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  1. Clines, Not “Races” (debate whether race is genetic or clinal) //mod
  2. Arguments against race being real?
  3. MDS plots
  4. "Jat Mutation" found in Roma People
  5. OCA2 and HERC2 genes (eye colour), let's compare
  6. Penguins say that we screwed up Genetic Dating.
  7. Dominant and Recessive Characteristics.
  8. Caucasoid race is a scientific and genetic reality
  9. Some cro magnons seems to me to have been "archaic" northern europeans
  10. Sequenced eukaryotic genomes
  11. Biological characteristics attributable to races? (split) //mod
  12. Convergent Evolution of Light Skin in Europeans and East Asians
  13. Genetic Landscape of Eurasia and “Admixture” in Uyghurs (open access letter)
  14. Help on Basic Concepts of Population Genetics
  15. Increased memory in genetically deficient mice due to parent's environmental exposure
  16. Population or Genetic Bottlenecks
  17. Junk DNA. Most of DNA might not "work."
  18. Global genetic distances (graph map)
  19. Detecting immigration by using multilocus genotypes
  20. R-M173 descendants and the spread of the 13910 C/T SNP
  21. The "race exists" argument takes a blow
  22. Racial Reality website and his views
  23. Genetic Distance tree.
  24. Is maternal dna more archaic than paternal dna?
  25. Human line 'nearly split in two'
  26. STRUCTURE analyses and their relation to race
  27. what races are most genetically closest and which are most distant?
  28. Are asians closer to africans than europeans?
  29. All Europeans are thought to be a hybrid population, with 65% Asian and 35% African g
  30. Which Middle Eastern people gave birth to the Europeans?
  31. Which is the 'most evolved' race?
  32. Y chromosome function
  33. Race is not justified via so called "genome wide" studies
  34. Bow-leggedness and lactose tolerance as signs of steppe-warriordom.
  35. Comparing Neanderthal and modern human DNA
  36. "New World Black" Selection Pressure
  37. Inferring the population of origin of DNA evidence within the UK (interesting study)
  38. Hannibal Barca represented as a Black guy by the CC American History?
  39. New Genes Involved in Human Eye Color Identified (LYST gene)
  40. A really good animation of past human migrations
  41. The Mediterranean sea - A barrier to gene flow?
  42. rs2442524 in MCPH1 and brain size? Strong positive correlation?
  43. Neanderthal DNA practically indistinguishable from moder human DNA?
  44. Is my MTDNA Haplogroup the only one that matters?
  45. How is Carleton S Coons work still followed today
  46. Genetic distance between West Eurasians and sub-Saharan Africans (split) //mod
  47. The Arctic Home in the Vedas
  48. Bobby Fischer's remains to be exhumed?
  49. Africans, Europeans and ascertainment bias in genome wide SNP studies
  50. New Keita video from Manchester
  51. Have Johannes Krause said this about neanderthal ancestry in middle-easterners?
  52. Hair Curl SNPs Comparison
  53. Iraq DNA Project مشروع العراق الجيني
  54. Are Caucasians descendents of Somalians?
  55. Jewish genes Iberia / European purity
  56. Gays Jews Serial Killers & a High Iq?
  57. The average Puerto Rican is a quadroon
  58. Craniofacial anthropometry and classifying race
  59. Xing et al. 2010 (split) //mod
  60. Black parents give birth to white baby.
  61. Chinese To Lead Population Genetics Research???
  62. Sampling of Human Genetic Diversity
  63. Celebrities of different races that look alike
  64. how much is the genetic distance between europeans and other caucasoids?
  65. Do Obama's daughters have european mtdna?
  66. Found good source for hand target
  67. sandra laing's genes and ancestry
  68. Cadwallon's Family Finder/Population Finder results
  69. Should we regulate people's access to their own genome data?
  70. Answer to the question: which population is most genetically distant from Africans.
  71. PCA plots DONT show distances, according to Dienekes.
  72. Which population is most genetically distant from Africans?
  73. Genetic Variation and Recent Positive Selection in Worldwide Human Populations: Evide
  74. The Genetic Atlas
  75. Discussions about races (?) (split) //mod
  76. Haplogroups vs genome-wide scans (split) //mod
  77. "First Irish Genome Sequenced"
  78. Determining age of Y/mt-dna and other genetic markers ?
  79. Are Ashkenazi Jews considered southern european?
  80. UK controversy over 23AndMe
  81. Who are the Adygei and why do they cluster so close to Jews?
  82. Upcoming study about genomic structure of Uralic speakers
  83. A Simple Genetic Architecture Underlies Morphological Variation in Dogs
  84. What caused genetic mutations that gave rise to different races?
  85. Looking for Genetic Studies of Southern Germans and Swiss
  86. Fiancee's Genetic Test Conclusions
  87. Southern Europeans - genetically more similar to Northern Europe, or the Middle East?
  88. Is it possible for someone to not inherit all of there ancestry?
  89. Genetic Programming at Early Development Years
  90. Dienekes' Admixture runs
  91. Y chromosome and mtDNA from Louis XVI found?
  92. How to calculate admixture?
  93. Out of Africa on the ropes!
  94. Dodecad Ancestry Project limited time
  95. Thousend Genomes
  96. Genetic testing done on Ethiopian royalty
  97. Fat Killing Your Brain??
  98. Is empathy genetic?
  99. On 23andMe tests, why does it say that Assyrians are Southern Euro?
  100. What is the origin of the Ashkenazim?
  101. Do people who look different of the same different cluster differently?
  102. 23andme or familytreedna?
  103. New to this, could anyone explain some things to me?
  104. Why do some of the Ashkenazi Jews cluster with French and Romanian on this PCA map?
  105. Expiry Date of 23andMe kits?
  106. Celtic and Germanic DNA?
  107. Artifical Insemination Selection: some questions
  108. Why doesn't 23andMe deliver to India and China?
  109. New DNA studies
  110. The Rise of the Genome Bloggers
  111. Are caucasoids closer to negroids, then to australoids?
  112. The origin of Eastern European Jews (Oct. 2010)
  113. Archaic Denisovans contributed to modern Melanesians
  114. Bet I made with my Step Dad
  115. How are Ashkenazi Jews middle eastern?
  116. what gene causes wavy and curly hair?
  117. Bent Pinky Finger
  118. A genetic map of West Eurasians and their distinction from Europeans
  119. Bitter Taste Perception
  120. Does phenotype represent autosomal dna?
  121. Social implications of haplogroups
  122. Different level of population differentiation among human genes
  123. DNA plus Dating Website
  124. Royal rumpus over King Tutankhamun's ancestry
  125. X-linked haplotype of Neandertal origin in non-Africans
  126. Model Says Religiosity Gene Will Dominate Society
  127. Where did the earliest proto caucasoids evolve?
  128. Dienekes' blog on Aryans
  129. Do you think it's possible? (Male Sperm Gametes)
  130. Multi-regionalism or assimilation?
  131. Why do Basques form their own cluster separate from other Europeans?
  132. Does Natural Selection increase or decrease genetic diversity BETWEEN populations?
  133. Are Y-chromosome Adam dates just plain wrong?
  134. Are there some genes that are peculiar to certain races?
  135. Genetic distance between Europeans and the Pygmies
  136. Selective conseption, how far are we from there?
  137. Which part of India did Caribbean Indians migrate from?
  138. Can scientific advances clean genes?
  139. rs1426654 genotype?
  140. Are Pakistanis close to Middle East and Southern Europeans?
  141. Are nigerians closer to eurasians then to san bushman?
  142. How much Asiatic in Turkish people?
  143. Why do some peoples phenotype change so much with age?
  144. Are interests and talents genetic?
  145. Why do Mongoloids lack hair?
  146. Are Chechens ethncially Russian?
  147. Maturnal Line
  148. Do some people look better with age?
  149. Can paternal and mtDNA really determine ancestral lines?
  150. Is there a big difference between castes?
  151. Europeans and N.east asian.Which group is purer?
  152. Confused about Russians
  153. Is America becoming less Caucasoid looking?
  154. How common are these eyes in Europe?
  155. Which group of people lack emotion?
  156. People who have great hair into their old age
  157. Facial structure of some whites resemble Ethiopian?
  158. The 98% of Our DNA Formerly Thought of as “Junk” Is Alive
  159. Pan-Asian SNP data
  160. Is there a correlation with "Race" and vocal frequency/signal?
  161. Analysis of 1000 Genomes + HapMap 3 data
  162. Do you see/treat people differently based on their ethnic background?
  163. D-statistic paper (Durand et al. 2011)
  164. Mithocondrial DNA C1e amongst Icelanders: Amerindian heritage from Wineland
  165. A note of caution on admixture estimates
  166. Europeans - would you rather have small strain of SSA or Mongoloid?
  167. Sharing on 23andme
  168. Why do Americans think Indians are black or semi black?
  169. Are australoids really more distant to AFRICANS, then east asians/europeans?
  170. Comparing ethnic goup results
  171. Is there really a difference between upper and lower castes in India?
  172. Europeans are most genetically distant to africans, according to new study.
  173. FTDNA DNA Day Promotion
  174. Question regarding dna differences in siblings
  175. How are we related to a double cousin?
  176. Genetic structure of West Eurasians
  177. North Africa (Aterian) possible source of Eurasian modern humans
  178. The History of African Gene Flow into Southern Europeans, Levantines, and Jews
  179. Single Out-of-Africa origin of humans: more trouble for the theory
  180. Comparing five methods of admixture estimation
  181. How are autosomal/ydna/mtdna tests performed on dead bodies?
  182. Six months of the Dodecad Project
  183. Newer study on haplogroup J2(b)
  184. What Turkish people are?
  185. What is the scientific term for genes that skip generations?
  186. Outliers, abnormalities, unique results, etc.
  187. Rosenberg: Pashtuns genetics are largely Indic
  188. I don't see how belonging to a certain Y-DNA haplogroup is that important
  189. Genetic phenomenon Dominican Rep.
  190. How did R1b reach India?
  191. Human population dispersal “Out of Africa” estimated from linkage disequilibrium and
  192. Proto-Indo-European archeogenetic sites
  193. What's your blood type?
  194. Questions about genetics
  195. Question on variation in skin tone
  196. Question about red hair gene
  197. Arabian Peninsula and East Africa signaled in the mitochondrial DNA HV1 haplogroup
  198. blood groups
  199. Adaptations to climate Shaped the Spatial Distribution of Human Variation
  200. Khazaria
  201. Cousin Test for Parents
  202. Dys464
  203. What ethnicity were the moors and where are their descendants?
  204. Simple question: which Slavic people are closest to the Balts genetically?
  205. Who are closer to Finns genetically - Norwegians and Swedes or Balts?
  206. Are you more a phenotypist of genotypist?
  207. Origins of Berber Speakers
  208. Tutankhamun's Y-DNA was R1b1a2(R-M269)
  209. Jews (Middle Easterners) & Russians? European vs Asian?
  210. Core West African lineages and groups
  211. Middle East-Caucasus Connection Analysis
  212. Two genetic variants who tell if your big toe or second toe will be the longest one
  213. Y-chromosome haplogroups vs. autosomal genetic components correlations in Europe
  214. On 23andme, which global populations do you most resemble?
  215. ICHG/ASHG 2011 Meeting Abstracts
  216. "Who Are the Anatolian Turks? A Reappraisal of the Anthropological Genetic Evidence"
  217. Ozrage - Dienekes' DIY results
  218. ASHG 2010 abstracts on Jewish genetics
  219. Black Children Are Twice As Likely To Have Food Sensitivities, Study Says
  220. Dominent Genetic Traits on Male Lines
  221. Genetic variation within races: Greater than people think?
  222. MC1R gene (red hair)
  223. Very Interesting Results for Mexican Honduran Girl: 23andMe Vs. McDonald
  224. Genetic distance between humans and other animals
  225. At what age did you get all your permanent teeth?
  226. King Tut Y-DNA revealed
  227. Your cilantro love -- or hate -- may be genetic
  228. Genetic ancestry testing is an inexact science, task force says
  229. 23andme-Labs ABO blood type indicator.
  230. Youth & Genetics
  231. 'You are a descendant of Confucius'
  232. Can you read Dodecad?
  233. The bias of race mixed reference populations?
  234. Ötzi talks up a storm
  235. Genetics and personality/behavior.
  236. Can full genome testing show different results in admixed individuals?
  237. Moles
  238. Mathematical basis of bioinformatics
  239. What are SNPs?
  240. Genes involved in eyesight
  241. Transsexual gene found
  242. The "Upper Paleolithic" of South Arabia
  243. openSNP and WE - Please Consider Sharing Your Data
  244. Selection for skin color: not so simple
  245. Trolling Greeks with HLA genes again? 2011
  246. Post your MC1R genotype
  247. The womb of nations: how West Eurasians came to be
  248. Why Tajiks have more Dodecad North European autosomal component than South Italians?
  249. DNA tests and mate selection
  250. Neandertal admixture: why I remain skeptical