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  1. Universal flooding, myth or history?
  2. Mongol or Indo-European admixture in the Middle East? (split) //mod
  3. List of unusual deaths 430BC to present
  4. Hungarians for USA (historical video)
  5. The Incredible Human Journey
  6. Moxel-Merdas
  7. A well-earned celebration.
  8. The ancient European peoples maps thread
  9. Turco-Mongolic association with black colour? (split) //mod
  10. Cimbri: Germanic or Celtic tribe?
  11. What caused the Middle East to decay? (split) //mod
  12. Slavs in the Balkans, where did they come from?
  13. 1,000-year-old fishing trap found on Google Earth
  14. Innovative Blades May Have Led to a Stone Age Population Boom
  15. The Gutian people!
  16. Operation Ajax
  17. A Great and Mighty Walk
  18. Buchanan: Churchill Spurred the Decline of the West
  19. A Lost European Culture
  20. Chief Sitting Bull obituary (1890)
  21. Hallstatt culture
  22. Namibia - Genocide and the second Reich
  23. Hitler on Islam, Christianity and "Germanic races"
  24. Where were Finns and Slavs at the time of Roman Empire?
  25. Black Hawk Down
  26. Michael H. Hart, The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History
  27. The importance of Europe is highly overrated
  28. Egyptian piramids built by 'free men' not slaves?
  29. Columbus: Continuation of a Genocidal Legacy
  30. The American Discovery of Europe
  31. The new world was discovered 500 years before Columbus
  32. Did semites/canaanites discovered America hundred of centuries before Columbus?
  33. 1491: The New World a year before Columbus
  34. Pat Robertson: Haiti's pact with the Evil
  35. 1977 Liberation of Ogaden
  36. Did Uralics Come from Poland?
  37. Runestones and the Conversion of Sweden
  38. The Bantu expansion, E1b1a, the Niger Congo languages
  39. Vsterbotten-West Bothnia's unknown past
  40. Barbarians of the ancient world
  41. Pinochet - Allende, what really happened
  42. Bantu expansion victims
  43. The Myth of the first Americans being Caucasoids
  44. The Spanish creation of the White Gods of the Americas
  45. "Polish" agent within the Wehrmacht helped allies win the war
  46. The Aftermath of a Somali defeat
  47. Outstanding Spanish minds
  48. Where the Shasu Proto-Israelites?
  49. Clifornia was never a "Free State"
  50. Babylonia was a very regining kingdom?
  51. The Eleuthera Adventurers
  52. Slaves
  53. From Black Slave to Honored Guest of Shogun
  54. Beheaded Vikings Found in UK
  55. How All Europeans Became White in America
  56. "Germania" By Tacitus - Your Opinion
  57. Assimilation of American Indians
  58. How accurate is this map?
  59. What the Ancients Did for Us
  60. King Arthur buried in Croatia?
  61. Алекса́ндр Яросла́вич Не́вский​ -
  62. Hispanic America's Bicentenials
  63. Red Symphony
  64. Conquered by Spain: a plus or a liability?
  65. List the ancient peoples that you admire the most
  66. Were there white people in Ethiopia?
  67. Russians, those Neo-Soviets
  68. Olmec - The black civilization of Ancient America
  69. Face of mystery medieval knight revealed
  70. Wildest Afrocentric lies
  71. Pre Clovis - Americas
  72. Archaeologists Unearth 7,000-Year-Old Swastika in North-western Bulgaria
  73. Looking for a documentary on mesolithic Americas
  74. SS African Fractals and Mathematics
  75. Ark of the covenant found in Zimbabwe?
  76. The New World an historical look
  77. China: The roots of Madness (1967 documentary)
  78. Transatlantic greeks in ancient times?
  79. The lost civilization of ancient Australia
  80. Mapungubwe: South Africa's lost city of gold
  81. When Europe Was Violent
  82. The Massacre of Verden and the Start of the Viking Age
  83. Spanish inventions and intellectual creations
  84. Batu/Baseball: A sport invented by Tainos?
  85. Evil Vegetarians in history
  86. Saqaliba: Islam, Slavs and slavery
  87. KKK, terrorists or protectors?
  88. Somali role in black African slave trade (split) //mod
  89. Kahraman Maraş Massacre !!!
  90. 37 Alevi People Burned by MUSLIMS! Today is anniversary of Sivas Massacre...
  91. Andronovo Culture
  92. The Asiatic Scythians
  93. Kypchaks and Oghuzes
  94. European Middle Neolithic
  95. Which was (is) the most bestialic civilisation?
  96. DNA vs Language
  97. Akan people
  98. Yoruba people
  99. Bosnia: Srebrenica’s Most Wanted Remains at Large
  100. Civilizations of the Americas
  101. African immigration to Puerto Rico
  102. Hungarian-Magyar Y-DNA Project
  103. Global Languages From Europe To Asia Before Indo-Europeans
  104. Hungarian Histroical Chronology
  105. Chandragupta Maurya!
  106. Eastern Anatolian Armenian Folk
  107. The Rus Came To Civilize The Slavs
  108. albanian crimes against humanity-15 year old girl raped-church burned
  109. Slavic homeland
  110. Why did steppe nomads invade Europe?
  111. Ancient Americans were from Indonesia?
  112. The origins of European nobility/aristocracy
  113. British and Irish slaves in the Caribbean
  114. Are Silesian really Pole ?
  115. 2600 year old Dice Found in Turkey
  116. Historical Issues Affecting SubSahara African Development
  117. The history of New Providence
  118. Why Russian cossacks stole Caucasian uniforms?
  119. How did early humans control fire?
  120. Guns, Germs and Steel
  121. Northwest Eurasian "European" civilization one-dimensional?
  122. Which execution method do you think was the most cruel?
  123. kiev, poland
  124. Surreal's Historical Documentary Dump (mostly torrents)
  125. In theory about the rhaetians?
  126. was it common?
  127. The depiction of the first official envoys from Japan to Europe
  128. Ancient West African megacities
  129. rhaetians osthrogoths?
  130. was a birth certificate?
  131. Scalpels and skulls point to Bronze Age brain surgery
  132. Scythians; Reindeer people ?
  133. Ancient Nubians Knew Of Antibiotics: 2,000 Year Old African Remains Tell Story
  134. Dispersion of African-Americans in Dominican Republic
  135. sorbs
  136. Non-Taino Caribbean nations
  137. History and Images of Old Manila
  138. was poland part of white russia?
  139. Animated "History of Poland" (8:31)
  140. Screw Poland and Latvia! The Animated History of Sicily in 100 Seconds.
  141. Graveyard DNA rewrites African American history
  142. do bohemians have slavic blood?
  143. ancient aliens?
  144. Ancient Romans and Modern Italians
  145. Questions Old Europeans and Indo Europeans
  146. do the khazars have some slavic blood?
  147. Interesting Read from Scorpion-King from Egypt Search
  148. Why Where Germanics So Successful
  149. Remembering Christopher Columbus and the Taino
  150. are swiss italians descended from italians?
  151. Cloaca Maxima
  152. Who were the Azumi people of Japan?
  153. How Slavic Are Germans??
  154. God is on our side.
  155. Caucasian migration into eastern Asia and Polynesia
  156. The NEAR EAST before Arab Expansion?
  157. Pompeii
  158. Polish History to Now
  159. Which of these three single-party states leaders was the most cruel?
  160. NYTimes Reports Italians Even More Mean To Jews THan Thought
  161. Europe: 10 Centuries in 5 minutes
  162. Was Florence Nightingale a "death angel"?!?!
  163. Crusades- What's your view?
  164. US history summed up in a cool rap song..
  165. On historical opposition towards the spread of Islam throughout Eurasia
  166. Christopher Columbus 'was son of Polish king'
  167. Bayburt and Ancient Game of Jereed
  168. Visualizing mortality and wealth history
  169. Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler suicide story
  170. African Moors,ethiopians, and their relation to Europe civilization
  171. Horse genetics and the Indo-European and Altaic expansions
  172. Before the Indo-Europeans arrived, who were in Europe?
  173. Thanks and Happy New Year
  174. German Archeologists Uncover Celtic Treasure
  175. Estonian vikings (split) //mod
  176. Forced Migration and Mortality in the Ottoman Empire
  177. Castration
  178. Mayan and Cherokee
  179. If you could be born in a different time period, which would you choose?
  180. Lost soul
  181. About Ottoman
  182. Eastern european "mamluk" in al-andalus..
  183. S.p.q.r.
  184. The greatest demonstration of the will of a people
  185. What happened to the slaves in rome?where are their descendants?
  186. Oldest university in Asia celebrates 400 years!
  187. Where did civilization truly begin?
  188. The History of Phoenicia
  189. Did Vikings navigate by polarized light?
  190. Origin of the Ancient Assyrians (split) //mod
  191. Jesuit testimonies on Japan and the Japanese
  192. Marko Polo? or Marko Polic? Was he Croatian or Venetian?
  193. What would had happened if Adolf Hittler were friend of the Jews?
  194. A little exercise
  195. Do you think Japan screwed over the Axis by bombing pearl harbor?
  196. City of Ruins (or 'what Warsaw looked like in 1944')
  197. Why Northern Italians came to SA, whereas Southern Italians went to USA?
  198. Oligarchy, Monarchy and the First States
  199. who inhabited the British Isles 4000 years ago?
  200. Start of Canabis consumtion?
  201. Origin of Indo-European Language/Civilization in Anatolia?
  202. Clarence Walker encourages black Americans to discard Afrocentrism
  203. Happy Saint Patrick's day, but...
  204. Alpine Islam
  205. Which European ethnicity was better at Spreading their Genes through the World?
  206. Concept of 'march' (mark)
  207. Magellan and Pigafetta's account of the first people to go around the world
  208. Is Britain to blame for many of the world's problems?
  209. Can anyone suggest any in depth work on Weimar/Nazi Germany?
  210. what city resembles European cities
  211. Your thoughts on the Lebensborn
  212. What should we do with Cyprus?
  213. Adolf Hitler
  214. which "group" of Europeans most antagonised
  215. Amerindian slavery
  216. Was kemal ataturk gay?
  217. What happened to the black population in Argentina ?
  218. Mongol, hunnic hordes, none was mongoloid
  219. "Six Million" figures throughout history:
  220. Astronomical Stone Age people..
  221. Good sources for the history of European Law ?
  222. Princess sheds new light on early Celts..
  223. 220 anniversary of Constitution of May 3, 1791
  224. Were the Iberians considered Celtic by the Romans?
  225. NATO ignores SoS calls of boat of 600 Libyans
  226. Bede's voice regarding the settlement of England
  227. what historical time period(s) are you most interested in?
  228. Hitler speaking about the war (accidently taped)
  229. Origin of the sword I own?
  230. History Video Documentaries online? (Caine help!)
  231. Turks destroyed at Melnik, liberation of Pirin Macedonia
  232. Birger Jarl half Saami
  233. Are the British better colonialists than the Americans and Russians?
  234. What happend to the ancient Canaanites? Who are their descendants?
  235. An Article on Greek revolution
  236. amaya new tv series about ancient Philippines
  237. Afro Puerto Rico: The Island Ties to Slavery
  238. Growing up white in the south in the 1930s
  239. Independencia de Cartagena de Indias
  240. African heritage in Dominican republic
  241. Julius Caesar vs. Alexander the Great
  242. Are cossaks mixed with tatars?
  243. How the Sami became Sami
  244. The Crusades
  245. Ancient Egyptian Demographic Proportions
  246. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  247. Should Jews be held accountable for the murder of the Romanov family?
  248. Germsn settlement of eastern europe..
  249. Historical figures..
  250. Viking quiz:)