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  1. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  2. Philosophia Islamica
  3. Hagakure
  4. Book of Five Rings
  5. Plato's Apology
  6. Candide by Voltaire
  7. The Yasa of Genghis Khan
  8. Industrial Society and its Future by Theodore Kaczynski
  9. A Primitivist Primer: What is anarcho-primitivism? by John Moore/Primitivism Links
  10. Plato's Republic
  11. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
  12. Death?
  13. Lectures on Aurelius
  14. Philosophy Audio Book Archive
  15. Describe yourself from a philosophical p.o.v.
  16. The Unmoved Mover
  17. The Art of Rhetoric: Aristotle's Three Main Rhetorical Styles
  18. How does research take place in philosophy?
  19. The value of arguing with yourself
  20. Honor
  21. I've got Monads
  22. Assuming it exists, can God be "all powerful?"
  23. Goethe and Beauty
  24. The hope ?
  25. The correlation between vegetarianism and Nietzsche's superman
  26. "The Truth"
  27. A self-sacrifice does not exist
  28. Fundamental Difference between Atheism and Theism…
  29. Do you actually care about people you don't know?
  30. Discovery Channel Gunman's Manifesto
  31. The Dissimilation of Mere Beliefs
  32. Jews and Procreation
  33. Why Women Socialize
  34. Does your country have the death penalty?
  35. Scandinavia
  36. Is there life after death?
  37. Do you believe in soulmates?
  38. Plato: The laws
  39. Nobility
  40. Posthumanism
  41. What is your stand on stem cell research?
  42. Do you believe in the 2012 world ending predictions?
  43. Posthumanism and animals
  44. Absolute freedom of contract
  45. Philosophy Final
  46. OSHO - A Tribute
  47. Welfare and subsidised provision of services
  48. Christianity and racism.
  49. Can my violence conquer yours?
  50. Outlawry, individualism and the modern day
  51. One of my all-time favorite quotes, do you agree?
  52. Ortega Gasset 100 years later: Was he right about the mass-men?
  53. Legal representation: loser pays
  54. 4 main world views according to David Brin
  55. Does everything have a price?
  56. Theory on Judgment
  57. Racism Amongst Lations in USA
  58. Philosophy 101 ~ Doubt, The Basics
  59. Do you believe in divorce?
  60. Can Religion and Evolution coexist without contradicting each other?
  61. Philosophy 102 ~ Doubt (part II), Authority, and Consensus
  62. Philosophy 103 ~ Truth and Logic
  63. The 48 laws of power!
  64. Valuing money/items vs ideals/friendship.
  65. Why Pay for Basic Education?
  66. advice, quotes, proverbs
  67. When Will Time End?
  68. Do you believe in astrology?
  69. So we'll simply cease to exist?
  70. Blame
  71. Life
  72. Defining Intelligence
  73. Why did I just get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt?
  74. Theory of Singularity
  75. 21st Century Crusades: The Simple Argument.
  76. Do you ever get tired of this bullshit?
  77. Do any on here have past life memories?
  78. Evidence of Human Spirit
  79. Save the World?
  80. Do you think that honest people are more naive?
  81. Conceptual Logic of Time
  82. Your Opinions on Ayn Rand
  83. Upanishads (108) Complete translation on-line
  84. Is beauty objective?
  85. Chauvanism
  86. Did Islamic philosophy and theology get influenced by Hindu philosophy and theology?
  87. Should men ideally earn more than their women in a relationship?
  88. The Immortality Hypothesis
  89. Alan Watts
  90. Would you fight to defend your country's existence if another country attacked?
  91. Which human societies accept polyamorous relationships?
  92. Norma McCorvey and her book; "Won by Love"
  93. Truth Obsession
  94. do you think the existence of the universe has a sense ?
  95. Nature of the nature
  96. 25 'truths' we put through
  97. Why do people crave wealth?
  98. Is time travel possible?
  99. Philosophy Experiments - Is your morality consistent?
  100. What is the REAL threat to western civilisation?
  101. Animal rights
  102. Universal Values?
  103. Tradition, Anti-tradition, and Counter-tradition
  104. Our Conception of Reality in General
  105. Free Will
  106. What is more important- happiness or wisdom
  107. The Truth About Time
  108. Principle of Equal Treatment
  109. Abusing the right to free speech
  110. Ontological Problem with Being
  111. I just blew my mind....
  112. Nietzsche on Reason
  113. The true meaning of the word "Anti-Intellectual" and other commonly misused words
  114. The question of Good and Evil
  115. Do you believe in reincarnation?=)
  116. Re-Questioning Descartes Cogito Ergo Sum
  117. ethical dilemma
  118. Are the feminist theories liberal or conservative?
  119. Why did the Cradles of Civilization lose momentum?
  120. At what age do you consider someone a Man or Woman
  121. what is your opinion on the death penalty?
  122. Which kind of Feminist are you?
  123. Edward Abbey - The last of the Americans
  124. Genetic Morality
  125. Critique of the Body and Mind problem in the context of nature
  126. All matter is..
  127. 2 different anthropological curiosities: memory and anus.
  128. Orientalism
  129. Robot Rights?
  130. Life does not begin at Birth
  131. Free Information the end of western civilization
  132. Patrilineal vs Matrilineal societies?
  133. Your opinion on legal "death-help" (Euthanasia)
  134. Is it possible to do a revolution without money?
  135. Parenthood, Domestic Abuse, Morality
  136. Epiphanes
  137. The 2012 gender equity index
  138. Against Equality
  139. Euthanasia and Suicide
  140. Immortality 20 years away scientist claims
  141. If peoples should have a licence for make children
  142. Indian caste system needs to be destroyed!
  143. The Cube Box hypothesis
  144. Is it normal to want to be damaged/sad past
  145. what are 'natural' human rights (and how comes)?
  146. The man who quit money
  147. Moral dilemma: what should be done with the severe mentally retarded?
  148. The Baltic mentality?
  149. How Young is "Too Young!"?
  150. A look at at politics
  151. Your favourite philosopher quotes
  152. Share Your Wise Words.
  153. Unintentional Leadership
  154. Godless societies will be destroyed?
  155. Leo Strauss
  156. Influencing Choice
  157. Society like to put the mass in the obscurantism
  158. Self Identity, Psychopathy, Sociopathy
  159. Scapegoating
  160. Privilege
  161. Nihilism
  162. Treason, crime or not?
  163. Can you be "evil"?
  164. Sociology
  165. False Hope?
  166. Sweatshops and Ethics.
  167. Philosophical pondering on science and logic
  168. It's Columbus Day/Pan-America Day... What Does This Mean To You?
  169. Case for Incest
  170. How About This Even Weirder, Dumber Incident?
  171. German Amnesia and Herero Women
  172. Woman dies after being denied Abortion in Ireland
  173. McAfee Antivirus Creator Wanted For Murder In Belize
  174. Report raises ethical concerns about human enhancement technologies
  175. Prove it!?
  176. Abortion "its her Body"
  177. A New Perspective on Time
  178. Atheism and hypocrisy.
  179. What are your thoughts on Friedrich Nietzsche?
  180. Which Is the Better World to Live In?
  181. "Marry for love"
  182. Free Will or Determinism?
  183. Neanderthal cloning?
  184. Do labels harm more than help people with sexual identity?
  185. Death doesn't exist, From the Ultimate Objective Standpoint...
  186. What do you guys think of Alain de Botton?
  187. How to Deal With Guilt and Worry
  188. Spanking your child: a "pedagogical tap" or a beating?
  189. Why is atheism always linked with secular humanism today in the west?
  190. Reality
  191. What is the self? (SAND institute video prompt)
  192. Shouldn't man be ruled by something greater than himself?
  193. Love at First Sight
  194. What do you think of Anton LaVey's philosophies on life?
  195. Motivation (Videos & info)
  196. Men's right/Manosphere BS & Misogyny
  197. Men's right/Manosphere BS & Misogyny
  198. Do animals have souls?
  199. 50 questions that will free your mind
  200. Hard Problem of Consciousness - and the possibility of Hegelian metaphysics
  201. Are we from a crap generation? And why is everybody the same
  202. Free Will Discussion: Joe Rogan and Sam Harris
  203. Two Philosophical Thought Experiments
  204. Self-worth and worth of others
  205. Defining Manliness More Consistently
  206. Solitude, Natural Scenery, and Freedom
  207. In Defense of Antinatalism, not having kids
  208. Do you ever get tired of being human?
  209. Code Girl is Sexist
  210. Europe is an old tired and depressed man
  211. Child Birth is Child Abuse
  212. Love
  213. Individualism/Identity/Conformism/Understatement
  214. Eternal Recurrence
  215. Should we vote for birth control?
  216. Betrand Russell's formula for happiness.
  217. What makes you a "real" man?
  218. Nietzsche, is he misunderstood in modern popular culture?
  219. Do not debate everyone you encounter online
  220. Naturalism Leads to Moral Nihilism
  221. Are there objective moral values?
  222. Is the future bright?
  223. Awesome quotes thread
  224. Do drugs open the mind?
  225. Human value, human worth and equality
  226. Is the idea of a "Utopia" achievable to modern society?
  227. Where is the light?
  228. Would you rather die young or live to see yourself grow old?
  229. Do you believe that the Universe is conscious and alive?
  230. Do people actually believe in "social status"?
  231. Hair length on women
  232. When will people realize there's no such thing as normal?
  233. Explain in your own words the meaning & purpose behind life!
  234. What do you think of my "Rule of 8" parenting philosophy?
  235. Do you agree that "the parent who parents the least parents the best"?
  236. Improve yourself
  237. if all of us are diamonds then whats the cut
  238. What to you is "The Matrix"? ..Explain in your own words!...
  239. Does anyone else love reading?
  240. Is it racist that I would only date white women?