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  1. Leftist attacked by Blacks because refused to say "Heil Hitler"
  2. Globalization of Your Culture
  3. For a female, what would you consider tall?
  4. Who is the toughest?
  5. do you think Southeast Asian Muslims look unique?
  6. The Cinderella Story: Life Behind Bars
  7. would you date Andamanese women?
  8. Which girl is most attractive?
  9. Which Woman is Most Beautiful (Continental Edition)
  10. Which girl's most attractive? iranian,italian,indian,turkish,lebaneseorspanish?
  11. Who's more attractive? The Final Round
  12. Which girl's most attractive? (Half Euro/Half MENA version)
  13. If you were a Spanish,Portuguese or English conqueror would u mate with a Yawalapiti?
  14. Which girl's most attractive? (Half Northern European version this time)
  15. If you were a Spaniard invader of Morocco, would you shag these berber women?
  16. Why do most people prefer to marry thier own kind?
  17. How racist are you?
  18. Most attractive girl is.? Miss World Version
  19. Iranian vs Indian, who's hotter?
  20. Lebanese vs Turk, who's hotter?
  21. If IQ matters so much
  22. Wasp (America) Civilization. Build by Violence, Racism and Barbarism
  23. which woman is more attractive? Indian vs. Iranian (round 2)
  24. Which group has the most valid reason to hate Middle Easterners?
  25. The most brave ethnic groups?
  26. The most brave ethnic groups?
  27. Which group of Latin Americans do you dislike the most?
  28. Ancient Enemies
  29. Do most people in the Americas have European blood?
  30. Which sex symbol is hotter?
  31. Lebanese vs Indian, which is hotter?
  32. Would you consider this Individual to be Black?
  33. Which girl's most attractive? (Redo)
  34. Which woman is prettier?
  35. A Persia you've never seen before
  36. If the Blacks and the latinos had a chance to be fully integrated into the USA .....
  37. Is it a trend romantic movies staring white guys and Indian girls?
  38. If Mexicans are a race like most say so then why don't we look alike?
  39. Glad Floyd whipped Cotto, now PRs can stop saying Floyd was ducking him
  40. Hispanic language pandering: Offensive?
  41. Greek Nazis celebrate their first election victory
  42. When will we all be beige?
  43. who is considered a brown person?
  44. What's your general opinion about make up?
  45. Ethiopian girl vs white girl
  46. Ancestry: how little is too little to claim?
  47. Why do some populations produce while others do not?
  48. Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need to Succeed
  49. How old is too old for breast feeding ?
  50. who are the most self hating people?
  51. Turkic vs Austronesian, who were braver in the past?
  52. Why was the US military teaching 'total war' on Islam?
  53. We are to blame for Eurabia and multiculturalism
  54. Age of Empires (No Black Empires)
  55. Do Tatars (especially those in Crimea) have any Gothic ancestry?
  56. What Must You Do To Be A Jew?
  57. Diversity in pakistan
  58. Germans belgians feels more connected to Walloons or Flemish ?
  59. With which Latin American country/region do you culturally identify with the most?
  60. HAPPY MOTHER DAY! Your ethnic song?
  61. Which non-African populations have the lowest/highest Neanderthal admixture?
  62. Do you have any distant ancestors of another ethnicity?
  63. Problems in Studying the Role of Blacks In Europe
  64. vote these Indonesian girls
  65. Defining anti-intellectualism
  66. What's your position on illegals?
  67. Middle Eastern influence in Latin America
  68. People with last names that don't reflect their ethnicity
  69. Russian melancholy -- unique among Slavs?
  70. Are Puerto Ricans And Dominicans Culturally Similar?
  71. Minority babies are now majority in United States
  72. Minority Births Are New Majority
  73. which is the most robust of all the races/sub-races?
  74. Save the white race
  75. The future population of Europe, what will it look like?
  76. Getting the immigrants out of Europe, any chance?
  77. non white racist on youtube.
  78. Assyrian influence the rise of Egyptian and Nubian civilization?
  79. Beautiful women and ugly men
  80. What can eugenics do for a population?
  81. Obsession with being "white"
  82. Are we really all the same in spirit (mentally)?
  83. The one drop rule and American society.
  84. Why does the one drop rule not apply to Whites with Native ancestry?
  85. Genetic makeup of ethnic Romanians?
  86. Native People of El Salvador Finally Gain Recognition
  87. A question about selective breeding and phenotype
  88. why is it only the hottest and cutes white women who love BBC?
  89. Christians World Map
  90. Australoid/veddoid the most hated?
  91. I belong to the Hispanic Race...
  92. Nazis from Mexico?
  93. Is there a cHinese connection to the San?
  94. Have you ever consider about living in other coutry?.
  95. Why were the Nazis so interested in archaeology?
  96. Findig Your Roots :Condoleeza Rice Rice Is 52% African, 40% European, and 8% Asian
  97. What is the criteria for being "white"?
  98. White Italian Man, Stranded in India for 57 Years...
  99. The WeAreism and YouAreism
  100. Turkish nordicism/turanism
  101. I wont watch the History Channel ever again
  102. The Amish People
  103. How can we stop child molesters ?
  104. Too many Asians in American Colleges?
  105. Could you walk in the shoes of the race of those you hate for one day?
  106. Blacks in Anime!
  107. Theres a lack of "Real" Black Women in the media
  108. Claiming superiority based on someone else's achievements
  109. Jews and the anti-Semite defense mechanism
  110. A question for Jews..
  111. Ethnic Relationships
  112. Mexicans in Anime and Video Games
  113. South Asians in Anime and Video Games
  114. Pakistani albino
  115. The Origins of "Booty Popping", "Twerking", Whatever You Want to Call it
  116. "why do they hate us?"
  117. African Diaspora in The Americas
  118. African Americans benefit from slavery?
  119. Are westerns dumb?
  120. Do Westernes need to be treated like children?
  121. Who would you side with in the event of war?
  122. Which country should Europe favour?
  123. Do people here have issues?
  124. Why are blacks against preservation of Human-biodiversity?
  125. are there people in your family married to other ethnic?
  126. On the growing popularity of human biodiversity (HBD)
  127. Indio-Mestizos in the US believe they are of the White race
  128. Is Sol Campbell being racist or not?
  129. Wiggers and Wannabes: White Ethnicity in Contemporary Youth Culture
  130. African Americans with Mozabite or Uygur
  131. Why we Need Open Borders
  132. Genetic vs Cultural identity discussion
  133. Which is the touchiest ethnicity?
  134. interesting ethncities to study or talk about
  135. Are there Black Englishmen?
  136. Can a none-white be truly western?
  137. Racist forgot he wasn't behind the computer screen
  138. Arab/Jewish; Muslim/Jewish; Muslim/Christian... ect. marriages
  139. English women jailed for being 'racist'
  140. Which European country will have the first native minority?
  141. Racist gets into it with black kid, lmfao
  142. Black Men And Latina Relationships?
  143. Extended poll: which nations are European?
  144. Protestant Europe
  145. Do you think they look alike? Alek Wek
  146. Latin vs White from a brazilian
  147. Europeans positive to asylum seekers, survey says
  148. Sikh Indian man trying to convince arab guy
  149. Hmong in Anime and Video Games
  150. Hispanics/Latinos in Pop. Culture/media
  151. Inter-Racial/Inter-Religious Weddings
  152. Is French Football racist against whites?
  153. If you had to choose one out of these three
  154. Crazy Pastor Says South Africa is Worse After Mandela
  155. Main political parties from your country
  156. Pros of Race Mixing?
  157. Race Mixing what do you guys think?
  158. Which wife would you pick?
  159. Why is it always males that are most opposed to race mixing?
  160. Somalians demand more benefits in Sweden
  161. Negative Connotations of the Word "Gypsy"
  162. Who would you rather pick
  163. Which NWB people is still living most similar to the slavery days?
  164. Which one of these girls would you marry?
  165. why don't schools change what your race is when?
  166. Race Denial and Scientific Anthropology
  167. Which groups (s) are more egalitarian?
  168. Germanic Dominance
  169. Pintpointing Whiteness
  170. BBC report refers to Israelis as 'White'
  171. there is no identification problem for mixed background but an acceptance problem
  172. Why do Africans Look Down African Americans?
  173. What Is My Ethnicity?
  174. What percentage of Brazilians are "white"?
  175. for black people what is consider light medium and dark?
  176. Black diversity
  177. Ass, breasts, legs or all?
  178. Realizing that "black" was negative
  179. Latino -is- a race: Here's why
  180. Norwegian documentary with english subs on race..
  181. Asylum seekers go on a raping spree in England
  182. If this is England, where are the English?
  183. Are Texan MexAms more euro than Californian ones?
  184. Sapeurs - Big pimpin' in the DRC.
  185. Let's face it, "Afghan girl" photo is famous only because she has green eyes
  186. Enoch Powell EU prophecy
  187. African riots (outside of Africa)
  188. Balkan Slavs: Closer to Northern Slavs or to Albanians and Greeks?
  189. More Asian-Americans marrying within their race
  190. how would she be percieved in your country
  191. Guess man's ethnicity/nationality
  192. Africans go on rape spree in Israel
  193. How he would be percieved in your country/community ?
  194. How he would be percievied in your country/community ? 2.0
  195. Being mixed raced and perceived as entirely different ethnicity...
  196. A video on the socio-economical divide between Black and White America
  197. ‘Django Unchained’ Trailer Is Out. Jamie Foxx Plays Slave Out For Revenge!
  198. Face it, Black American Enthusiasm For President Obama Is Dead
  199. What is the opinion aframs has of muslims ?
  200. How would these people would be percieved in your area?
  201. Chinese couple spanking canadian robber
  202. Phenotype vs. Identity
  203. Aframs is this correct as far as "Hood" slang?
  204. Is culture of our phenotype/heritage always important?
  205. Slur that divides Mexicans is banned by Oxnard school district
  206. Spanish or Italian?
  207. Germany elects first ever black mayor
  208. Dark Skin AND Broad Features?
  209. How many NWB in here look African
  210. Superior phenotypes is each so called "race"
  211. Who are the rudest and tactless european ?
  212. What's wrong with Zionism?
  213. French Translation needed- ethnic confrontation in France
  214. French are a minority in their own national football team
  215. Who are the most corrupt european countries ?
  216. African/Afram mixes
  217. Existence of race and racism.
  218. Why is Condoleezza stunned?
  219. Britain faces reverse colonialism
  220. White Unity?
  221. (USA) Is there an American idenity?
  222. Caste system in India vs. in Latin America
  223. Global Peace Index 2012, what's the main cause?
  224. People claim to be Cherokee
  225. Romanian copying Asian Lantern Festival
  226. Do Judean Americans think of themselves as being European?
  227. Spain is not Uganda
  228. Are Africans in the USA African-Americans?
  229. Immigration number in you country
  230. Englishman feels threatened in his own land
  231. Do Arabs believe Ashkeazi Jews are Europeans?
  232. Will Mexicans secede from America?
  233. Mayor of Malmo hounds Judeans out of city.
  234. Native Indians support their Mexican brothers.
  235. African diasporans across america
  236. Why are Armenians ashamed of being Middle Eastern?
  237. Law of dick pussy
  238. TeleMundo Got some Splaining to do?!
  239. Obama takes on immigration
  240. Does Homophobia Stem From Religious Sentiments?
  241. Latin American definition of "White" compared to Anglo America
  242. Issues within the Hispanic Community
  243. which stereotypes about ethnic group dominate- positive or negative?
  244. The Africanisation of Barking
  245. Should we learn from the Israelis?
  246. What nationality does your nationality generally get along with the most?
  247. Why are Mexicans so different from other latinos in America?
  248. Anti-finnotism the new anti-semitism?
  249. Which ethnic group would you least like to move into your neighbourhood?
  250. Have you inherited your parents prejudices?