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  1. Awesome new toy at 23andme: Relative Finder
  2. FamilyTreeDNA Upgrade.
  3. 23andMe discount test results
  4. Family Tree DNA test results...
  5. SMGF mtDNA thread...
  6. I want to make a test!
  7. 23andme results - I knew there was something wrong with me.
  8. Usernames at DNA Companies
  9. DNA print Genomics
  10. Immortality Institute
  11. What do you think of Igenea Company
  12. Full genome sequencing
  13. 23andMe sharing / invite difficulties
  14. 23andMe raises prices, splits its health and ancestry analyses
  15. Important notice: genetic results, names and privacy
  16. Assyrian DNA on Fox News, Nineveh Dinha (GeneTree)
  17. DIY ancestry inference from personal genomic data
  18. Taking a closer look at your inter-continental ancestry results at 23andMe
  19. Can you take a DNA test for free?
  20. 23andme holiday discount
  21. Genome-wide SNP companies
  22. is 23andme accurate and worth it
  23. napobo3's HIR search facility
  24. Online SNP classification of individuals
  25. Old Siberia : Basic genetic contribution on the Siberian Taiga
  26. Expert: protect consumers from gene tests, control private genetic industry
  27. deCODEme bankrupt
  28. Strange matches in 23andMe
  29. Upload feature at deCODEme for 23andMe users
  30. ethioboy's decode me results (from 23andme upload)
  31. SMGF adpate december 2009
  32. Why is decodeme giving DNA test results for free?
  33. A message from the deCODEme support team‏
  34. drgs's decodeme results
  35. Using the Genome Browser at deCODEme
  36. DNA sequencing gets SOLiD with built-in error detection
  37. Brave personal genome volunteers - Please post your ancestrybydna results here!
  38. Sharing with any Spaniards or Latin Americans?
  39. Adygei at 23andMe
  40. New Genetic Sharing Facilities in DeCodeMe
  41. My observation about 23andme - It has Flaws
  42. Recomend a Company
  43. deCODEme 5 MB matches
  44. Check your SNP associated with biological aging
  45. FTDNA Family Finder
  46. 23andme: Does anyone share with a Portuguese?
  47. FTDNA issues.
  48. Eurogenes biogeographic ancestry project
  49. Intra-Euro Structure Analysis - ~3516 SNPs
  50. dnatribes scoring methodology
  51. Stars and bad points for DNA testing
  52. 23andMe Discounted Ancestry Rate - $199
  53. Genetic comparisons to a "synthetic" Northern European
  54. 23andme show siberians and american indians closer to Nigerians than europeans
  55. So info on 23&me regarding Afro-descendants
  56. "Actress Glenn Close Has Genes Mapped"
  57. The great deCODEme reference sample roundup
  58. deCODEme update, promotional code for 23andMe members who uploaded raw data
  59. "Consumers Slow to Embrace the Age of Genomics"
  60. What's the best source for a DNA test?
  61. 23andMe Raw Data, amendments
  62. 23andMe’s New and Improved Maternal Haplogroups
  63. My FTDNA Results 37 marker test..
  64. Common ancestral band on Ch 3 with Icelandic Public Friend
  65. What is the highest (genetic similarity) matches with nigerians?
  66. BGA and 23andme spreadsheet..
  67. Any strange results using the relative finder at 23andme?
  68. deCODEme's pricetag (split) //mod
  69. $99 for 23andMe Complete Edition, today only (23rd)
  70. Hold on a minute...
  71. 4-6 weeks for 23andme?
  72. 23andme hvr1 hvr2
  73. 23andme down for an update..
  74. Haplogroups in Promethease
  75. BIG problem
  76. Genome sharing among parents and siblings
  77. 23andme, raw data, Neanderthal alleles
  78. 23andme Pigmentation Scores
  79. Is dnaancestryproject.com good?
  80. Genome-Wide Comparison
  81. Around how long does McDonald's test take?
  82. 23andMe Raw Data uses?
  83. deCODEme raw data upload -- why'd they stop?
  84. My McDonalds results and my blog..
  85. Global Similarity and Africans
  86. The american indians position at decodeme PCA PLOT.
  87. For Mixed Race 23&me Users
  88. Mystery 5th cousin at 23andMe
  89. 23andMe mix-ups?
  90. Startup Promises $30 Full Genome Sequencing
  91. My 23andme results+Classify and guess background
  92. 23andMe Errors make news
  93. New report about Thracians and their similarity with S asians
  94. Family Tree DNA summer sale promotion
  95. Which company is the best?
  96. My Results
  97. Where can I get a comprehensive "ethnic identification" test
  98. distant cousins..
  99. Lemba and Caine 4th Cousins on 23andme
  100. Finnish counties, Latvia and Estonia in wide gene comparison
  101. Average 23andMe Global Similarity scores for different nations
  102. Mid east public spreadsheet..
  103. 23&me - Taking Forever
  104. Are there any Nilo-Saharans on 23andme?
  105. About 23&Me
  106. Maybe my "Sámi " ancestors were actually Kven(Finnish) or Russians?
  107. Ancestry Finder Tool at 23andMe
  108. Maniot's 23andme
  109. evons uncle.
  110. Theory about New World Blacks and Africans on 23&me
  111. How would an Australian Aborigine score on 23andMe?
  112. What is the best genetic studie on race and clusters?
  113. Regulators!!! Direct-To-Consumer DNA Firms Go To Washington
  114. Public Profiles on 23andme
  115. Scandinavian Spreadsheet based on Dr Mcdonalds %.
  116. Mexicans and African dna 23andme
  117. Jacob's 23andMe Results (also includes my father)
  118. Family finder upgrade...
  119. Bad Spit and the Denominator Problem at 23andMe
  120. A PCA of 24 Samples (Many of Near Eastern Origin)
  121. 23andme cousins ancestral origins
  122. 23andme VS Decodeme Asian%
  123. Please tell me, what is so special about me.
  124. Test recommendations for a beginner?
  125. Ancestry painting algorithm?
  126. Announcing the FTDNA Aramaic DNA Project
  127. Dr. McDonald Analysis Results
  128. Eurogenes BGA
  129. Exploded 23andme's Europe plot
  130. My uncle's 23andMe results
  131. 23andMe Price Reduction*
  132. Does Anyone know how to get Discounted or Free 23andme tests?
  133. 23andMe order problem
  134. Holy crap, I am mutating!
  135. Is 23andme the best?
  136. Population Finder
  137. My Population finder finally came
  138. How long does 23 and me take? and geuss my results?
  139. 23andme OR FTDNA?
  140. 23andme experience
  141. DNATribes vs 23andme
  142. Segment origin project.
  143. 23AndMe kit just arrived
  144. 23and me results in, surprise!
  145. East-Asian Admixture in InquiringMind
  146. Inferred Admix from Global Affinities (compare genes project)
  147. Family Tree Price Reduction
  148. Dr MacDonalds New Tool
  149. Dr MacDonalds New Tool
  150. 23andMe sale! $100 off Complete Edition
  151. Eva Longoria's results
  152. GEDmatch.Com GEDCOM comparisons for genealogy research
  153. GeneTree yDNA 46-Marker STR Sale
  154. Possible Upcoming 23andMe Sale
  155. 23andMe v3 chip (split) //mod
  156. 23andMe $400 discount, $99 total price excl. shipping
  157. FTDNA "Holiday Special"
  158. Had a smoke before spitting in tube
  159. Alternative to a saliva sample
  160. The waiting thread
  161. 23andMe $99 sale exteneded until 12/25!
  162. FTDNA ONE DAY Promotion
  163. Swedish DNA-Guide
  164. Analysis of 23andMe data by EthnoAncestry
  165. DNA testing
  166. Explain to me what 23andMe is? (split) //mod
  167. 23andme's 1,000,000 test chip
  168. Portuguese and Spaniards Mongoloid admix (split) //mod
  169. 23andme compared to AncestrybyDNA
  170. 23andme Is making Changes
  171. Are there any applicable discount promo-codes available for 23andMe as of Jan, 2011?
  172. Magic IBD segment!
  173. United States Airport Authorities and Water/DNA Kits
  174. Best DNA companies
  175. 23andme is releasing V3 data today.
  176. Lembas Gf's 23andme Results
  177. More 23andme results...
  178. Has a dna test changed your life?
  179. Beyoku's Wife 23andme Results.
  180. I need help
  181. Relative Conversion
  182. QP's updated 23andMe Results
  183. Y-Search question: How am I supposed to interpret this?
  184. Amerindian 5th cousin from South America
  185. USA % on Ancestry Finder (23&me) for non-american persons
  186. Ashkenazi segments in Ancestry Finder
  187. 23andme results
  188. Non-Africans' RF Matches w/ Africans
  189. Berossus' 23andMe results
  190. My new results from Doug McDonald
  191. FTDNA is switching to Illumina!
  192. 23andme zlyoga review.
  193. Where can I test my Y and MTdna in Spain?
  194. Craigslist genetics test?
  195. 23andme is updating Ydna and Mtdna
  196. Myths DNA results
  197. If on Facebook, please "like" FTDNA's page
  198. Dr. McDonald Results for Iraqi Arabs
  199. ME/Anatolian/Iranian/S Caucasus McDonald Geographic Origin(s) Map Project
  200. Romanians are closer to Swedes than Finns are.
  201. Dominican Admixture Chart
  202. Dodecad turks
  203. Exactly 50/50 African/European - 23andme
  204. Declined RF cousins..
  205. DNA Tribes offers new SNP Analysis
  206. 23andme: Privacy information Question?
  207. Assyrians-Armenians vs. Turks
  208. 23andme vs FamilyTreeDNA
  209. A few questions on 23andme clusters.
  210. Mavericks' 23andme results
  211. Baseline difference between V2 and V3 Chips?
  212. How much is the 23andme test?
  213. Dodecad Open Submission
  214. My Dr. McDonald's results: question?
  215. pgbk87's 23andMe Results
  216. Jewish/Middle Eastern Ancestry Project?
  217. Missing Y-DNA and Mtdna
  218. Breogan's 23andme results
  219. FTDNA new 111 markers Y-STR test
  220. My Mother's 23andMe Results et al
  221. 23andMe 2011 DNA Day Sale!
  222. How to contact Doug McDonald?
  223. 23andme Biobanked
  224. Post your most exotic RF matches from 23andMe
  225. Your cognitive skills 23andme results?
  226. Who are your relatives on Biodiversity according to DNA results?
  227. 23and Ancestry Painting Updated
  228. Dr. McDonald
  229. My(NewUser) 23andme Results.
  230. 23andMe v3 upgrades
  231. Relative finder mtDNA G2a cousins..
  232. New McDonald Results (but help?)
  233. post your 23andme health results
  234. Lemba's Parents Mcdonald Results
  235. 23andme AF half Pakistani half Indian match if you are on here please share.
  236. Relative finder maps..
  237. Sami/finnish ancestry painting on 23andme?
  238. what do mexicans score on 23andme?
  239. South Indian dravidian score on 23andme?
  240. Cadwallon got new Dr. McDonald Results
  241. My McDonald results
  242. Can someone help explain my McDonald results
  243. Naganatha New ADMIXTURE Project
  244. Relative finder results in numbers..
  245. Myths Dodecad Results
  246. Your Closest Relative Finder Matches
  247. eurasian similarity project..
  248. Which test best for a native African
  249. how much do filipinos score asian on 23andme?
  250. What do Chileans score on 23andme?