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  1. Final Solution of the Gypsy Question
  2. Race Biology in Sweden (Homo Sapiens 1900)
  3. The brain of poor people
  4. Pride and minorities (split) //mod
  5. Does this man have the right to call himself English?
  6. Human cloning
  7. Gattaca argument: the new Aufnordung project? (designer babies)
  8. A dilemma for the last white preservationist
  9. How do you differ from your ethnic group?
  10. Dark-skinned living in Sweden has an increased risk for developing autism
  11. Universal multiculturalism, a new syncretism.
  12. Israel's biological weapons, Vincent Sarich's "Race"
  13. The Silent Genocide in South Africa Against White Farmers
  14. Does this Man have the Right to call himself Serbian?
  15. Mixed-race students report more troubles
  16. Online Dating Mysteries Revealed (Even the Politically Incorrect Ones)
  17. Meta-ethnicity definition?
  18. UK murder rates now back to Victorian levels
  19. Muslim "criminals" in Europe
  20. Race mixed mulatto children, and their teenage mothers
  21. Sophisticated black characters in movies (split) //mod
  22. Racial rethinking as Obama visits
  23. What is brown?
  24. John Safrans "Race relations"
  25. YouTube interracial thread
  26. Does this man have the right to call himself Swedish?
  27. What famous scientists/inventors have been produced by your "folk".
  28. Inglehart-Welzel Cultural Map of the World
  29. Black people bleaching thier skin
  30. Should this boy be a future Prince?
  31. Racial Aesthetics and the Caucasian race (split) //mod
  32. What if Blacks never came to the Americas as slaves
  33. White Australia policy
  34. Is the white race the biggest parasite to the earth
  35. Ever accused of being a Racist?
  36. The End is Nigh
  37. Race mixer and multiracial propaganda in Western countries, your opinion!
  38. Ethnicities of top young mathematicians
  39. Charges May be Dropped in 'Kick a Ginger Day' Beatings
  40. Sex tourism on the rise in West Africa
  41. How the press keeps racism and stereotypes going
  42. Arabs say 'white' isn't enough on the 2010 census
  43. France is about 10% North African
  44. Which ethnic group/demographic/historical or modern, is most honorable, least debased
  45. Indian tribes buy back thousands of acres of land
  46. The History Books
  47. Black Man Verbally Annihilates White Jewish Girl
  48. Sandra Laing: a black child born to white parents
  49. Kamau Kambon: exterminate white people off the face of the planet
  50. White Privilege
  51. Elvis was part gypsy?
  52. Social definitions of mulatto (split) //mod
  53. Who is an Aryan?
  54. How many races are in the human species?
  55. Nordicism at Asia: Wanted in China tall, blonde, Finnish men
  56. Is there a pecking order of life?
  57. How will the populations of England and France look like 100 years from now?
  58. Who is white?
  59. European Superstition: Gypsy Folk Tales Cannibalism
  60. The Decline of American Anglophobia
  61. Racial Hierarchy
  62. Sociologist Looks At Why West Indian Immigrants Succeed
  63. "Gypsies and Geography" was this child payed to make fun of him?
  64. Fighting racism with music
  65. One drop rule in the USA compared to Self Identification Caribbean etc
  66. Does diversity make us happy?
  67. Question for the Americans?
  68. The Drum Major Instinct
  69. Why are there so many " 'ight skinded beetchus" in rap videos?
  70. African Americans Are Tri-racial
  71. US Justice Dept boosting loan discrimination focus
  72. Nordicists and European Mediterraneanists
  73. Is discrimination based on race is ever justified?
  74. Thais eating black African man (title) //mod
  75. African massacre of Zanzibar's Arabs
  76. Racism In America. Who Started It
  77. Danes not good to minorities
  78. Why is there so much tension between the DR and Haiti?
  79. Ten things everyone should know about race
  80. Belize vs Guatemala: Carribean vs Mestizo?
  81. White on white racism
  82. Ability is not equally distributed among races
  83. Why are others "xenophobic" where whites are "racist"? Media bias example.
  84. In Italy, northsouth differences in IQ
  85. Do women fear mixed-race children?
  86. Would you sympathize with this man?
  87. VIDEO: White guy whoops black guy's ass on a Bus
  88. Minutemen arrested for the murder of a Mexican family.
  89. Tainos of Cuba
  90. Non-White immigration can be a positive
  91. Dumas film with white actor Depardieu sparks race row
  92. Men are more likely to import partners
  93. Why White Folks tend to adopt children out of their own race?
  94. Greater Australia going back to Australoid?
  95. Who reproduce the most?
  96. Black wives
  97. Affirmative Action
  98. Gringos and Mexican invasion of the USA (split) //mod
  99. Chile: Discrimination directed against the Mapuche Indians
  100. Little India magazine reveals Indian skin color issues
  101. A Brief history of the U.S.
  102. New World peoples of African descent are a subset of African diversity
  103. Ringworm: Israel's experiments on Sephardite children
  104. A Puerto Rican Woman Claims Her Place In The African Diaspora
  105. Why Do Blacks Want Dominicans and Puerto Ricans to be Black?
  106. Whats your opinion on Indians?
  107. USA identity crisis
  108. British Crimes in Iraq continue since 1918 and continuing
  109. Negroids are the most disliked race because they look the most different?
  110. You know you are racist against Indians
  111. What's the best place for a black person to live in?
  112. For the Latinos: Do you see your people as a "Raza?"
  113. Pressure to look a certain way
  114. A Eurocentric Problem
  115. Korean beauty is mostly plastic
  116. Interracial Marriage Divorce Rates
  117. Frederik Willem de Klerk, a traitor or Hero?
  118. Question about the Irish people ^^
  119. Popular Black Politicians in Europe
  120. 3010: how will people look in a thousand years
  121. Walmart discriminating black Barbies
  122. The Cause of Europe's Immigration Problems
  123. The ber black nationalist
  124. Anthropology lecture videos
  125. Name no longer associated with whites?
  126. Polygamous Relationships
  127. Missisippi school cancels prom because of Lesbian student
  128. Cartoon's image of Latin America
  129. Some questions about Asians and Racism
  130. African Immigrants in China
  131. Richard Nixon and Billy Graham on the Jews
  132. Why is it acceptable for blacks to call whites "crackers"?
  133. Native Canadian teachers face racism
  134. Aliens and Race/ethnic/relgious relations
  135. Compensation for Slavery to descendants?
  136. Why do people think that 'Nuyoricans' are darker than Puerto Ricans on the island?
  137. Native American Sterlized by the American government
  138. Americans admit Racism in Iraq.
  139. Germany in 2050
  140. U.S. Census using racist terms?
  141. Whats the worst sort of pressure to have?
  142. Different R and K reproductive strategies between races?
  143. Apparantly United States has more West African slave descendant Whites than Blacks
  144. Question for the White (And other) members here.
  145. Korean-African American relations
  146. sexual perverson among negrid men
  147. Gipsys and indians - Their inferiority problem
  148. Why race matters.
  149. Does mongrelization leads to homosexuality?
  150. Such incidents essentially re-inforce stereotypes
  151. Mixed Ethnicity
  152. Should Latin America admire Europe?
  153. Are Afro-centrist trying to get a foot hold of Latino America?
  154. Has Europe failed its Muslims or has Europe's Muslims failed Europe? A debate
  155. Brazil: the whitest whites of South America
  156. Telegony? Anyone?
  157. Did Michael Jackson have this disease?
  158. Are racial cocktails shaken, not stirred?
  159. Are Eurocentrists trying to get a Foothold on Africa AGAIN???
  160. What black and white Americans think about Race
  161. Should the world work to genetically preserve the andamanese & the nicobarese?
  162. Discrimination against Condorito in Canada
  163. Mixed Race People More Attractive (in the UK anyway)
  164. What did the first Africans or Humans looked like?
  165. Is Racism about appearance??
  166. The Hate Crimes You Don’t Hear About
  167. Population replacement in Algeria?
  168. Scholars Ask Why Latinos View Blacks Poorly
  169. Mulato Gil, the most famous and respect black in Chile
  170. Brazilian soccer player: "I'm not Black"
  171. can wogs be from anywhere in europe and are all southern europeans wogs?
  172. London more Dangerous than New York?
  173. Would these African American be Black in your country
  174. Students kicked off campus for wearing American Flag t-shirts
  175. Is "Mulatto" considered a racist word in the US?
  176. question about sephardic jews
  177. Internet and natural selection
  178. Europe Faces Pressure To Pay Slavery Reparations
  179. Can NON black men find black women attractive
  180. Dutch football club bans non-native children
  181. What would you identify as the most insecure ethnicities or nationalities??
  182. What can europeans expect from muslims?
  183. Mexicans are the most Amerind of Hispanics
  184. Swedish Prophet Muhammad cartoonist 'head-butted'
  185. Mexicans swag jacking blacks
  186. Sammy Sosa is "black again"
  187. For the Blacks in the forum: What's your take on interracial porn?
  188. Serbian mafia
  189. EU, midgets on the brain
  190. Favorite Natives of the Americas //mod
  191. Zimbabwean becomes China's first black news anchor
  192. The fallacious nature of afrocentrism.
  193. Are blacks more athletic because of slavery?
  194. Naming and Linguistic Africanisms in African American Culture
  195. Do you guys watch any of Tyra Banks shows?
  196. Do you have any racial/ethnic insecurities?
  197. In which races or ethnicities do people look the same?
  198. "Black People" With "White Children"
  199. Dominican indio skin color myth
  200. Genetic-discrimination in the future?
  201. Arizona SB 1070
  202. Most disliked immigrants or groups in Sweden? (split) //mod
  203. Why do Bolivia, Peru and Guatemala have so many pure Indians?
  204. World historical and predicted populations
  205. Iranians are great people
  206. What's your favorite Afro-centric Barbarity?
  207. South Africa endemic violence
  208. Whats your favorite Caucasoid-centric lunancy/barbarity
  209. White Woman raped in Haiti and blames it on "White male oppression"
  210. Why are the Euro/Caucasoid-centric posters obsessed with purity?
  211. Immigrants and Employment in Sweden
  212. Meet the accent girl
  213. The Science of Eurocentric Thought
  214. Afrocentric Logic: AA Dating Patterns
  215. Race relations...and denial in Dominican Republic, multiple links
  216. Whats your favorite Pan Mestizo Hispanic myths
  217. USA:Interracial marriage still rising, but not as fast
  218. Just watched the Cathy Hughes interview with Farrakhan
  219. Racial Stereotypes..The Urban Dictionary
  220. was this a common practice in latin america?
  221. Roman Catholic bishop stabbed to death in southern Turkey
  222. The Doll test, an example of socially induced black self hatred?
  223. Hrant Dink Lawyer Found Hanged
  224. Finland - an Arctic culture
  225. Adriana Lima, The African Bias
  226. Extreme violence in the subway of Brussels
  227. Skinheads Beat Up Three Greeks in Eastern Berlin
  228. For non-Americans, whats your perception of Americans?
  229. Israelis Should Go Back to Germany and Poland
  230. Mexican-Americans have higher Testosterone than AA and whites
  231. If it weren't for the Jim Crow Laws, would African Americans still exist?
  232. Scouting for white models in Brazil
  233. Do Most Louisiana Creoles Consider Themselves as Afram??
  234. The actual Multiracial population of the US
  235. How would we treat Homo floresiensis if we found it alive?
  236. Do black men lust more about white women than White man about black women?
  237. Italian Americans
  238. The Future Face of America
  239. Blue eyes/Brown eyes used in commercial
  240. The least insecure people on earth?
  241. Brazilian Americans
  242. Whiteness: What is it really?
  243. Who discovered Europe/Europeans?
  244. African women question
  245. If whiteness didn't exist, how would history have been?
  246. Black men and White women, exaggerated
  247. Why is it OK to say "Nigga" but not "Nigger"?
  248. Hispanic Family Values
  249. Black community rampant joblessness, high drop-out rate and incarceration
  250. AA SISTA Says AA men to lazy to work