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  1. On the genetic indigenousness of Æthiopids (split) //mod
  2. Are Ethiopians the centre of mankind?
  3. How "native american" are ethiopians?
  4. Capeverdian genetics
  5. Negroid genes in Afrikaners
  6. African ethnic origins of new world blacks
  7. Archbishop Tutu's DNA helps show African diversity
  8. mtDNA and Y-DNA of the Tuareg nomads from the African Sahel
  9. For Waadad: Cushitic pimpjuice
  10. Shepardic Jewish Lineage in West Africans - Cape Verde
  11. The Real Moors of Mauritanie
  12. Inferring African population history
  13. On the edge of Bantu expansions: genetic variation in southwestern Angola
  14. The Saharan/Dogon (blue) cluster is not necessarily Non-African
  15. Eurasian admixture in the Maasai of Kenya
  16. Double standards in approaches to studying Africa
  17. Y Chromosomes Traveling South: The Cohen Modal Haplotype and the Origins of the Lemba
  18. Studies of the population of Cameroon
  19. Does anyone have access to tishkoff's study?
  20. are egyptians closer to berbers or are they genetically closer to semites?
  21. Tishkoff 2009 - Fulani
  22. Intra north east african diversity (Using 23andme samples)
  23. Northwest African prior to gene-flow via Eurasia
  24. DNA of ancient Egypt
  25. A war-prone tribe migrated out of Africa to populate the world.
  26. novel component in the genetic structure of sub-Saharan African populations
  27. The trans-Saharan slave trade - mitochondrial DNA lineages
  28. how much is the % of jewish DNA in Morocco and Algeria?
  29. Autosomal African admixture in Yemeni populations
  30. Judeans autosomal DNA
  31. The 23andme African box
  32. new study from Tishkoff and Laura Scheinfeldt
  33. The African origin of North Africans in regard to mt-dna
  34. Genetic Data from the Tibbou ?
  35. Tuaregs
  36. Sanhaga people and North Africa
  37. Does anybody have any evidence of Germanic admixture among the Kabyle
  38. Horner ancestry, E1b1b, E1b1a, and J1-M267
  39. Arab Bedouins and Nubian people
  40. The genetic affinities of Ethiopians
  41. African "Veddoid" affiliations?
  42. Y chromosomes of Libyan Tuareg
  43. mtDNA discontinuity in the Nile Valley
  44. Hunter-gatherer genomic diversity suggests a southern African origin for modern human
  45. Which African ethnicity(s) does my Black component most resemble?
  46. "Neandertal" genes in East Africa
  47. Genetic structure of pastoral and farmer populations in the African Sahel
  48. First Genetic Insight into Libyan Tuaregs: A Maternal Perspective
  49. Genetic Evidence for Complexity in Ethnic Differentiation and History in East Africa
  50. Insights into Niger Congo Groups- Y chromosome variation in sub-Saharan Africa
  51. Pre-Agriculture peopling of sub-Saharan Africa revealed by Y chromosome lineages
  52. Genetic Homogeniety across Bantu Speaking Groups challenges early split scenarios
  53. Origin of Language in Southwest Africa
  54. Low Resolution Sudanese Autosomal Study
  55. Nigerian DNA study with samples from Cross River area
  56. Scanned maps from "The Peopling of Africa: A Geographic Interpretation"
  57. Westafrican genetics
  58. Fulani genetics (SPLIT) //mod
  59. If "slavery" accounts for the high frequencies of SSA mtDNA lineages outside SSA
  60. Gene Expression Article on my Tutsi Sample
  61. Demographic histories of African hunting-gathering populations inferred from genome-w
  62. Possible Archaic Admixture in Africa
  63. African groups Dodecad results
  64. About MtDNA L3b1a
  65. My Dodecad and McDonald results
  66. Human Alu insertion polymorphisms in North African populations
  67. The origin of a particular Tunisian group using a physical markers
  68. North African genetic clustering; Where do Egyptians cluster?
  69. Points to consider on intermediate African populations.
  70. Sub-saharan admixture in North Africa
  71. Why is Sickle Cell Anemia more common
  72. New study on North Africa
  73. DNA Tribes' North African Region Analysis
  74. Do I have relatively recent Italian and Spanish ancestry?
  75. Y Chromosome Lineages in Men of West African Descent
  76. The origin of West Africans
  77. E1b1a7 in Ethiopia / Sudan
  78. African Genetics International Conference
  79. Genetic Structure of Tunisian Ethnic Groups Revealed by Paternal Lineages
  80. DNA Tribes® SNP Admixture Results by Population
  81. Eurasian genes in West Africa
  82. Yoruba's having "Eurasian" mixture? The case of Dienekes Pontikos
  83. Mixed origin of the current Tunisian population from the analysis of Alu and Alu/STR
  84. Y Chromosome Lineages of Ancient Nubians
  85. Underhill et al 2000's weird Moroccans
  86. Igbos of Nigeria & Bamouns of Cameroon
  87. Finally a comprehensive genome wide study on ethiopian and neighboring populations
  88. Ethiopian Genetic Diversity Reveals Linguistic Stratification and Complex Influences
  89. what are some common keyans facial features?
  90. Khoisan genetics paper
  91. Evolutionary History and Adaptation of African Hunter-Gatherers
  92. New evidence for archaic admixture in African hunter gatherers
  93. Y DNA lineages supporting theFoundation of the Ruling Dynasty of the Nso′ in Cameroon
  94. New study on North Africa Jews
  95. Recent Asian origin and migration of Bantu from Western Asia
  96. Razib does it again. - The great Eurasian explosion.
  97. Study on ancient and modern sudanese y and mtdna
  98. Khoisan Diverged from other Humans 100,000 years ago
  99. Lactase Persistence and Lipid Pathway Selection in the Maasai
  100. Ancient MTDNA of North Africa
  101. North African Populations Carry the Signature of Admixture with Neandertals
  102. =Back to East Africa=
  103. Peoples of Biological Africa (by stock)
  104. If Tutsis have significant "Cushitic" mixture....
  105. Sarah Tishkoff's : African Genomics: Human Evolution Series
  106. Aboriginal Malagasies?
  107. Which group of NWB have the most Central African ancestry?
  108. Two dollars a day
  109. Ethiopia - Omotic Peoples
  110. Ancient DNA analysis of an infant from Sudanese Nubia (ca 500-1400 C.E.) Abstract
  111. Genetic Studies of Admixture in Africans & African Americans by S.Tishkoff
  112. Lighter Skin Mutations,Eye Color And Different Shades of Brown In African Populations
  113. Eritrea haplogroup E analysis
  114. Are they some genetic studies on Coptic Egyptians ?
  115. It looks like NWB have more Central African affinities than previously thought
  116. Nilotic and Cushitic dispersal into West Africa?
  117. Do some Kikuyus from Kenya have MENA extraction?
  118. Genetic variation reveals large-scale population expansion and migration during the Bantu expansion
  119. Genetic Closeness of East/West African using the Admixture software (blog source)
  120. First comprehensive characterization of genetic diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa published (2014)
  121. Khoisan hunter-gatherers have been the largest population throughout most of modern-human history
  122. D. Gurdasani 2014:New Analytics Of The African Genome
  123. Cape Verdean African Matches
  124. Y-chromosome and mtDNA Variation, with Implications to the Peopling of the Sudan
  125. Sudan autosomal study
  126. 60,000 years of interactions between Central and Eastern Africa documented by major African mtDNA L2
  127. What would Omotic and Nilotic Ethiopians score on 23andme?
  128. Ancient Ethiopian genome reveals extensive Eurasian admixture throughout the African continent
  129. Huge African Genome Variation in a medical study
  130. Y-DNA map series on Africa, made by me
  131. What do Afrikaners score on 23andme?
  132. Admixture into and within sub-Saharan Africa
  133. CHG in AfroAsitiatic Speakers (Cushitic,Semtic,Egyptians,Berbers)
  134. What will I score on 23andMe (Ethiopian)
  135. Admixture into and within sub-Saharan Africa
  136. Ancient True horners showed no signs or Eurasian Ancestry
  137. How much Sub-Saharan DNA in different regions and groups in Egypt?
  138. Genetic study of North Africans
  139. 2 (not that) new papers about Tunisia.
  140. New Study of African Populations Across The Sahel Belt
  141. Free 23andme kits for certain Africans
  142. Chad Genetic Diversity Reveals an African History Marked by Multiple Holocene Eurasian Migrations
  143. mtDNA from Iberomaurusian culture (Afalou and Taforalt populations)
  144. Arab migration into Sudan VS. Egypt
  145. Ancient Egyptian Mummy Genomes
  146. Ancient Egyptian mummy genomes (Schuenemann et al. 2017)
  147. Ancient genomes from southern Africa pushes modern human divergence beyond 260,000 years ago
  148. is it really impossible for geneticists to discern a distinct Northeast African Component?
  149. Is high African genetic diversity the same as lower genetic similarity? [split] //mod
  150. African genetic university, Tishkoff video
  151. Basal Eurasian a non-African genetic component? [split] //mod
  152. Reconstructing prehistoric African population structure and adaptation
  153. in saliva, clues to a "ghost" species of ancient human
  154. Northeast African genomic variation shaped by the continuity of indigenous groups and Eurasian migrations
  155. How truly "Eurasian" are North Africans? How much is truly due to back migration?
  156. Ancient DNA from North Africa (Fregel et al. 2017)
  157. Ancient Egypt, IAM, KEB, and artistic conventions over time
  158. New Study Shows Guanches Were Most Similar To Modern North African Berbers (Rodriguez-Varela et al 2017)
  159. The kinship of two 12th Dynasty mummies revealed by ancient DNA sequencing (Drosoua et al. 2017)
  160. Loci associated with skin pigmentation identified in African populations (Crawford et al. 2017)
  161. The peopling of the last Green Sahara revealed by high-coverage resequencing of trans-Saharan patrilineages
  162. Pleistocene North African genomes link Near Eastern and sub-Saharan African human populations
  163. Igbos and Khoisans mixed 9,000 yrs ago??
  164. Modern Yoruba carry archaic admixture (possibly Homo Heidelbergensis)
  165. Full Neolithic Morocco paper finally out(But I'm confused!)
  166. Are Fula's/Fulani's part Berber/Arab?
  167. The genetic history of Chad (Shriner et al 2018)
  168. Why, and how is it possible that i am part Horner despite the fact that i am Afro-Caribbean?
  169. How can SSA ancestry=True Negro and Niger Kongo, when the genes preceded language family?
  170. Are Black Africans really genetically very distinct from one another if they are from different tribes?
  171. New SW Ethiopian Study (Gopalan et. al)
  172. Slight sub-Saharan ancestry found in prehistoric Iberians (Gonzalez-Fortes et al 2019)
  173. Ancient Zimbabwean genomes show North and Northeast African affinity and significant Eurasian admixture
  174. Since when does a genetic study has power to remove Omotic languages from the AA language family
  175. New Study on Phenotypes of Nomadic Pastoralists and Sedentary farmers of the Sahel/Savannah confirms...
  176. why do ssa people (especially aframs) have such great voices ?
  177. East African population component on Living DNA
  178. New study claims Black Africans are 20% non-human
  179. Paper on non-African ancestry in Ethiopians, July 2019
  180. Tutsis are not Cushites