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  1. The Taxonomy of Homo sapiens after von Eickstedt
  2. Agrippa's basic classification system for Europids
  3. The Necessity of a Handy and Clear Terminology
  4. Indian Types
  5. Lundman's Races & Body Type Groups
  6. "Typical white American"
  7. Egon von Eickstedt's "Das negride Afrika. Krperformgruppen"
  8. IndoBrachid periphery
  9. Pred. Weddid Indians
  10. The Dulaim tribe in iraq
  11. Congoid or Negroid?
  12. Your nasal size and shape compared to that of your family.
  13. Caucasoid or Europid?
  14. Finally found an IndoBrachid Indian that resembles IM
  15. West Baltids
  16. Most sinister looking racial type
  17. Sweden and other Northern European countries, by Herman Lundborg
  18. The Malay Race: does it exist?
  19. Difference between Jews and Keltic Nordic?
  20. My Phenotype
  21. Agrippa - the true one :-)
  22. Octavian Augustus
  23. Northern Chinese Types
  24. My facial length is 113mm.
  25. The East Mediterranid type
  26. Most alpha-male racial looking types
  27. New theory says facial features represent brain angles/sections
  28. German Fälids
  29. mexican singer - alexander acha
  30. Category for classification of the major human jaw-line structures
  31. Classify my cousins fiance
  32. Guess Future Child's Possible Classification
  33. Hotest Europeans Racial Type
  34. The all might Rud Van Nistelrooy
  35. Hottest Black Racial Type
  36. Caribbean men in all their glory!
  37. Vitas
  38. Who is your favourite typologist?
  39. Meds
  40. Caucasiod looking Native American
  41. David Bowie and his family
  42. Classify my grandfather (mother's side)
  43. classify girl and guess ethnicity
  44. SNPA ~ Glossary
  45. How come some AA's are able to resemble Aethiopids?
  46. classify my brother...
  47. The mathematics of classification
  48. Balkan CMs
  49. pred mtebid/caucasids
  50. Hottest Mongoloid Racial Type
  51. Classify These Embera Children
  52. classify victoria justice
  53. Classify Serb
  54. some Dutchman
  55. Classify Norwegian medieval Kings Magnus Lagabøte and Eirik Magnusson
  56. Some things to note when classifying...
  57. How come Pacific Islanders resemble New World Blacks?
  58. North atlantid female?
  59. Guess and classify racecar driver
  60. Classify Argentina Soccer/Football World Cup squad
  61. GracilIndid periphery
  62. Classify these eye-candies...don't mind the abs!
  63. Agrippa and his theories (split) //mod
  64. East Baltic types from Finland
  65. eye shape/colour and ancestry?
  66. What is Atlantid type ?
  67. Classify this woman
  68. Typical Celtic Look
  69. Please classify myself
  70. Would you consider a european with negroid lineage causcoid?
  71. How to measure my face shape ?
  72. Head Height
  73. do you think hispanic/white mixes always come out looking white
  74. Are North Pontid similiar to North Atlantid ?
  75. What is the difference between Hallstatt-Nordid and Corded-Nordid?
  76. Do Scandinarivan and Eastern European look often same ?
  77. Post Pictures of Northern Pontids
  78. Classify Homer Simpson
  79. Classify Strawberry Shortcake
  80. What is difference between West Baltid, proper Baltid and East Baltid ?
  81. Most common phenotype in Spain? (split) //mod
  82. Is "Hallstatt race " nordid?
  83. Post your classification requests where they belong
  84. Typical "Germanic look"
  85. your favourite celtic phenotype ?
  86. A Medterranean Pride Page - ("MARCH OF THE GIANTS")
  87. HUMAN (geno-pheno-race) types
  88. Rate two teams
  89. Race map make your own
  90. The Necessity of a Handy and Clear Terminology
  91. What are the differences between the Anadolide and Central Armenide types?
  92. Classification Considerations
  93. Would this man's phenotype be considered exotic/rare in your country?
  94. Would this man be considered exotic/rare in your country?
  95. Would this dude be considered exotic/rare in your country?
  96. The Mental Characteristics of Europid Subraces
  97. What is difference between Nordid and Med skull ?
  98. What do you classify Southeast Asians as?
  99. What is a "Mongrel"?
  100. What is the difference between Syrid and Armenoid?
  101. Where is the Atlanto Mediterranean subrace common?
  102. Resources?
  103. what race are pashtuns and punjabis?
  104. Where would this phenotype be common?
  105. What is the difference between orientalid and armenoid?
  106. Are people from India mixed with Asian?
  107. is the origin of kosovar albanians partially celtic
  108. Do Punjabis have Siberian Mongoloid in their genes?
  109. Sub classifications on British types. Is there more to it?!?
  110. Out of these groups below, what countries do they overlap the most with?
  111. Do caucasoid north africans look more like levantine arabs or europeans?
  112. How much does hair really influence classifications?
  113. Would you describe this guy as white?
  114. Are higher caste Indians more European looking than Afghans?
  115. Atlantic Periphery Phenotypes
  116. Libyans...
  117. Thyroid conditions and morphology
  118. Phenotype Examples
  119. Phenotype Relationships
  120. This white American guy looks very Indian
  121. Who looks closer to European in phenotype?
  122. how does pontid look?
  123. Mediterranean Phenotype Gallery
  124. Human sub-races plate gallery
  125. What does phenotype prove about ancestry?
  126. Jessica Biel vs Jessica Alba
  127. What would you say is the most Pan-European sub-racial type?
  128. Do You Hear the People Sing? Classify them!
  129. What you guys have in mind as the Typical Mexican????
  130. What cities in the DR can they best fit in?
  131. Young Irish actor Robert Sheehan
  132. Guess this guy
  133. Upturn noses/Smash face
  134. Typical French
  135. Amber Eyes
  136. Ottoman Prince Cem from Borgias..
  137. Typical African American
  138. Typical Dominican?
  139. Typical Brazilians?
  140. Typical Puerto Rican //mod
  141. What multiracial mix do you find yourself most attactive to?
  142. Typical Spaniard
  143. Danes
  144. Most hilarious classification you've ever seen?
  145. Racial types of WW2-era German leaders
  146. Couple Finnish party leaders and parties
  147. What is Turanid?
  148. yemeni meds are separate in phenotype from the arab ?
  149. phenotype + race ?
  150. Self Classification possible?
  151. prototypical Faelid?
  152. Lothrop Stoddard's race map
  153. Which are the 'appropriate' ages for someone to be re-classified?
  154. Video on many different types of people in Turkey
  155. Atlantid features?
  156. What does "-ized" mean
  157. Lookalikes
  158. Joe Biden VS Mongolians height
  159. What is Alpine?
  160. Mediterranean type
  161. Nordic type
  162. Baltid type
  163. Taurid
  164. Jewish phenotypes
  165. Brunn are not Cro-magnons
  166. Can blood type and rh factor tell us anything substantial?
  167. Phenotype and Ethnicity/Meta-Ethnicity
  168. what type is he?
  169. Does this Southern White American show Amerindian/Mong influence?
  170. Could you guys help me with this?(Race, phenotypes etc).
  171. Iranids, Arabids, Indids?
  172. Anika Noni Rose
  173. Dinarids
  174. Does it's the cherokee component who makes Megan Good and Megan Fox looks similar ?
  175. Atlantids - not what you think!
  176. Mediterranean type
  177. Where in the Old World could these guys fit?
  178. Classify Rapper
  179. Where does the average Ashkenazi Judean fit in?
  180. Ancient Central Asian Types
  181. Classify young woman
  182. Classification of this robust blonde
  183. Classify & Place Actress
  184. Ötzi the Iceman, Hitler and Motörhead
  185. Classify singer
  186. classify this Moluccan woman
  187. Classify Türkü Turan
  188. Classify/Guess Armenian Hero
  189. Can she pass as Kazakh?
  190. New West African Classifications + (Kwatid broken down)
  191. Classify English actor Toby Kebbell
  192. Cute Ayçe Abana
  193. Indo-Brachid People
  194. guess this lady
  195. Classify this famous South African born Gujarati origin cricketer
  196. Guess their ethicity
  197. Canadian Aboriginal or Latin American Indo-Mestizo
  198. Why do USA NativeAmericans look Caucasian & SouthAmerican Natives look Asian?
  199. Are borreby and alpinoid basically the same?
  200. Classify this woman
  201. Tasha Smith
  202. Finns vs Estonians-who look closer to the Maris?
  203. Map of world races and subraces
  204. Turkish girl needs to be classified :D
  205. How much admixture does this black girl have?
  206. Classify Quadroon British actress from Les Miserables
  207. 5aday - re-classify me
  208. Does your classification really match your phenotype?.
  209. Where could i pass?
  210. Peter Steele- where would yu place him in Europe?
  211. Would these two Welshmen pass more convicingly as Scandinavians or as Iberians?
  212. Classify these councillors from Boyaca Department, Colombia
  213. Classify these councillors from Quibdo in Choco Department, Colombia
  214. Classify Chilean Man
  215. Classify Finnish Hottie
  216. How would you classify Bengali people?
  217. Borreby: Collectivism and low inhibition
  218. Classify Man
  219. I'm New --How do you discover your phenotype?
  220. What is the main African influence in these Dominicans?
  221. An Example Of A Person Being Bi-Racial Or Tri-Racial
  222. Desi Arnaz: Full Spanish?
  223. Question regarding female Mongoloid phenotype in North East Asia
  224. Celtic and Germanic looks
  225. Mexican beauty queen
  226. Guess and classify woman in hoodie
  227. Please Classify and Guess Nationality
  228. Classify Pakistani, Arbab Ghulam Rahim
  229. Classify me
  230. Classify Croatian writer Cvijeta Grospic ( Flora Dosen )
  231. Classify actress Nia Long ( Caribbean American )
  232. Classify actor Henry Darrow
  233. Please help me classify phenotype/admixture of my grandfathers!
  234. Can these Jarawas fit anywhere in Sub Saharan Africa and best among which ethnic group? Also classify them please?
  235. Can Dwayne Johnson pass as Native in the Americas?
  236. Classify Curacaon singer Ephrem J
  237. Why do people say I look Amerindian if I have flat cheekbones?
  238. Does anyone look like a different ethnicity depending on picture?
  239. what makes my face look so mexican?
  240. Classify model Imaan Hammam
  241. Classify this relative and where can she pass?
  242. Where these Paranaenses can pass as a whole? Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina?
  243. Introvert vs. Extrovert face
  244. Classify and guess ethnicity
  245. Baskid vs. Andid influence
  246. Different country, similar type (or is it just the photo?)
  247. Classify them and where can they pass?
  248. Classify this South Italian and where do you say he can pass.
  249. Classify this S.Italian/Calabrese chick half Spanish
  250. Classify this S. Italian from Apulia. And where can she pass.