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  1. Western world, definition?
  2. Kurds in Turkey (split) //mod
  3. Roma Gypsies = Aryans?
  4. Positive discrimination in Malasya
  5. Race and ethnicities of Iranians, Sikhs, Pakistanis and Afghans (split) //mod
  6. If Blacks are African Americans and Whites are European Americans
  7. Animosity toward Portuguese people (split) //mod
  8. Pan-Slavism and its genetic basis (split) //mod
  9. How blacks can be racist?
  10. White ethnocentrism between Russians and Swedes (split) //mod
  11. Romania's European and Western cultural identity vis-à-vis Poland (split) //mod
  12. Liverpool, an Irish city
  13. Indians are the new Jews
  14. Why is Romania poorer than the Slavic countries?
  15. Jews, Racism, Southern Culture (split) //mod
  16. Town-tribalism and local patriotism in my hometown
  17. Ethnogenesis of Iberian nationalities
  18. Khanty and Finns alien to European culture? (split) //mod
  19. Are Jews a part of European heritage?
  20. 5 Friendlist nations on Planet Earth
  21. Race/phenotype preference in women (split) //mod
  22. Eurasians in Singapore
  23. Albert Einstein - "Racism Is A Disease Amongst White People"
  24. Norman Podhoretz: My Negro Problem — And Ours
  25. African immigrants in China
  26. Berbers and south Europeans, admixture or lack thereof (split) //mod
  27. Iran: Nose Job Capital Of World
  28. Are Romanians white enough to identify with Western Europeans? (split) //mod
  29. Is Croatia a racist country?
  30. Serbia!
  31. Situating Whiteness in Italian Identity
  32. Russia's demography turn
  33. Are Jews white?
  34. National Pride of the Roma
  35. Bantu is a Linguistics group, not a racial group (title) //mod
  36. Ethnic make-up of Finland and other Eurasian countries (split) //mod
  37. Who is Black
  38. Who do you consider is Black
  39. Negroid and Gypsy comparison (title) //mod
  40. Germanic: genetic or cultural/linguistic group?
  41. Youtube Video on Nazism and Nordicsm
  42. Black Iraqis claim discrimination
  43. Mythbusting - The myths about Finns
  44. What nations are most brachycephalic and most dolichocephalic?
  45. What I don't like in many debates regarding Finns?
  46. Which countries do you consider as South Asian?
  47. Australia's Ethnic Composition
  48. Black Iraqis claim discrimination
  49. 17-year-old Danish girl gets Muslim death threats
  50. Is the black people hispanic people?
  51. Liberal or leftist arguments against immigration
  52. Shintaro Ishihara
  53. Chinese in Serbia
  54. the Aryan race
  55. Uighurs in China -split from another thread
  56. Can you look 100% white
  57. Quotes from Abolitionist William Wilberforce
  58. The Purity of the Afrikaners
  59. Dravidian Gowda tribe?
  60. Are "the Jews" a race?
  61. Racial type of Pakistanis/other related topics
  62. Palestinians refugees in Chile
  63. Gagauzians, Romanians, Moldovans and their genealogic ancestry (split) //mod
  64. Mexicans In, Muslims OUT!
  65. Do Bosnians look Hispanic?
  66. Which European country offers the best opportunites,
  67. Willie Lynch Letter: The Making of a Slave
  68. Why do people hate gypsies so much?
  69. Indians are not racist
  70. Assyrian lineage, language and identity (split) //mod
  71. Mordvians - fake ethnonym
  72. Were Russians Germanic?
  73. Sex with Donkey?
  74. Why do Russians look exotic ?
  75. "Mongoloids" and Native Americans
  76. Slavic: Genetic or cultural/linguistic group?
  77. Arabs aren't Semites
  78. Understanding illegal Haitian immigration to the Dominican Republic and rest of
  79. Should India clear out from the Andaman Islands?
  80. Albanian mentality!
  81. So I am about to scientifically determine
  82. Do Dominicans suffer from a Cultural inferiority complex (not race-related)
  83. Chile: nation of warriors
  84. Nigerians and Berbers (split) //mod
  85. Do white people lack common sense?
  86. Christian indians and gypsies claiming high caste
  87. Which slavic people looks the most rugged or 'manly' ?
  88. Fulanis -Caucasian or Negro? Why the Double Standards?
  89. European Immigration to US
  90. Definition of nation (split) //mod
  91. Anglo-Saxons genealogy (split) //mod
  92. debunking the false idea of "aryan" and "semitic" races
  93. Is 'Black' Really Beautiful?
  94. Racist Interracial Relationships and Ethical Dating...
  95. Disappearance of Meryans
  96. Continuity or Change = DNA, Statehood and Language
  97. An American is:
  98. Afram identity
  99. Africanisms in Aframs thread
  100. Are Aframs proud of their "legacy of slavery"?
  101. Typical American view of the "Spanish"
  102. Black in America 2
  103. Are the Tatars well integrated in Russia?
  104. How did Sweden become Swedish
  105. Germanic shamanism
  106. Black Female Unemployment Has Steepest Decline In May
  107. Why Can't Kyrgyz and Uzbeks Get Along?Money
  108. Would You Consider Living in Africa?
  109. When are the great Western European rage gonna come and what will happen then?
  110. Which black people are most beautiful?
  111. SS interest in Norwegian women/Danish-German relations (split) //mod
  112. European ethnic groups.
  113. Hamshen Armenians - Muslim Armenian People in Turkey !
  114. Dealing with dumb Americans
  115. Finns/Sámis being alleged Mongoloids (again) (split) //mod
  116. My Favourite Europeans
  117. Is France should separate in two autonomous regions?
  118. Southern Finland-Swedes
  119. In denial?
  120. Russian Mail Order Brides
  121. Detailed drawings of human types
  122. Who is Russian ?
  123. Who and where lives in Russia?
  124. Happy Indian Independence Day!
  125. The Kalash People
  126. Egypt ethnical identity
  127. Rus origin/flame war (split) //mod
  128. Human Development Index
  129. Would this be considered racially offensive for you?
  130. Irredentism.
  131. Ashkenazi/Gypsy admixture in Poles/Romanians?
  132. Differences between Latinos/Mexicans? (split) //mod
  133. Why did Gypsies begin their journey?
  134. Nationalities that stick together?
  135. Origin and genetics of Finns and Sicilians (split) //mod
  136. Ethnogenesis of Ukrainians (split) //mod
  137. Should black people be returned to Africa?
  138. I don't feel American?
  139. Why do so many white women want to get with black men?
  140. Non-independent nations that you would like to see with their own states?
  141. Are ashkenazi Jews more levantine or greco anatolian in origin?
  142. Afrocentrism vs Eurocentrism etc (split) //mod
  143. Etymology of Asia/Africa and their contemporary usage (split) //mod
  144. Are Yugoslavs really slavs?
  145. Domesticated animals.
  146. Are Spaniards and Italians considered "white" by the majority of people?
  147. Latin americans and diasporans
  148. How much affinity is there between Southeast Europeans and the Middle East?
  149. Is Sweden's problem with immigration really that bad?
  150. Faces of America (TV)
  151. How Germanic is England?
  152. Race vs nationalities in Hispanics
  153. Will whites become a minority in the US?
  154. Do you consider Sicilians to be Italian? 🇮🇹
  155. What is the difference between dinarid and armenoid?
  156. Silesian people (ethnic group in Poland)
  157. Do Australians predominantly British isles racially?
  158. Why are white people the best?
  159. A Disappering Ethnic Group
  160. are hawaiians/samoans black?
  161. Ethiopians/Somalis/Eritreans - Do you consider them black/negroid?
  162. Caucasian races, Mongolian races and Negroid races
  163. Which countries have rigid class systems?
  164. Why do Jews all look so similar?
  165. Dominicans and Haitians
  166. Is Australia more similar to the UK or US?
  167. What ancient peoples/tribes do you think you are descended from?
  168. Jews are NOT white.
  169. Med Mulattoes vs. Anglo/North Euro Mulattoes
  170. Med vs. Anglo Mulattoes, can you tell who's who?
  171. Are the current Macedonians related to the ancient Macedonians?
  172. The Global Mullato Population
  173. Most argued-about groups on this board.
  174. Turks, a race of mixed bastards
  175. Norwegians a buch of bastards (a copy cat thread) of sorts..
  176. The worse Metropolis
  177. If Amerindians descend from Siberians and north Asians?
  178. Your ethnic culture.
  179. Southern Italian micro-ethnicitys
  180. Do Somalis Have Arab blood?
  181. Least "European" Europeans?
  182. North/Central Italian micro-ethnicitys
  183. Countries with Majority of Light eyes.
  184. Do they have Indians in Spanish speaking countries?
  185. Turkishness and Turkoman input in Ottoman Anatolia / Turkomania
  186. Are Ashkenazi Jews more related to Kurds or Assyrians?
  187. Brazilian Racial Census
  188. The Kurdish Barzani tribe’s ethnic-connection with Jews and Assyrians
  189. Scandinavians vis-à-vis Vikings (split) //mod
  190. Atlanto Med. element in Palestinians?
  191. Estonians: Finnic, Nordic, Baltic or Uralic? (split) //mod
  192. Are Georgians/Armenians/Azeris European?
  193. Swedes in Finland and Estonia (split) //mod
  194. Crimean Karaites?
  195. Some Hispanics claiming Jewish heritage?
  196. Did Sweden conquer Finland? Was Sibelius a Finland-Swede? (split) //mod
  197. What does the term "Nordic" mean?
  198. Finns/Finland-Swedes/Saami thread (split) //mod
  199. The Jewish Double Standard For Race
  200. Bangladesh people what race are they?
  201. Are Punjabi Jatts low caste?
  202. Do you consider it interracial for an asian and half asian dating?
  203. Advantages with your ethnicity/race according to yourself?
  204. Azeri and Turkic identity (split) //mod
  205. My impressions about the Portuguese
  206. How widespread is African blood in Arabs?
  207. African origins of Dominicans
  208. Are Slavs fully white?
  209. Surnames in Argentina
  210. Do you consider Haitians to be Latinos? //mod
  211. Dual citizens: Divided loyalties?
  212. Indigenous and mixed groups in Argentina
  213. Africanisms in American culture
  214. N/E/W/S division among your people
  215. what do you consider Eastern Europe
  216. Western Europe
  217. Kaukasus in Europe?
  218. are you "trans-gender" when it comes to location?
  219. confirm/deny: Mongolians are the purest mongoloids.
  220. True extent of Whites in the USA
  221. Are North Italians Germanic/Nordic
  222. Defying Deletion: The Fight Over Iraq's Nineveh Plains
  223. The Slavs
  224. Question to all white people about race
  225. Are Ashkenazi Jews European?
  226. The personality traits of Slavs
  227. Assimilation or Multiculturalism
  228. Chipilo, México; Italian-Mexican Community
  229. What European group would be considered the least 'White'
  230. How many taiwanese people are infact taiwanese aborgines by blood?
  231. Cretans in Syria/Lebanon/Libya
  232. What do you consider to be Central Europe?
  233. Interbreeding: Ethnic-Race-Mixing
  234. German Ethnidentity
  235. Why french are so hated all over the world ?
  236. Why do people separate Mulattoes/Mix race people from black/white/etc race
  237. Coat of Arms, Crests, etc
  238. Shortest Balkan People
  239. Who are Jews?
  240. What are the top 10 world's largest ethnic groups?
  241. are there any caucasian tribes left in the world?
  242. Which Race is more likely to use Illegal Narcotics/Drugs
  243. Why do Black Americans have Black History Month
  244. What percentage of the population of Poland has German ancestors?
  245. Why many europeans thinks is boring to being 100% European
  246. New caledonia
  247. Do you believe in Race
  248. The 4th of July
  249. Nordic countries most gender-equal
  250. The difference between Turks and Turks