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  1. Paleo-Indians/Paleoamericans
  2. White American population: most are 90% or more white
  3. Study Bursts Myth of Indian Genes in African Americans
  4. Genes that build America
  5. DNA tests debunk blond Inuit legend
  6. mtDNA of the Inuit
  7. Blacks aren't part Amerindian but part Irish!
  8. African descents in the Americas/New world population genetics
  9. Mitochondrial Echoes of First Settlement and Genetic Continuity in El Salvador
  10. Whole genome sequencing of an ancient Greenlander
  11. Mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome-specific polymorphisms in the Seminole Tribe of Fl
  12. Amerindian Latin American populations (table)
  13. Latin America ancestry studies
  14. Mexican-American % mixture
  15. The Shakespeare Eyes Origin?
  16. Genomic ancestry in Salvador Bahia
  17. Races of South American peoples (split) //mod
  18. How do you distinguish between mestizos and pure Indians?
  19. Puerto Rico DNA
  20. Why do Amerindian DNA samples show admixture with Europeans?
  21. 15% of Dominicans have Taíno DNA
  22. Development of admixture mapping panels for African Americans
  23. Are all indigenous americans mixed?
  24. Boys and girls from Brazil: Mengele's experimental doppelgangers
  25. Chilean % of european/amerindian admixture
  26. Interesting study on White and Black Americans.
  27. Puerto Rico DNA haplogroup distribution
  28. Another Interesting study on White and Black Americans
  29. Dominican Y-dna
  30. Appalachia
  31. Y-DNA R1 in Native Americans
  32. Central American and South American haplogroups
  33. Admixture Among U.S.A Ethnic Groups!
  34. The imprint of the Slave Trade in an African American population
  35. Additional Native American Haplogroup Discovered by Genetic Genealogists
  36. Are Native Americans Mongoliod?
  37. An interesting observation among Acadian genetics
  38. History Shaped the Geographic Distribution of Genomic Admixture in Puerto Rico
  39. Genetic variation in Native Americans consistent with archaeology
  40. Regional Map of European Admixture in African Americans
  41. The Genetic Admixture Of Most Latin Americans
  42. Brain Map
  43. Mexico Sinaloa
  44. Mexico City DNA
  45. Mexican Mixture Chart By Region
  46. Lemba Yucatan Slaves in Dominican Republic
  47. Dominicans/Carribean Afro-am Cousins
  48. Genetic Demographic of the DR
  49. Genome study of Black/African-descent people from Jamaican, Barbados, and St. Thomas
  50. Lieberman and blacks excess neurons
  51. Ancestry studies in South America
  52. East Russians and Native Americans
  53. Evaluating microevolutionary models for the early settlement of the New World
  54. My Maternal Grandmother's town El Tambo, Cauca
  55. AfroIndigenous People of Cauca, Colombia
  56. I think this might be Colombia's most genetically mixed city
  57. What is the actual percentage of "white" Puerto Ricans?
  58. More evidence of Sephardic ancestry in some new world Hispanic groups
  59. Bonaverenses/ Buenaventura, Valle, Colombia
  60. Distribution of HLA and haplotypes of Colombian and Jamaican Black populations
  61. According to Hapmap 28% of Aframs have (AA)hazel or (AG)light colored eyes
  62. Cartageneros; People from the Caribbean Colombian city of Cartagena
  63. Dissecting the Within-Africa Ancestry of Populations of African Descent in the Americ
  64. 23andme results of Brazilians I have shared with...
  65. Y-DNA Results of many Mexican-Americans
  66. Paez-Nasa and Guambiano people of Cauca, Colombia
  67. Bajan woman with Native ancestry and hap group
  68. Reconstructed Taino Genome
  69. Genetic Admixture in 29 Native American Poulations
  70. Natural selection in African Americans pre- and post-admixture
  71. Mega-study on Mexican admixture
  72. Early Changes Seen in African-American Genome
  73. Any1 seen a predominantly Indigenous person followed by Afro?
  74. Pictures of Native people from your country?
  75. Maternal ancestry of Jamaicans
  76. Harnizo vs Castizo vs South European
  77. Lemba's Afram/Anglocarribean matches
  78. What percentage of these Latin American countries are "Black"
  79. Analysis of genomic diversity in Mexican Mestizos
  80. Dominican Mcdonald Spreadsheet
  81. "Latin Amerinans" Genetic Study
  82. 8000 years old Ancient Caucasian Mummies Found in Florida
  83. Can Obama Score More SSA Than Some Blacks in The US?
  84. Do Aframs And Windies Score Similarly on 23andme?
  85. new study on Argentinian genetics
  86. from Dienekes blog: new study on population structure of US Hispanics
  87. Are NWB's Euro Lineage a Result of Rape?
  88. African ancestry of Dominicans
  89. Most and Less Inbred Latin Americans?
  90. Native American Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) research results
  91. North Euro Types in Mexico?
  92. Admixture and selection in Bolivian and Totonac populations of the New World
  93. Ranking Latin American countries by Autosomal European percentages
  94. Geneticists find Jewish roots in Colorado Indians
  95. Are the Ainu of Japan fully Mongoloid?
  96. Palenqueros or haitians...who looks more bantu?
  97. Amishes
  98. Reconstructing Native American population history (2012 study)
  99. Petty identity politics indeed, or, holding a grudge is no excuse for anti-science
  100. Native Americans migrated to the New World from the Altai mountains, Siberia.
  101. Casualties of the Haitian occupation of Santo Doming VS pre 1900 Dominican exodus
  102. White Dominican VS White Puerto Rican
  103. The Belizean Ancestry Project
  104. Latin American Populations' Genetics
  105. Ecuador sues U.S. medical institution for selling indigenous DNA
  106. Color and genomic ancestry in Brazilians.
  107. A genetic study of Jamaica's West African origins
  108. Black Dominicans(DR) vs Black Puerto Ricans
  109. Aframs more Nigerian than Senegambian? New autosomal study
  110. Congolese Ancestry of Afrodescendants in the Americas: significant or negligible?
  111. Genetic studies showing Central African ancestry in the Americas
  112. African Aspects of the Puerto Rican Personality
  113. Which African influences are strongest in Dominicans?
  114. Which African influences are strongest in Puerto Ricans?
  115. Genetic Variation and Population Structure in Native Americans
  116. A new genetic study on Latin American Populations.
  117. Genomic Ancestry of Mexicans?
  118. Estimation of congenital malformation frequency in racially Admixed populations.
  119. At Least 3 Deep Lineages in the Native American Population
  120. DNA tests probe the genomic ancestry of Brazilians.
  121. Self reported and actual ancestry in Brazil
  122. The total composition of Brazil, 2011 autosomal DNA study
  123. Do Cubans Have More Chinese and East Asian DNA Than Most Other Hispanics
  124. What are the differences in these black women phenotype??
  125. DNA sequencing of North American 'Bigfoot' reveals hominin hybrid
  126. Genetic Evidence for Multiple Waves of Migration to the Americas
  127. Ancestry composition results of Brazilians
  128. The emergence of a genetically unique population in Midwestern United States
  129. Pred. Native people with high unassigned
  130. Roma(Gypsy) Ancestry in African Americans
  131. Lemba's African Ancestry Origins
  132. Jibarodepr Mesoamerican Ancestry Origins
  133. Latin Americans Jewish percentage(23andme)
  134. Lemba's Grandpa's East Indian Ancestry
  135. "Recent" East Asian gene flow to America?
  136. 2013 autosomal study on Brazil
  137. Highest native american 23andme individual results
  138. Haitian's African and Dominican's on COA
  139. Jibarodepr Canarian ancestry origin
  140. Reconstructing Native American Migrations from Whole-Genome and Whole-Exome Data
  141. Mexican Genetic Discussion
  142. Dominican Republic Census in 1955
  143. Dominican African Matches (Countries of Ancestry)
  144. What % of Italian-Americans have no Sicilian ancestry?
  145. Kwakiutl People (Canada)
  146. Ancestry composition results of Brazilians (updated results)
  147. Bolivian ancestry composition results...
  148. Dutch Caribbean: Curacao
  149. Mexican Genetic Study That Focuses On Native Diversity
  150. Colombian composition (23andme) results
  151. The composition of Chile according to a 2014 autosomal study
  152. The composition of Cuba according to a 2014 autosomal study
  153. Guatemalan composition results (23andme)
  154. DNA shows history of vanished Paleo-Eskimos
  155. Italian Matches with Northeastern Mexicans
  156. Admixture in Latin America: Geographic Structure, Phenotypic Diversity and Self-Perception
  157. 23&me study: The genetic ancestry of African, Latino, and European Americans across the USA (2014)
  158. People of Cacique, Moncion (Dominican Republic)
  159. Genetically, what African region do Haitians cluster with?
  160. Classify my phenotype please..
  161. Are there major racial differences between Multiracial Puerto Ricans and Pardos in Brazil?
  162. DR, Mexico and other Latin American countries genetics
  163. Puerto Rican Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 Oracle 4
  164. Southern Cone 23andme Ancestry Compostion
  165. Kennewick Man's Genome Decoded
  166. 2 mysterious/intriguing autosomal results of Botocudos' remains from Brazil!
  167. New studies on the autosomal make-up of Native Americans
  168. Could the Melungeons in the US South be descended from Cape Verdean slaves?
  169. Study finds signs of recent environmental adaptions in Inuit
  170. Puerto Rico: Most MENA descended Spanish colony?
  171. Sephardics and their COA matches with Latinos
  172. People with 80%+ European ancestry in Latin America countries
  173. Autosomal STR Data From Belize (Flores et. al)
  174. Pre-Columbian Maya mtDNA from Belize! (Elwess et. al)
  175. Shaquille's African origins
  176. Deciphering my DNA Land results
  177. MTDNA in Hispanics: Argentine 23andme Sample with 166 results
  178. Brazilian Genetic Discussion
  179. Are Ecuadorian mestizos more Asian looking than Peruvians?
  180. Admixture in Latin America (2014) Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru
  181. Summary of Argentine Genetic Studies
  182. How come some mestizos don't have a native vibe?
  183. Dna results migalda !
  184. Amerindians are an ancient Eurasian race and closest to Central Asians
  185. Suriname/Dutch AncestryDNA
  186. Amerindians cannot be Mongoloid; they and Australoids are equidistant genetically to East Asians
  187. Amerindian ancestry in North America
  188. The usual White American is 98% European?
  189. 100% Native North Americans on GEDmatch
  190. Post pics & DNA results of Zambos. How do they look like?
  191. Peopling of the Americas before Columbus
  192. Genetic Admixture in Costa Rica - gedmatch kits. (Genética de Costa Rica)
  193. Non-European admixture in white Americans
  194. What is the primary European ancestry in Native Americans from Maine and Vermont?
  195. Was Colonial Spanish America still 56% Native in 1789 as a whole?
  196. Is this a Zambo GEDmatch kit? Very unique result.
  197. Social structure of tribal people
  198. Humanoid Atacama skeleton: not an Alien
  199. Latin American X Chromosome Painting Results
  200. ‘Missing link’ in human evolution found – rewriting history of first American settlers