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  1. Kurdish Links
  2. Encyclopedia Iranica
  3. Society For Crypto Judaic Studies
  4. Out of Africa: Modern Human Origins
  5. Evolution
  6. Ariets Resources Blog
  7. Wow what a lame link!
  8. Peopling of Europe
  9. Post interetsing websites
  10. Wikipedia Sound List
  11. Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database
  12. Top 50 blogs for Anthropologists
  13. New studies, Saamis and Finns
  14. Documentaries
  15. What Sites Do You Regularly Visit?
  16. 400 Free Online courses from top Universities
  17. Early Traditions of Karaite Grammar - Geoffrey Khan
  18. Youtube documentaries..
  19. "Sons of God - The Ideology of Assyrian Kingship"
  20. "The Beaker folk..."
  21. "The Language of the Modern Assyrians and its Historical Background"
  22. "The Origins of Agriculture: New Data, New Ideas" (October 2011)
  23. Awesome new website! www.humanphenotypes.com
  24. Srdja Trifkovic ("Is PC worse than communism"?)
  25. Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology by Harald Eia
  26. Egon von Eickstedt's Biodynamics of the Europids
  27. Easy introduction to Hittite (pdf in German)
  28. Loeb Classical Library including Greek and Roman texts is now digital
  29. Liberal Race Realism? here's an interesting blog
  30. The High-Brow Resource Thread
  31. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Tocharian
  32. Couple texts of Bertil Lundman (PDF files)
  33. Finnish populational bottle neck
  34. A Swedish document about eastern Vikings (Baltic Sea Vikings)
  35. What sub-reddit forum Do you use?