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  1. Zoroastrianism Information
  2. The Struggle Against the Self
  3. A Summary of [SOME] Native American Religions
  4. Nature Worship in Siberian Shamanism
  5. Shamanism and The Image of the Teutonic Deity, Odin
  6. Atheism is not a religion
  7. do you believe all holy books are god's words?
  8. Jain contribution in India
  9. Non-believers morality
  10. What is Iman?
  11. Sayyid Qutb
  12. Larry David urinates on Jesus painting in Seinfeld show
  13. Al-Insān al-Kāmil, par excellence
  14. Can religious people really claim anything?
  15. Why Islam?
  16. Young Iraqis are losing their faith in their religion
  17. Islam and all the goodness it contributed to the world (split) //mod
  18. What's your family saint?
  19. Comparison of all Abrahamic Faiths
  20. Aqeedah at-Tahawi/The Creed of Imam Tahawi
  21. Quran Explorer good Islamic program
  22. What about a religious leader who says it is okay to kill babies?
  23. Georges Dumézil's Trifunctional hypothesis
  24. Religion question?
  25. The Complete Tanakh with Commentary by Rashi
  26. Dangerous Cults and Extremist Organizations
  27. The book of Mormon
  28. Gospel of Barnabas
  29. Hopi Prophecy (2012)
  30. The "CoExist" Movement
  31. Tomorrow is Orthodox Christmas Eve "Badnje Vece"
  32. Should Gypsies mass convert to hinduism?
  33. "Testem Benevolenti Nostr"
  34. Race of Jesus Christ
  35. Pseudo-Islamic Cults and Heresies
  36. Dhammapadda
  37. Falun Gong
  38. What's the historical evidence for Jesus Christ?
  39. Hitler and Christianity
  40. Who are today's Khawrji's?
  41. Lying sanctioned by the Quran: Taqiya
  42. Murder and Religious Genocide as sanctioned by Christianity
  43. Swiss antagonist of minarets embraces Islam
  44. Islamic Reactionaries Hold Back Women's Liberation Movements
  45. Friend or foe?
  46. The Qur'an
  47. Qur'anic Recitation
  48. The Purpose?
  49. Matrixism — “The Path of the One” Religious Movement
  50. Buddhism and the "Liberal Bourgeoisie"
  51. An alternate Christian Perspective on Israel
  52. Christianity and Islam = WRONG
  53. Should Christians and Muslims be taxed?
  54. No Tolerance for Islam - by Cenk Uygur
  55. Witchhunt in Oklahoma
  56. Death and Dying in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition (Buddhism)
  57. How do we know Christians are Delusional?
  58. Ethics of the Fathers (Judaism)
  59. Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Islam)
  60. Quotable Quotables in Islam
  61. Self organizing matter?
  62. Lilith the First Wife of Adam and the Archtype Feminist
  63. Christian Mission in the Americas
  64. Top 10 Bizarre/Ridiculous Fatwas
  65. The End of Times in Islam
  66. US House presses China on Falungong
  67. The organisation Unga Muslimer invite gay hostile speaker.
  68. Activism and Mock Spirituality
  69. An Odd Quote From The Quran (About Race)
  70. Free Speech Area: Your favorite Mohammed Cartoon
  71. Nazi Roots of Modern Radical Islam
  72. Why Jews have been persecuted, Islamic and Christian behaviour (split) //mod
  73. Zoroastrianism and its influence?
  74. Silly Islam
  75. The Bible for beginners (The series)
  76. Stupid self = God concept in Hinduism
  77. Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga
  78. Who speaks for Islam?
  79. Hinduism on Homosexuality (Indias court overturns 377)
  80. Syriac Christianity in India (split) //mod
  81. This is how much Muslims love you Christians
  82. Tibetan Buddhism : A true religion of peace
  83. Pope John Paul II
  84. Is the Catholic church a church for paeodphiles?
  85. Face of Jesus Christ revealed
  86. Non religious Scandinavians
  87. Napoleon from 2pac's Outlawz talks Tupac, Hip-Hop and conversion to Islam
  88. Historical evidence for Muhammad
  89. Jesus/Yeshu - Another perspective
  90. Dawkins/Hitchens want Pope Benedict arrested for “crimes against humanity”
  91. Dawkins' website banned in Turkey
  92. Imam follows his prophets example
  93. Killings of Copts in Egypt justified by Islam
  94. What I know about Islam.
  95. Peace vs. Trance
  96. No Hell in Judaism?
  97. Jinns and Alternative Realities in Islam (?)
  98. Mark Zuckerberg could face the death penalty in Pakistan
  99. SAUDI ARABIA: Women threaten to breastfeed drivers if they aren't allowed to drive
  100. My Mother's Iran (pre-Theocratic Republic)
  101. Did Jesus exist?
  102. Jesuits sexual molestation of Native American children
  103. What atheism is.
  104. Religious views upon homosexuality (Split) /mod
  105. Amusing: On the Apocalypse (?)
  106. My View On Religion
  107. Bobby Fischer on religion and god
  108. Religious mind a disgrace?
  109. Fastest Growing Religion in Africa Is?
  110. The true children of God
  111. Incentive of Atheists
  112. Pope Benedict's prayer at Blue Mosque in Turkey
  113. Your (genetic) Religious History
  114. The stupidity of creationists.
  115. Question for Muslim during Ramadan
  116. Do you believe in Reincarnation ? By-Aryan
  117. Hawking: God did NOT create the universe
  118. Why does the Abrahamic god have HUMAN characteristics?
  119. Is the "creator" lurking in the 11th dimension?
  120. Do Christians really think the world is 6000yrs old?
  121. Church of Body Modification(yahoo news) and protestants
  122. Revolutionary religious leaders.
  123. Is Sufism the most "reformed" branch of Islam?
  124. Islam and Christianity in Africa
  125. Do you feel like religion brings the world more good or harm?
  126. Atheists: How can you explain consciousness, gravity, and the universe?
  127. Are you smarter than an atheist? A religious quiz
  128. Should all Christians believe in Theocracy?
  129. Why so many females were killed by the Inquisition?
  130. Is the concept of "an eye for an eye" linked to honour in some way?
  131. The Temples of unknown religion
  132. Altars
  133. "Goyim were born only to serve us" Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
  134. It was my Legion
  135. Shroud of Turin Real?
  136. Brazil mostly Protestant by 2045
  137. How does Christianity explain the existence of dinosaurs?
  138. Koran encourages killing Christians says Catholic bishop
  139. Symbols of new era
  140. Penis Banned For Looking Like Allah
  141. Buddhism: Respect for all living things
  142. Science/Evolution in Islamic countries
  143. Truth about Muslim world and intentions to conquer the "Western World"
  144. African Religions in the New World
  145. Sufi influence in Sikhism? (split) //mod
  146. Israeli talk show makes fun of Jesus and Mary
  147. I want to become religious again
  148. "Mohammed is a Pedophile": Movement for Italy Leader...
  149. Is it possible to dislike Muslims without involving whites?
  150. So what is everyone doing for Mythmas (December 25)?
  151. Nietzsche, Christ
  152. Muslims say Christmas is evil
  153. British imam raped boy many times in mosque
  154. Belgian Priest Confesses Sexual Abuse
  155. Zodiac Signs
  156. The Virtues of Godlessness
  157. Islam = Oppression?
  158. I think I have some kind of curse...
  159. Muslim population explosion
  160. Islam - Evolution
  161. Is my date of birth, significant to something I shall be in the future?
  162. Antichrist rising in Egypt now?
  163. Do Muslims practice baptism or something similar?
  164. Can we live without religion or some form of spirituality?
  165. Your favorite saint
  166. Trinity
  167. What is your concept of god??
  168. On Caucasoids as the creators of world religions
  169. What will you give up for Lent?
  170. Is the Qur'an compatible with the Science?
  171. Judaism: Do you think someone will someday archieve the requierements in the book ...
  172. Halal meat-(controversial) right of minority becomes a must for all.
  173. Religion may become extinct in nine nations
  174. Metal books found in Jordan cave could change view of Biblical history
  175. Did the prophet Mohammed marry a 9 year old girl
  176. Why are Atheists more likely to commit suicide than Theists?
  177. Talmud Study Now Mandatory in South Korea
  178. Bible's Buried Secrets (BBC)..
  179. Glad Påsk/Happy Easter
  180. Freedom of Religion
  181. Religious beliefs of Indo-Trinidadians
  182. Unreligion
  183. End Time Prophesies
  184. BYU's Mormon Seder
  185. Jesus vs. Thor
  186. Books on Shamanism?
  187. A few questions about the Quran
  188. Only white women in islamic paradise
  189. May 21st 2011
  190. More Koreans than Israelis own a Talmud
  191. China, Last Bastion for Atheism?
  192. Church of Atheism
  193. Worldwide action predicts doom 21 May..
  194. Should i give presents to my Muslim friends on Ramadan? What about my Jewish ....
  195. Purpose of Marriage
  196. What Race or ethnic was Jesus Christ
  197. Do you fear "Hell"?
  198. Richard Feynman - The Relation of Science and Religion
  199. Evangelical Christian and Jehovah Witness Comparison
  200. Can you try a religion for a month?
  201. Miracle of Immaculate Conception
  202. Humanism v Abraham
  203. Austrian driver allowed 'pastafarian' headgear photo..
  204. Christians and Muslims marry almost never. It's stupid.
  205. Militant atheists vs tolerant athiests
  206. The Oath Against Modernism for Non-Catholics
  207. Religious Rites
  208. Do religious ppl have a tough time giving themselves credit for their achievements?
  209. Christian and atheist children least likely to go to university
  210. anticatholic Vandalism of a church in Munich
  211. Ramadan
  212. Florida pastor proves the existence of God
  213. Did Jesus Speak Hebrew?
  214. Dutch rethink Christianity for a doubtful world..
  215. Have europe ever been a Christian continent?
  216. Looks like Plato was on the money honey!
  217. Poisonous conflicts
  218. Spirituality in Estonia - the world's 'least religious' country
  219. Christians: Would you reather live next to a non-Christian....
  220. Who are the chosen people?
  221. Do you pray or attend to church?
  222. "Satanist" affair in Poland
  223. How Christianity Created Capitalism
  224. How Important Was Christianity in the Development of the Modern World?
  225. Christians marrying Muslims Common?
  226. death and other" Divine Appointments"
  227. The veil/head cover in monotheistic religions
  228. Sprititual Possession
  229. Man who's been to Hell and back tells about it.
  230. where do you draw the line?
  231. Is religion dangerous to an advanced society
  232. Gender segregated Facebook like alternative
  233. Dirty satanic ritual
  234. the most secularised area in the world?
  235. Satanism....
  236. Quiz: What's Your Spiritual Type?
  237. What's you religion?
  238. The mightiest deity?
  239. Islam fastest growing religion in the world
  240. Arguement about knowledge and understanding of god.
  241. interesting interview- Jewish history, zionism, judaism
  242. Happy Eid Everyone :)
  243. Religious self-injury
  244. Which group do the Armenians feel more connected w: other christians, Jews or muslims
  245. The Rigveda on-line
  246. Old Age in the Old Testament
  247. Is the Christianity becoming a dangerous organization?
  248. 7 Deadly Sins
  249. Are Protestant Christians more conservative than Catholics?
  250. Christians killing doctors in the name of God