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  1. Roma in the Resistance of the Soviet Union
  2. The Battle of Yarmouk
  3. Mongol Arms
  4. War Nerd: Congo Warrior Nkunda Is Nkool
  5. War Nerd: From Lebanon to Iraq
  6. War Nerd: Amazing Combat Video from Iran-Iraq War
  7. Illegal Weapons used on the Iraqi people
  8. Shatoy ambush
  9. CIVIL WAR: "Zagonyi's Death Raid"
  10. awesome 3d-model of a French ship
  11. Falx
  12. Lithuanian/Rzeczpospolita wars.
  13. Sun Tzu's The Art of War
  14. Fencing videos
  15. Order of the Dragon
  16. Brazil in the early XVII century
  17. Winter war - 70 years ago today
  18. Marocchinate, mass rape after the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy
  19. Battle of Kitombo: Portuguese lose to Africans
  20. The conquest of Abyssinnia
  21. Interesting/Strange WW2 facts
  22. Swedish-Tatar Military Alliance against Russia
  23. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  24. The Samson option
  25. Russian swords and sabres (split) //mod
  26. First US foreign wars you have never heard about
  27. Japanese War Crimes During WWII (split) //mod
  28. Post Your War Related Photos
  29. Can India conquer Britain
  30. Apache Helicopter Footage Capturing Engagement of Suspected Insurgents
  31. Aircraft sets hypersonic record at six times the speed of sound
  32. Israel launches new Ofek 9 military spy satellite
  33. Israeli company uses nanotechnology to make planes disappear off radar
  34. WWII Red Army ethnic groups
  35. 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald - which side would you fight for?
  36. Important battles
  37. 1066 Battle for middle earth
  38. The battle of Ilomantsi
  39. Tales of War
  40. The history of the Varangian guard.
  41. Crusades: Christian Jihad or "act of mercy"?
  42. The full story behind the bombing of the Syrian reactor by Israel
  43. Germans in Polish Army, 1939
  44. Japanese arquebuses
  45. China's Crying Continual Crying Over WWII
  46. Black African Soldiers in Islamic Caliphates
  47. What-if: Concentration Camps
  48. Waffen-SS, heroes or crooks ?
  49. Pan-Slavism, the threat?
  50. What is the most sophisticated Pre-Gunpowder Weapons?
  51. How the "West" (Europe) won the world?
  52. Documentary: Why we fight
  53. What was the WW2 most important battle?
  54. Artillery - India taught Europe
  55. Churchill sold Finland to Stalin
  56. The Geopolitics of Ukraine
  57. Rape during the occupation of Germany
  58. Bombing of Dresden in World War II
  59. What happened at east Poland 1939 ?
  60. China's new missile capability
  61. China's new missile capabilities
  62. History of European Battles: 0-2000
  63. Black Achievement: AFRAM participaton in the Civil War
  64. Never Fight a Land War in Asia
  65. Should Germany become a military superpower again?
  66. The Winter War, France and Britain
  67. Sweden stored Draken fighter planes for Finland
  68. Nazi War Crimes as Described by German Soldiers
  69. The XXI century according to George Friedman
  70. Srebrenica Massacre
  71. American railgun technology, U.S Navy ships to be equipped with it
  72. Anthropology of Counter-Insurgency?
  73. "Geopolitical Journey: Indonesia's Global Significance", by George Friedman
  74. How best to combat the plague (islam)
  75. Hitler discussing military tactics with Mannerheim.
  76. Rare earth elements may affect future global relations
  77. A nice video on the Battle of Isandlwana (Zulu warriors vs British soldiers)
  78. Which country has had the best military?
  79. Byzantine Norsemen: The Varangian Guard
  80. Fallschirmjäger
  81. Most extreme soldiers in history
  82. Most successful commanders of all times.
  83. Elite military units in your country.
  84. The World is at War
  85. The World at War
  86. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  87. The Crusades
  88. The Myth of the "Noble Savage"
  89. Chinese nuclear arsenal likely larger than expected
  90. Tales from the. Acadian Resistance
  91. Mannerheim's action saved Swedes
  92. First Battle of Dongola (Nubia) Vs Jihadists (Arabs)
  93. The Gullah Wars
  94. The aztec warrior, Philosophy.
  95. The 1805 massacre of Dominicans at the hands of Haitian troops
  96. Historical Paintings or Depictions of Warfare
  97. Big Vs Small soldiers? (Split) //mod
  98. India: Agni-V successfully test-fired
  99. Britain's strategy
  100. Hitler's Mannerheim conversation with subtitles
  101. What are your favorite military commanders?.
  102. WW2: Finland vs the Soviet Union
  103. China's second stealth jet fighter unveiled
  104. Interracial war rapes of white women, asian women, black women by other race in 20th
  105. North American Native War Paint
  106. Was WW2 really a continuation of WW1?
  107. China's "Soaring Dragon" UAV Unveiled
  108. winter war
  109. Open carry laws and the right to bare arms.
  110. Raiders of the Sulu Sea
  111. Stalin's famous 1941 speech, when the Germans were just a few kilometers near Moscow
  112. Lars Andersen: a new level of archery
  113. Ancient warriors suffered from PTSD
  114. The Mexican American War
  115. What are the biggest defence budgets in the world?
  116. Anti-Russian or anti-feminist?
  117. Anatomy of a Ship - A Look inside HMS Victory
  118. Did you serve in military?
  119. New world war
  120. The Spanish Conquistadors’ conquest of the Aztec Empire [spit] //mod
  121. United States’ military strength compared to other countries [split] //mod
  122. What if the Mosque of Mecca was destroyed?
  123. Russian conquest of the Caucasus [split] //mod
  124. 5 worst European wars
  125. Famous Viking Warrior Was a Woman, DNA Evidence Reveals.
  126. The Northern Crusades
  127. Russian war prowess vis-à-vis American and British war prowess [split] //mod 🇷🇺 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
  128. Finland's new fighter options
  129. United Kingdom in World War II [split] //mod 🇬🇧