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  1. Photos from the Miss Roma Contest
  2. Caucasoid looking types from South India
  3. Anglosphere(United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
  4. What traits of the human physical form do you consider important in attractiveness?
  5. Mulattoes (1/2 SS African, 1/2 European)
  6. Disney Phenotypes - Artistic Renditions
  7. half northern european half east african(eritrean,ethiopian)
  8. My morphes (football players by ethnicities)
  9. 1/2 English Caribbean/West Indies
  10. The Measure of Woman? (beauty and eyes to mouth distance)
  11. 1/2 French Caribbean/West Indies
  12. The Bedouins: Nomads of the Deserts
  13. Blasians
  14. What is your hair color?
  15. Gearheads aka need4speed!
  16. THE ROMANI (Gypsies) from California to Camp Land
  17. Gypsy settlement in Dolnje Dobravice
  18. 1/2 Spanish Caribbean/Afro-Latino
  19. 1/2 Central & Southern African, 1/2 other
  20. 1/2 West African, 1/2 other
  21. 1/2 Dutch Caribbean/West Indies
  22. Chindians (half Indian half Chinese)
  23. 1/2 Iraqi 1/2 Other
  24. Girls: Real Gypsy Men as Models
  25. Half-Scottish/other actors
  26. My footballplayers morphes link
  27. 1/2 East Indian 1/2 Black
  28. Matching faces with countries
  29. 1/2 Hispanic 1/2 Black
  30. Black parents with white kids
  31. Wags and Footballers
  32. Blue and light eyes in Asians/Indians and Africans/Blacks
  33. 1/2 Brit (or Irish), 1/2 Jewish
  34. Blacks who can pass for white AND whites who can pass for black
  35. Iraqi Roma(Gypsy)
  36. People of different races that look similar
  37. Surnames and the Subconscious
  38. Human skin color and tanning
  39. Races and middigital hair: Discussion
  40. Inbreeds
  41. Global Averages Around the World
  42. Post your idea of ideal beauty/phenotype
  43. Hot or Not?: Genes vs. Culture & Taste
  44. Post the types of girls you date.
  45. Zambos / Cafuzos (Part SSA, Part Amerindian)
  46. In what continent do you live?
  47. Old old pictures of my Puerto Rican side of the family
  48. Post pictures of Neanderthal-looking people
  49. east baltids and armenoids
  50. Armenian, Assyrian, Persian Beauty
  51. Would you call these models "fat"?
  52. Dimples: "cute" or just a defect?
  53. Post people you think look typical for your country
  54. why some people with ugly features and weird faces look attractive?
  55. Why is body hair almost always curly despite head hear texture?
  56. World’s 10 highest paid female athletes
  57. The Elephant Man
  58. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Or both?
  59. Social stigma and Repression of Left-Handedness
  60. Swedish-latino (Iberian, Latinamerican) mixes
  61. Do you like this kind of short haired woman?
  62. Argyria: Real-life "Smurf"
  63. Black Africans vs. African Americans
  64. Attached and detached earlobes
  65. Guy missing half of his head.
  66. Face Transformer: Post your results!
  67. Bendy thumbs
  68. New maps for hair and eye color frequencies
  69. Ethnic Eyes and Eyelid Analysis!
  70. Palmatology Classification Thread
  71. Are the British closer to Scandanavians or the French
  72. Eurasians
  73. What asian latinos look like?
  74. My morphs
  75. New World Black morphs
  76. West African Morphs
  77. Mr Gay Hungary
  78. Olive skin
  79. What skin tone do North Indians (Bollywood stars) fall under?
  80. Can all races blush?
  81. Can I fit in the Middle East or do I stick Out
  82. French Mixed Girls
  83. Hapa
  84. Babes by nation.
  85. Who are the "purest" Europeans: British&Irish, Scandinavians or Balts?
  86. Children from your country (Pictures)
  87. Mixed Race Beauty
  88. Half Afram half other children
  89. Black People of Scandinavian Descent
  90. Do people from extreme climates have better genes?
  91. Ginger thread
  92. Hallmark Makes Controversial Father's Day Cards
  93. Freckles
  94. How common is this pheno in Brazil?
  95. Half maghrebi half other
  96. Asiatic looking Jews.
  97. Nappy hair among whites
  98. Most common infectious diseases in your country
  99. Griffes(75% SSA, 25% European)
  100. A great site to see various nationalities!
  101. Blood type
  102. Can you spot plastic surgery (facelift or nose jobs)?
  103. Phenotypes of children
  104. where did the definition EUROTRASH came from????
  105. Afro V:Which one of These females do you find most Attractive
  106. Which of these white mixed girls you find more attractive
  107. Which of these ladies would you consider the most beautiful?
  108. Which of these french ladies is the more attractives ?
  109. North/South
  110. Could these Fijians pass for New World Black
  111. Hapas(Half East Asian/European)
  112. Post your childhood pictures
  113. Racial characteristics of European nations
  114. Mediterranean beauty
  115. Sibling similarity
  116. Which Southern Europeans can overlap physically with North Africans?
  117. Levantines and Europeans.. who overlaps with who?
  118. Multiple choice; phenotypically who is similar to the Portuguese?
  119. Armenians, Georgians, Azeris; Which Europeans overlap with them?
  120. Southern Italians/Sicilians; who's closest in appearance to them?
  121. Dutch HeadHunterz vs Mexican Chicharito
  122. My Morphs of USA national
  123. Would these Aframs be considered Afram, West Indian, or Caribbean Hispanic
  124. closed (updated)
  125. Cypriots: With whom do they overlap?
  126. Mexicans.. who overlaps with them?
  127. Iberians; Who do they look the closest to?
  128. Puerto Ricans:Who do they overlap with with the most
  129. Iranians; Who in Europe overlaps with them? Multiple choice.
  130. Chileans: who overlaps with them?
  131. Narrow Chins
  132. Dutch, who overlaps with us?
  133. Dominicans: Who overlaps with them
  134. Turks: Who overlaps with them ?
  135. Albanians: Who overlaps with them?
  136. Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews.. which Europeans do they overlap with?
  137. Argentinians: Who overlaps with them?
  138. Americans:Who overlaps with them.
  139. Who overlaps with Egyptians? Multiple choice.
  140. Japanese: Who overlaps with them ?
  141. Finns: Who overlaps with them ?
  142. Northern Mexicans, who overlaps with them?
  143. Capeverdians: who overlaps with them the most?
  144. Where can the lighter segment of Egypt's population fit in Europe? Multiple choice.
  145. African Americans: Who overlaps with them
  146. South Indians!Who overlaps?
  147. What can Louisiana Creoles pass for?
  148. Brazilians: Who overlaps with them
  149. Antarcticans, who overlaps with them?
  150. Northern Italians.. where do they fit?
  151. Belizeans: Who Overlap With Them?
  152. Horners: Which groups overlap with them?
  153. Multiple choice; Who overlaps with Sicilians/southern Italians (Calabria/Apulia etc)?
  154. Does either of these mixed-race women show noticeable African influence?
  155. Serbs.. who are they similar to? (choose all that apply)
  156. Salvadorans, who overlaps with them?
  157. Trashy TV Shows..why do they exist
  158. Assyrians.. where can they fit in Europe?
  159. Cibaeños, who overlaps with them?
  160. Kurds; Who overlaps with them?
  161. Irish: Who overlaps with them
  162. Where in Europe can Turks fit well phenotypically?
  163. Swedes: Who overlapse with them?
  164. Bulgarians: who overlaps with them?
  165. Who overlaps with us Norwegians?
  166. Chechens and Ingush.. where could they pass in Europe?
  167. Another new incident on bus
  168. Ethnic Russians, who overlaps with them?
  169. Beautiful Jewish Princesses
  170. Where in Africa or the Caribbean could Black Cubans fit?
  171. Jamaicans: Which groups overlap with them
  172. Peruvians, who overlaps with them?
  173. Maltese. Who overlaps?
  174. Can you guess these two men ethnicity?
  175. In general terms who overlaps with Southern Mexicans?
  176. Klingons: who overlaps with them?
  177. Phenotypically where can Basques fit? Choose all that apply.
  178. In general, who overlaps with Colombians?
  179. Who overlaps with Afghans/Pakistanis/Northwest Indians?
  180. Who overlaps with Venezuelans?
  181. Romanians and Moldovans.. who do they look like?
  182. Who do Saudis/Gulf Arabs overlap with?
  183. Descendants of the Bounty Mutineers
  184. Of these ten, who are Portuguese?
  185. Which 4 are Portuguese?
  186. Do White Americans look like Europeans?
  187. Blonde Mulattos
  188. East Indian bengalis who overlaps with them?
  189. Human Zoos or Negro Villages
  190. Where can Kurds fit in Europe phenotypically? Choose all that apply.
  191. CGI Americans, who overlaps with them?
  192. Dominicans vs Cape Verdeans - guess them.
  193. Wikipedia: Caucasoid, negroid, mongoloid only
  194. How many of these people could pass for white Europeans?
  195. Germans: Who overlaps with them
  196. Northern Germans: Who overlaps with them
  197. Southern Germans: Who overlaps with them
  198. English: Who overlaps with them
  199. Iberians: Who overlaps with them? Multiple choice version.
  200. Chinese women stabbed to death
  201. Spanish Gypsies are the less mixed Gypsies?
  202. In general, who overlaps with Ecuadorians?
  203. Puerto Ricans; Multiple choice version of who they fit with.
  204. Haitians: Who overlaps with them
  205. Pictures of normal white girls in my area (Inspired by a comment in Megan Fox thread)
  206. Do you guys think Megan Fox's husband, Brian Austin Green, looks Native?
  207. Which Asian groups look most similar to Native Americans?
  208. Curly thread
  209. New Hair and Eye Color Statistics
  210. Loiceños, who overlap with them?
  211. Western Mexicans.... who overlaps with them?
  212. Do Tunisians look more like Egyptians or Moroccans?
  213. Moroccan Jews
  214. Which country had the hottest female football team during during FIFA World Cup 2011?
  215. Basques who looks Berbers
  216. Who overlaps with Austrians?
  217. And they are supposed to be white ?
  218. Part Jewish Part Black
  219. What race usually has this forehead?
  220. Major Study of Mexican Weight and Height.
  221. Aren't Anne Hathaway and Jessica Simpson the prettiest mixed-race women alive?
  222. Gypsie with Blue Eyes
  223. Do the Kardashians look part Armenian?
  224. How many of these would be seen as white in your area?
  225. "Charismatic" people
  226. Do Dominicans And Ethiopians Have Similar Phenotypes?
  227. FACE VIBE: Oriental vs. European
  228. Ethiopian Women vs Brazilian Women vs Dominican Women
  229. Composite faces from 2010 FIVB World Championships
  230. Composite faces from 2010 FIBA World Championship
  231. MENA women of power
  232. Southern Americans: Who overlaps with them
  233. Off Topic: Most Successful and well thought-of RECENT businesses/inventions
  234. Dominican VS. Cape Verdean
  235. Binationality Phenotypes
  236. When you think of ?
  237. Can The Jersey Shoreans Pass For Latinos?
  238. Hair Color Stereotypes
  239. What do Gypsies look like?
  240. Armenoids
  241. Which of these Hispanics do you consider look ''White''?
  242. error
  243. Which of these Mexicans do you think looks 'White'?
  244. Kazakhs...who overlaps with them the most?
  245. Pictures From DR of Black People
  246. Do you think this Fiji guy resembles Barak Obama
  247. Androgyny
  248. Habeshas vs Persians
  249. Han-fil
  250. Can these Torres Strait Islanders pass for New World Blacks