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  1. Lesbian wants her daughter to be a lesbian as well: An example of tribalism mix with narcissm
  2. Is white trash a derogatory word?
  3. Basque ancestry in Mexicans?
  4. Why do people from war torn Middle eastern countries prefer fleeing to Europe than much richer Arab countries?
  5. Will genetics ever be a gateway to citizenship?
  6. German court legalizes teachers' headscarves
  7. FAIL: Starbucks tries to start a campaign on race
  8. Just watched Hidden Colors. Good intentions but loads of misinformation
  9. Revisiting Black in Latin American and new documentaries about Afro-Latinos
  10. End of jewish presence in Europe?
  11. Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World
  12. Hispanic population in the US by county (2011 estimation)
  13. Free the nipple - going topless for feminism
  14. Why do many of Americans of different races not see each other as being American?
  15. Indian Poses as Black to Get into Medical School
  16. Country Navigator
  17. The shooting of Walter Scott by Michael Slager
  18. Is too much patriotism a good/bad thing?
  19. Would you like to move out from the country you live in?
  20. Lower than lowest: minorities steal transports from disabled and elderly. Does that happen in America?
  21. Is the US to blame for Latin America's social unrest?
  22. Race Riots in Baltimore
  23. Black to White race transformation.
  24. Race Riots in Tel Aviv
  25. 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful People
  26. 29 years is the average age for first child of EU-women
  27. Who will be the next person who dies that will be as crazy (media coverage) as Michael Jackson's death?
  28. Where will the next islamist attack in the West take place?
  29. Egyptian activist dresses up like a Jew & gets attacked
  30. Roosh V and Dr. Oz, the same guy?
  31. Social Justice Warrior (SJW) & Inclusiveness in media
  32. Jewish surnames in your country?
  33. Do most Dominicans believe Spain is their motherland?
  34. GirlWritesWhat (Karen Straughan) & anti feminist women
  35. Church bells on Prince Edward Island ring 1181 times to honour missing and murdered aboriginal women
  36. #SayHerName
  37. Genetic map of Mexico.
  38. "Afram" leader outed as white woman
  39. Big myths relating to international relations
  40. Most Pan-MENA country
  41. Is nationalism stronger among rural, simple people?
  42. Dominican Republic: Possible Mass Deportations
  43. The Confederate Flag losing popularity
  44. Black churches burning in the south, racial terrorism?
  45. Can you guess my friend's ethnicity?
  46. Guess my cousin's ethnicity.
  47. Guess another friend's ethnicity
  48. "Afrocentric" Folklore thread
  49. What is our reasons for seeking our ancestry/ethnic background
  50. The Black identity
  51. Gregor Gysi: "Every year more Germans die than there are born. That’s very fortunate".
  52. Lafayette Theater shooter a fan of neo-nazis & David Duke, Charleston all over again?
  53. Hanibal Buress trolls animal rights activists
  54. Average age at first birth; average age of mothers
  55. Light and Dark Skinned Siblings
  56. 'Whiteness Goggles' Set Out To Change How You See Cultural Appropriation
  57. Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled
  58. About Bigotry, Bullying, and Distaste of "Difference"
  59. Bodhidharma, founder of Zen, was Persian/Iranian.
  60. Is prejudice against White people getting worse in the US (especially between Blacks and Whites)?
  61. Half of all young people in Britain are at least a little bit gay, survey finds
  62. Prof. Kevin B. Macdonald - The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession
  63. Afram reporter murders coworkers on live television
  64. 10 Black Women Kicked Off Of Train, Met By Police, After White Woman Complains They Were Laughing
  65. What poor people in Africa could make themselves, instead of asking aid or digging garbage?
  66. Does reverse discrimination affect you?
  67. Jean Raspail foresaw demographic changes in Europe back in 1973 (interview)
  68. Wikipedia's gender and racial bias?
  69. Egyptian forces ‘hunting ISIS’ shoot Mexicans by mistake
  70. Turks and Kurds clash in Sweden, Germany and other European countries
  71. Sexuality and Sharia Law
  72. Ladies - please put your breasts away!
  73. What do you really know about the truth of human differences
  74. Cultural marxism prevailing at universities
  75. BET Refused To Air 2015 Million Man March To Avoid Offending White Viewers
  76. Do Muslim “Arabs” from the Near East feel betrayed by Saudis and other Gulf Arabs now?
  77. Environmental racism
  78. Finnish woman insults Kenyan nurse over not being white
  79. The History of Racism
  80. Modern Educayshun, #Equality and political correctness
  81. Mexico is also Afrodescendant
  82. Chauvinism and minoritization
  83. I taught my black kids that their elite upbringing would protect them from discrimination. I was wrong.
  84. Tuxedo Cats
  85. Brazil has a lot of white too
  86. Blacks, Asians, and Latinos are more likely to identify as LGBT
  87. Do you think that sexual deviance is more of urban phenomenon
  88. What do you think about SJWs?
  89. Is France serious about combatting ISIS ?
  90. Spanish people ( europeans from spain) How do you feel about latin americans
  91. Man hits woman on subway
  92. Does MLK jr deserve a US Holiday?
  93. Man tells kids with toy guns to don't play in the streets because the cops might shoot you
  94. Nice Summary on the Origin of Europeans
  95. About Mackelmore's new song
  96. Twitter says a white British actor playing a Mexican American
  97. How often do you get the question "What are you?" and how does it make you feel?
  98. Are light skinned african americans black or mixed?
  99. White History Month
  100. Right Wing goes crazy over Beyoncé new song and performance at the super bowl
  101. Hodge Twins?
  102. What's your opinion? Are copts the descendants of ancient egyptians or not?
  103. 13,000BP Race War? No!!
  104. Roots The Movie: Official Trailer | Premieres Memorial Day 2016**** Movie Remake
  105. Default Mutual Respect between Turkish and Greek athletes
  106. What is the positive cure for racism?
  107. 1 in 4 americans is a feminist according to Yougov.
  108. A 6 year old girl, removed from her foster family, because she is 1.5% Choctaw heritage. Its their law.
  109. How do you greet each other?
  110. I don't understand why any Aframs would claim Africans or call themselves Africans
  111. Why is homosexuality still more anccepted among white people than people of color?
  112. African diversity/European diversity question.
  113. Should people not claim an ancestry if the percentage is small?
  114. Just how closely related are West Africans and Bantus genetically
  115. European women forced back to real patriarchy
  116. Social Acceptance of a Race Change While Retaining Previous Ginger Qualities
  117. Must be the Neanderthal in me
  118. Questions for the forum Habeshas
  119. About Vietnam and PISA
  120. Afrodescendance vs Negritude(Being Black)
  121. Carribean Latinos, Do you feel latin American culture or spanish heritage makes you less black?
  122. What is your opinion about this?
  123. Ethnicity and music taste
  124. Chicano culture and Latin American Canadians
  125. Self identified race per Latin American Country
  126. How does your family see your ethnicity?
  127. The History of Racial Tensions in America
  128. City in Norway bans beautiful bodies on ads,
  129. Famous white people in US history who were "passing"?
  130. Races of the World by population
  131. Does anyone else think the concept of POC is stupid?
  132. Does the average European know about Metis?
  133. What makes a girl look Latina?
  134. The Treatment Of American Slaves
  135. Will (Western) Europe eventually turn into Eurabia/Eurafrica?
  136. Why are Europeans so much afraid of Muslims but not other culture/groups?
  137. Anglo- American Renaissance
  138. Latinos: Do you identify more as Latino or your country?
  139. The troublesome issue with the modern ethnicity of Assyrians
  140. Looks like Blacks are being targeted
  141. White students union
  142. Hindu caste system compared to European classism/racism [split] //mod
  143. Why I'm happy to be Ecuadorian
  144. So many blacks in one video!
  145. White Women women who are raising mixed raced kids. The kids are black?
  146. Whites who are raising mixed raced kids. The kids are black?
  147. European Americans
  148. Everybody's Invited!
  149. Could I fit in Spain Or Portugal?
  150. What do you dislike about modern feminism?
  151. What did Obama do for black people?
  152. Myths and Misunderstandings in European- American culture
  153. Are most Latinos part German?
  154. If a black girl looked like this
  155. Which in your opinion are the most masculine and femine races physically?
  156. What percent of Americans are black based on the one drop rule?
  157. Could Paul Wall be taken as Afram, if he wanted to?
  158. Why do J1's always desperately try to deny possible arabian ancestry?
  159. History of Slavery and treatment of blacks
  160. "We want to go home" petition almost to goal. Will any African country really grant them aslyum?
  161. What kind of men do Black Women like?
  162. Do you consider this Melanesian man as 'black'?
  163. Do your owners care about you?
  164. Do you perceive Zendaya as "black"?
  165. New Survey is making rounds in the conservative sphere of the internet-
  166. Why do New Yorkers refer to latinos as Spanish?
  167. Why do most immigrants have trouble letting the past go?
  168. House negroes
  169. African American upper class
  170. What race you prefer dating with?
  171. "Race" A political term?
  172. Why I have no girlfriend, a white mans answer
  173. Why you're all wrong about race!
  174. Expat survey: It's hard to befriend Nordic people
  175. German Girls Being Conditioned to be Mothers with Black Baby Simulator Dolls
  176. Cal State Introduces Segregated Housing
  177. Why do most isolated tribes survived in South America, Africa and some parts of Asia Pacific?
  178. French catholic knocks out Black man for disrupting prayer
  179. Nick Land's "Hyper-racism" is pretty cool.
  180. Communal Culture vs. Free Individuality
  181. Frank Luntz talks to Muslim Focus Group
  182. Bill Clinton's black son
  183. White racism tied to fatal heart disease for blacks and whites
  184. Does anyone know about this region in MX?
  185. What constitutes the definition of ethnically pure/diverse?
  186. Ethnicities that value Caucasianess
  187. Maps and Human Anthropology
  188. Science News from Asia
  189. Scientists Discover Antibody That Neutralizes 98% of HIV Strains
  190. Do you think that somewhere in the world, there is such a thing as a quadracial?
  191. The Social Justice Warriors (SJW) thread
  192. The Relation Between African Americans and Hispanics in the United States [split] //mod
  193. What do Chicanos think of South Americans?
  194. Is Portugal similar to Spanish-speaking Latin American countries?
  195. Miss Helsinki 2017 is Nigerian [split] //mod
  196. Post your idea of perfect breeding material
  197. French influence in south America outside of Guyane, Quadaloupe, & Martinique
  198. Are Mexicans homophobic?
  199. Who/What is a Latino? A Hispanic?
  200. The world of beauty: Mixed women rule Black women lose!
  201. Albanian footballplayer do not consider himself white
  202. Terrorism in North America and Europe [split] //mod
  203. Most important region of Europe
  204. Channel 4: "Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?"
  205. Don't you hate it...
  206. UN .. attests to Germany's institutional racism
  207. What makes someone Native to an area?
  208. Why are Indian Hindus/Sikhs being repeatedly mistaken for Middle Eastern Mohammedans by white supremacists?
  209. German schools forbids Muslims' provocative prayers and ritual washings
  210. New Study - Blacks Really Are Good Boys Who Dindu Nuffins
  211. Namibia vs Germany:30-billion reparations claim
  212. AI Programs Exhibit Racial and Gender Biases, Research
  213. Why do Americans regard white Latin Americans as nonwhite but recognize Spaniards as white?
  214. Eastern European Gypsies (Roma) and social norms
  215. How do you define someone's race?
  216. Cultural appropriation, the new black SJW racism?
  217. Bill Maher and the N-word!
  218. A kiss!
  219. As a whole, do Latino men in the US stand a chance with cute White girls?
  220. Why are white people less accepting of black people but more accepting of homosexuality?
  221. White people freely admit the past was wrong, but will never admit they profit from those wrongs, why?
  222. The Number of Muslims in North America [split] //mod
  223. The uniquely Moluccan tribal system of Pela
  224. Would you consider me biracial?
  225. Everyone had their own Jew
  226. Baby becomes world's first to have gender marked ‘unknown’
  227. Marvel vice president blames diversity for falling comic book sales
  228. Girls: Light skin or dark tan on white guys?
  229. Sperm counts in the west
  230. Is it just a matter of opinion or is it a fact that most asian and latina women date white men over black men?
  231. Did Gangsta rap benefit black Americans?
  232. How is Trump doing against MS-13?
  233. Race realism is overpopulation realism
  234. Minorities who downplay their "ethnic" status
  235. Ethnic composition of Latin American countries
  236. Why do Black people say they are the "oldest people on earth" and the "original people" as if..
  237. BBC: "The Roman Age Britons were Black". Is this the Start of a PC historic revisionism?
  238. Swiss hotel asks Jews to shower before pool use
  239. Subdivisions of Polish people
  240. How can nonwhites in the USA be the causes of society's ills when white racists hold more power?
  241. New South Park game has skin colour as difficulty setting
  242. Affirmative action in Brazil
  243. African With European Admixture?
  244. What if Stalin resettled Gypsies to Kaliningrad Oblast?
  245. Why target Mexicans when there could be more illegal European immigrants in the USA?
  246. Verbs derived from ethnic names
  247. Buh...Buh...Buh...African-Americans are LAZY!!!(refuting the myth)
  248. Who civilized Europeans and white people?
  249. Why does eastern and Southeastern Europe lag behind Northern and Western Europe?
  250. Why is there so much of harassment in Nordic countries but not in Central Europe?