethnicity/ethnic background?
  177. Would you join a lineage association?
  178. Is my paternal line from Germany Jewish or Aryan in origin?
  179. Uncommon Surnames
  180. Anyone willing to see if they're related to me?
  181. Ancestry.com changed its format
  182. New or little-known ancestry research sites
  183. Could my cousin be distantly Native American?
  184. What is the frequency of your surnames?
  185. Malay/Japanese slave trade and how it might relate to my Asian admixture
  186. Finnish Great-Great Grandfather's Family
  187. Genealogy vs Genetics
  188. Anyone who speaks Turkish that can translate a few stories about my great grandfather?
  189. What's my real ethnicity
  190. My Surname?
  191. Goodwin/ Gooding family
  192. Am I enthnically Central American?
  193. Melungeon Ancestry: Does this theory make sense?
  194. Just found out some bad news
  195. Origin of Akan (bonomon) West africans of Ghana
  196. Written format for name changes
  197. Do you think I'm part Filipino?
  198. Where do your DNA Cousins come from?
  199. Does the average Ecuadorian have Peruvian ancestry?
  200. What could my ancestry be from?
  201. Where is this place my family is from in the Caucasus
  202. Recent genetic study on the Druze populace.
  203. What's your favorite genealogy software?
  204. Polish connections of Obama and Washington
  205. What could my actual ancestry (based on my results)
  206. Should a family tree only represent a biological succession?
  207. Genealogy
  208. Connect the dots
  209. Where are your great grandparents' surnames highest ranked?
  210. Where did your ancestors live in 1914
  211. If you could revive one ancestor, who would you choose, and why?
  212. Cotswolds community have DNA from 18 different parts of the world
  213. Is the English aristocracy dying out?
  214. The surname Risberg
  215. Endogamy skewing Cousin Prediction?
  216. Quantitative analysis of population-scale family trees with millions of relatives
  217. Surname Saab?
  218. Do I have Jewish ancestry?
  219. Is the Queen related to Prophet Muhammad?
  220. Which of your grandparents are still living? When did the ones who are dead die?
  221. Do you have the exact same surname that your direct paternal great-great-grandfather was born with?
  222. What would be the result of a mixture of a Indian women with north indian blonde men ?
  223. member @kevinbrook latest published article on Jewish Genealogy and DNA
  224. Genealogy site MYHERITAGE says 92 million users compromised...
  225. Do you descend from a line of lower or upper class individuals?
  226. How many children do you want to have?
  227. Which do you think is a worse thing to happen to a teenager?
  228. How much control of your own life did your parents let you have when you were a teenager?
  229. Do You Know Your Family History? Third Of Americans Can’t Even Name All 4 Grandparents, Survey Finds
  230. Do you have "Passing" Ancestors in your Genealogy?
  231. Slavery in Genealogy
  232. Did 23andme help you to find relatives?