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  1. Good Books or Studies on Physical Anthropology of Gypsies?
  2. Anthropological Genetic:Present and Future
  3. John R. Baker's "Race"
  4. Mapping Race and Ethnicity
  5. World Names Profiler
  6. Human Accomplishment
  7. The Mismeasure of Man book review
  8. Ancient History Audio Book Archive
  9. The Urals and Western Siberia in the Bronze and Iron Age
  10. Estimated IQ by American state
  11. Michael H. Hart: Understanding Human History
  12. Long-Term Historical Trends in Violent Crime
  13. The Japan that can say no
  14. Interracial dating & marriage: Asians
  15. The Nordish Race by Richard McCulloch
  16. Recourses about Race as a Social Construct
  17. Race the power of an illusion website articles
  18. Coexistence of Saami and Norse culture
  19. The Western and Eastern Roots of the Saami
  20. BioTorrents: A File Sharing Service for Scientific Data
  21. Samurai Archives
  22. mtDNA Haplogroup H Literature, Maps, i.a.
  23. Ancient DNA Literature, i.a.
  24. Books by David Irving
  25. Andrew Loomis: Art Instruction Books
  26. Foreigners and European crime
  27. Random interesting facts
  28. Introduction to Population Genetics
  29. 2010 paper: criticisms of STRUCTURE
  30. Statistical Portrait of the Foreign-Born Population in the United States, 2007
  31. The inhabitants of Arabia - an excerpt
  32. Foreigners at Rome: Citizens and Strangers
  33. The inhabitants of Syria and Palestine by A.H Keane
  34. Dominican Books on the Cibao
  35. New study, Swedes and Finns
  36. Blood Money: Incentives for Violence in NHL Hockey
  37. LIFE magazine article on Coon's TROE from 1939
  38. Draft Report: Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in
  39. Eugenics exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, 1932
  40. Online Proofreading Tool
  41. FBI Records: the Vault
  42. Bookshelf - recent & recommended
  43. Personality Disorders--Test
  44. Papers: ADHD, BP, Schiz
  45. Cyborg Anthropology
  46. Documentaries, short clips
  47. VA: 1 Million Veterans' genes to be sequenced
  48. Anthropology/genetics documentaries from youtube?
  49. another test-type of personality
  50. Human Fossil Records
  51. The negroes in negroland. (The Book)
  52. Esarhaddon’s Succession Treaty as...Source for the Canon Formula in Deuteronomy 13:1
  53. The Debate on Ergativity in Neo-Aramaic
  54. Drinking coffee lowers your risk of stroke
  55. The New Evil Empire
  56. "Neo-Assyrian Astronomical Terminology in the Babylonian Talmud"
  57. "Assyrians and Urartians"
  58. "Taharqa, King of Kush and the Assyrians"
  59. "Assyrian Open Field Battles. An Attempt at Reconstruction and Analysis"
  60. "The Races of Europe: Anthropological race classifications of Europeans 1839 - 1939"
  61. The Origin of Ergativity in Sumerian...A Historical Explanation Based on Neo-Aramaic
  62. Who are the demons? The iconography of incantation bowls
  63. "An Aramaic Incantation Bowl from Khafaje (Iraq)" and "Sargon"
  64. "Iranian Scripts for Aramaic Languages: The Origin of the Mandaic Script"
  65. Revisiting Hanigalbat: Settlement in the Western Provinces of the Middle Assyrian...
  66. "Proto-Semitic Language & Culture; Semitic Roots"
  67. Hurrian as a living language in Ugaritic society
  68. The Indus Fish Swam in the Great Bath (2011) - Iravatham Mahadevan (Indus script)
  69. Purim: Why War On Persia (Iran) Could Start March 7th
  70. "Akhenaten, Surya, and the Rgveda"
  71. 'Why I'm Leaving Goldman Sachs'
  72. "Pleonastic Compounding: An Ancient Dravidian Word Structure" (2011)
  73. A New Attempt at Reconstructing Proto-Aramaic I
  74. “The Survival of Babylonian Wissenschaft in later tradition”
  75. "Migration from Transcaucasia to the southern Levant during the 3rd millennium BCE"
  76. "An Assyrian View On The Medes"
  77. "The influence of Dravidian on Indo-Aryan phonetics" (2009)
  78. The Bible, the Hittites, and the Construction of the "Other"
  79. "Joseph as a Type of Christ in the Syriac Literature"
  80. "luwians in aleppo?
  81. LIVE: Breivik trail
  82. Syntactic convergence: Marathi and Dravidian (Indira Y. Junghare, 2009)
  83. The Development of Ancient States in the Northern Horn of Africa, c. 3000 BC–AD 1000:
  84. SCYTHIC ORIGIN of the RAJPUT RACE By Mulchand Chauhan
  85. 41 questions personality test
  86. Computing a Rosetta Stone for the INDUS SCRIPT (Rajesh Rao, 2011, Video)
  87. The Dravidian Contribution to the Development of Indian Civilization
  88. Academic Topics
  89. Audio version of Nikola Tesla's "My Inventions".
  90. IQ test online?
  91. One Man, One Computer, 10 Million Students: How Khan Academy Is Reinventing Education
  92. Useful books on race, full free uploads (website/PDF)
  93. Colonizability of Africa
  94. Quiz "Diachrone Linguistik" (German)
  95. Martin Vahl's climatic divisions
  96. free Prussian-Lithuanian/German dictionary
  97. 1909 lecture script: Kossinna "Das indogermanische Urvolk"
  98. The European Races after Egon v. Eickstedt
  99. The Atlas project: a geographic guide to the genomics and archeology of Sweden
  100. Häusler "Nomaden, Indogermanen, Invasion. Zur Entstehung eines Mythos"
  101. Learn and discuss: Clustering and heatmaps
  102. Europe before the arrival of the Indo- European languages
  103. Subgrouping Indo-European
  104. Wolf rites of winter
  105. Understanding creationism: An insider’s guide
  106. Charles Darwin's Beagle library
  107. Do wars change our genome? (German)
  108. Mind Blowing Facts
  109. New Rules To Tackle Haitian Illegal Immigration in Bahamas
  110. Indo-European Origins. The_Problem_of_Basque_and_Etruscan
  111. The Hittite inherited lexicon PDF
  112. Popular Hattusa & Hittites videos
  113. Old-European onomastics vs modern Indo-European linguistics
  114. Books about Geopolitics, Colour Revolutions and Globalism
  115. Die Slawen in Mitteleuropa
  116. Ethnische Interpretationen in der frühgeschichtlichen Archäologie
  117. The Ahnenerbe of the SS. A think tank for Germanic supremacy
  118. "Little Foot": 4-million-year old hominid
  119. Nordpontische Ströme pdf
  120. 'OstDok-Varia' free books of major works on Eastern Europe
  121. Reconstructing Balto-Slavic and Indo-European
  122. Fed Up, causes of obesity in the US
  123. The ecology of crusading
  124. ”Slavic and the Indo-European Migrations”. Language Contacts in Prehistory.
  125. Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien
  126. Hamitic Union
  127. Rainer Knussmann: Vergleichende Biologie des Menschen ("Comparative Human Biology") [1st Edition]
  129. Dini: Foundations_of_Baltic_Languages.pdf
  130. Reconstructing Balto-Slavic and Indo-European
  131. The Biology of Habitability
  132. ... phylogenetic analyses .. of Indo-European folktales
  133. Aus der Vergangenheit von Erfindung und Naturforschung ....
  134. Free Course: The Ancient Greeks
  135. A dictionary of selected synonyms in the principal Indo-European Languages
  136. Contact and Prehistory: The Indo-European Northwest
  137. Free course: Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics
  138. Neue Ansätze in der historischen Sprachwissenschaft
  139. .. lexical borrowing and lateral gene transfer....
  140. Germanisch. Plädoyer für die abschaffung eines .....begriffes
  141. History of Post-Imperial Western Europe, AD 400-800
  142. Neandertals revised
  143. The Map Thread — Post Maps Here
  144. Post your currency!
  145. Nationalism, politics, and the practice of archaeology
  146. "Nature": Open-Access-Aktivistin und "Studienpiratin" in Top 10 der Wissenschaft
  147. Indo-European Languages and Their Attestation
  148. Die uralten Wurzeln des neuzeitlichen Polenstereotyps
  149. "Estland, Lettland, Litauen" free ebook in German
  150. Archaeology under dictatorship pdf
  151. Parrot Time is a magazine covering language, linguistics
  152. BALTS AND ARYANS' Indo-European background (1967)
  153. Neolithisierung: Schlüsselbegriffe der Prähistorischen Archäologie
  154. New Ötzi-like discoveries expected at mountain passes
  155. The Geoarchaeology of the Argolid
  156. New trends in evolutionary biology: biological, philosophical and social science perspectives
  157. Vom Menschen. Handbuch Historische Anthropologie pdf
  158. Das „Pruzzenland“ als gebrochene Erinnerungsregion
  159. indo-european-demic-diffusion-model
  160. Science is Shaped by Wikipedia
  161. Der osteuropäische Steppenraum/ indogermanischen Grundsprache PDF
  162. Balto-Slavic and Indo-Iranian
  163. the Neolithic revolution, podcast with Razib Khan and Spencer Wells
  164. The Indo-European Enigma podcast
  166. How to think tools? A comparison ....of animals and during human evolution pdf
  167. Networks of lexical borrowing and lateral gene transfer in language and genome evolution
  168. Alain de Benoist: Indo-Europeens: a la recherche du foyer d'origine pdf
  169. Excavations at Schoningen and paradigm shifts in human evolution
  170. 3 PDFs zum nördlichen Schwarzmeerraum (pontische Steppe)
  171. Study: Immigrants commit 95,6 % of assault rapes in Sweden