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  1. Afrikaners
  2. 1950s-60s Horner politicians
  3. Somalis
  4. The people of Mali (West Africa)
  5. The people of Niger (West Africa)
  6. Cameroon and Cameroonians 🇨🇲
  7. Djibouti and Djiboutian
  8. The people of Nigeria (West Africa)
  9. African tribe people
  10. The Malagasy (Madagascar)
  11. People Of Ethiopia
  12. People of Eritrea
  13. Southern Africans
  14. Namibia (Namibians)
  15. Tunisia and its people
  16. The Hadza
  17. The Republic of Tanzania (Tanzanians) 🇹🇿
  18. Algerians 🇩🇿
  19. Coloureds of South Africa
  20. Rwanda and Rwandans
  21. Cape Verde and Cape Verdeans 🇨🇻
  22. North Africans
  23. Fula people
  24. Moroccans
  25. The people of Senegal (West Africa)
  26. Indians of South Africa
  27. Ghana and Ghanaians
  28. The Zulu
  29. The people of Mauritania (West Africa) 🇲🇷
  30. Angola 🇦🇴
  31. Westernized (Sub Saharan Africa) Homes,Airports,Universities..
  32. Mandingo/Mandinka/Malinké
  33. Pygmies of Africa
  34. The Wolof
  35. The Igbo People
  36. Diola people (Senegal/Casamance)
  37. The people of Sudan
  38. Gambian people 🇬🇲
  39. The Slave trade : ports and Africans exported
  40. Old photos of North Africans (Libyans, Tuns, Moroc, Alg )
  41. The Hausa people
  42. The Yoruba People
  43. Seychelles and Seychellois
  44. Côte d'Ivoire people 🇨🇮
  45. The Afars nomad of The Horn of Africa
  46. Togo people
  47. Tuaregs (West & Saharan Africa)
  48. Guinea-Bissau people
  49. Guinea Conakry people
  50. Liberia people
  51. Sierra Leone people
  52. Xhosa Tribe of South Africa
  53. Benin people
  54. Congo people (DRC)
  55. Burkina Faso people
  56. São Tomé and Príncipe people
  57. Efik People
  58. Afrobrazilians from Ghana/Togo/Benin/Nigeria
  59. People of Mozambique
  60. Mbuti
  61. Pointed Noses in West Africa
  62. Guess who is Mulatto
  63. Young Ethiopian Students Singing in Chinese at National Theater in Addis Ababa
  64. Fulani's from Nigeria
  65. Fulani's from Mali (aka Peul)
  66. Fulani's from Sudan (aka fellaata)
  67. Berber peoples
  68. How Old Are the Different African Phenotypes?
  69. The Baganda
  70. Fulani's from senegal (aka peuls, toucouleurs, fulakunda etc)
  71. Mozabites (algerian berbers)
  72. Fulani's from Guinea
  73. The Hidden Faces of Ethiopia
  74. Igbos and Aframs almost indistinguishable
  75. The Maasai
  76. The people of Socotra
  77. Most sub-racially diverse African country
  78. Congoid beauty
  79. Egyptian Aethiopids
  80. The Xhosa
  81. Southafricans
  82. Igbo Jews
  83. The Tuareg: A colorful tribe
  84. Nigerian Igbos with White Children
  85. Practice of Breast Ironing
  86. African markings & scarifications
  87. Whites/Mulattos from Angola/Mozambique
  88. Comorians
  89. Moroccans and Moroccans of the Diaspora
  90. Can you distinguish East Africans from West Africans?
  91. Africans that can pass for "Mulatto"
  92. Nigerian Movie Industy Actors
  93. Is there a diference between Sudanid and Congoloid features?
  94. Are the Manasir the only true Arab admixed Sudanese tribe?
  95. The San Tribe of Africa
  96. Berbers of Algeria
  97. The Egyptian Fallahin
  98. The Afrikaners of South Africa
  99. Blondism in the Mbuti...?
  100. Gabonese Peoples
  101. The nomadic Wodaabe Fulani minus all the make-up and glam
  102. Why do Nilotes and other Northeast Africans have Asian like Features
  103. The Tuareg of the Sahara
  104. Origins of Al Akhdam people?
  105. Northern Moroccans
  106. The Chleuhs (Berbers from Southern Morocco)
  107. Classify this baby (lol)
  108. The Libyans
  109. Why do East African Kids look Alike
  110. Atlas berbers
  111. Songhai of the Western Sudan
  112. about Libyans
  113. People from Tchad
  114. African phenotypes
  115. The Beja of North East Africa (all sub groups included)
  116. West African origins of AfroColombians
  117. East Africans VS West Africans - SPORTS
  118. Senators of Nigeria
  119. Tuareg women from National Geographic
  120. Modern Egyptian Phenotypic Variation
  121. is Wentworth Miller considered an AA in the US?
  122. Are there a lot of Black South Africans who look like this guy?
  123. Ghanaians - Picture Thread 🇬🇭
  124. Black africans with light eyes
  125. The Krio People (Sierra Leone)
  126. African facial hair
  127. The Aethiopid Race Spectrum
  128. Classify these Moroccan women
  129. Does this Berber child look abit Mongoloid?
  130. What did the ancient Nubians look like?
  131. African women to die for
  132. African beauties
  133. arabphone Libyans resemble Yemeni people
  134. The Hamer People of Ethiopia
  135. The Mursi People of Ethiopia
  136. Oasian dwellers of the Sahara
  137. Saharawi Berbers and the Moors from Mauretania
  138. The Sahrawis (people from Western Sahara)
  139. Beautiful (Real) African Girls
  140. Handsome African Men
  141. Classify these three berbers
  142. Classify these Nigerians from Borno State.
  143. There will be no peace until people stop calling Tamazgha part of the “Arab world”
  144. Spinoff: Afro-Textured Hair Edition
  145. What is the most interesting tribal ritual?
  146. Cesaria Evoria
  147. Post pictures that show the differences between West, Central, Southern Africans.
  148. Kenyan - Diversity 🇰🇪
  149. Algerian christians
  150. Afram looking Yoruba
  151. How would these MENA be seen in your country?
  152. The different Faces of Nigeria. 🇳🇬
  153. Eritrean guy(Video)
  154. African Rebel movement
  155. Classify mustafa Abdul Jalil
  156. The power of the Afro!
  157. Equatorial Guineans
  158. Afro descent Body Mystique
  159. Megan Good's African sister, Lost&Found
  160. About the Tuareg
  161. Classify these Egyptians
  162. Which Africans (non-West African) frequently approximate a West African appearance?
  163. (Light Skin, Straight Hair, etcetera) How indigenous is much of the diversity in Afri
  164. Fulani's from Niger (incl. Wodaabe and Gorgaave )
  165. What if B. Woman Became the Other?
  166. Khoi-San People (like you never saw them before!)
  167. Southern Moroccan specific West African influences
  168. Do you consider South Africa,Namibia,Congo,Cameroon,Ivory Coast,Cape Verde,Angola...
  169. Are Ethiopians Mixed?
  170. Are West Africans a Product of Back to Africa Migration?
  171. North African models
  172. West African muscles?
  173. Libyan Berbers
  174. Yoruba People, Couples, Weddings, Celebrations, Fashion, Architecture
  175. African Diversity
  176. Do Ghanians And Kenyans Overlap?
  177. People from the Swahili coast
  178. Why do Some Fulani People Look Mixed?
  179. Is it me, or do Ethiopian Girls Look "Cartoony"?
  180. Egyptians
  181. Which Country in Africa Has People Who Can Pass For New World Blacks?
  182. Kikuyu people of Kenya
  183. The Cushitc nomads (photostream)
  184. The Swazi People of Swaziland
  185. The Himba People of Namibia
  186. The Mwila people of Angola
  187. Africa-Maps and charts
  188. Then and Now comparism {Africa}
  189. Clan of Medea, Algeria
  190. Tigray-Tigrinya people
  191. Negroids: A primitive race?
  192. Beauty and Brains: Africa Power Women
  193. Diaspora Beauty and Brains: Diaspora African Power Women
  194. The Beauty of Ugandan Women
  195. Why Alek Wek does NOT represent South Sudanese Beauty: Real South Sudanese Beauties
  196. Phenotypes and Aesthetics of the (future) UNITED AFRICAN REPUBLIC
  197. Everything Fulani.
  198. Faces of West&Central AfRaKa
  199. Which one looks more average mauritanian?
  200. Mongoloid traits , Atlas Berbers.
  201. Nature &Landscapes of Mother Africa.
  202. Pygmies of Central Africa
  203. "Australoids" in Tunisia?
  204. Afroid phenotypes REVISED
  205. Afroid phenotypes REVISED
  206. ♥ The Nefertiti vibe ♥
  207. Naivashoids (The so-called "Negroids") - "Encyclopedia Naivatica"
  208. Oldupoid SUB-TYPES
  209. classify me?
  210. what about the people of mauritius?
  211. North African footballers + classification
  212. Nigerians vs Ghanaians
  213. Arab tribe , Algeria
  214. Nigerian Cuisine.
  215. African Countries and/or Ethnic groups that have the most gorgeous women?
  216. African men - best looking by country
  217. The Soninke {Sarahuli} Of the Southern Sahel.
  218. Which West African football team looks the most Sudanid?
  219. Which Maghrebi football team looks most Berberid?
  220. Guinesids (a.k.a. Palaenegrids)
  221. Ewe People
  222. Trans Atlantic Slave Trade: Madagascar and the Malagasy People
  223. DR Congo: Congolese people.
  224. Official 360 Waves thread
  225. Differences between NWB (especially Aframs) and SSA
  226. Nuubi people
  227. Which Bantu-African football team looks the least West African?
  228. Classify this Tuareg women
  229. Mozabite people
  230. Yoruba Theology 101.
  231. Canarians (Canary Islanders)
  232. Where in Africa can you pass as a local?
  233. "Afro-Athletes", London 2012
  234. Burundi People
  235. Zambian People
  236. If you visited Africa what language do you think most locals would think you spoke?
  237. Asian/Mongoloid rulers in Africa Madagascar?
  238. Ghanians Who pass for Jamaicans
  239. North Sudanese Beauty
  240. Guess the African ethnicities in the photos!
  241. Which other Africans have appearances that closely approximate West Africans?
  242. Half Northern African Half Sub-Saharn African
  243. Africans at Random
  244. Edit!
  245. Algerians : Who overlap with these ?
  246. Sub-Saharan Africans (Pics)
  247. The Ashanti people (detailed thread)
  248. Egytian faces of Fayum
  249. Can Southern/Southeastern Africans pass in the New World? If so, where?
  250. The Sahel, how do the Sahelian people look?