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  1. Telescopes
  2. Romania to Launch first Space Rocket based on Hydrogen Peroxide
  3. Strange light over Norway, did anyone see it?
  4. Did the US land on the moon?
  5. Europa and Titan!
  6. What do you make of this Mars image?
  7. UFO Disclosure Project
  8. Today, March 23rd, is "Near Miss Day"
  9. How big is the Universe?
  10. Is the universe infinite or finite?
  11. Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft?
  12. Thor's Helmet
  13. Our place in the universe
  14. Is this (E8 lie group)a pic (geometrical representation) the theory of everything?
  15. Going round in circles
  16. What do you think of multiple universes?
  17. Thoughts on Terraforming Mars
  18. New photos of Mars
  19. Time before Big Bang?
  20. Galaxy cluster's ancient light shows young cosmic city
  21. What makes us Human and what is our ultimate Purpose?
  22. Sunspots may go on hiatus starting 2020
  23. Creation of the Universe (Video)
  24. A Saturnian moon with liquid water? Maybe even life?
  25. When will the world end?
  26. Biggest solar storm in years nears Earth, may disrupt power
  27. Dark Matter Filaments detected for the first time.
  28. Do you believe in black holes?
  29. Evidence of life on Mars?
  30. Wu-Tang and Science
  31. Life, a universal virus?
  32. Mars One
  33. Michio Kaku: Will Mankind Destroy Itself?
  34. Space Faring
  35. The big bang's last great prediction :
  36. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  37. Secular intelligent design theory(Panspermia)/Extraterrestrial seeding of planetary life
  38. "Earth heading for mini ice age within 15 years"
  39. Earth's Sibling found 1,400 Light Years Away.
  40. The pale blue dot: the Earth seen from 6 billion kilometers away
  41. Interesting astronomy pics: a privilege of our times
  42. Chomsky: “intelligence is a lethal mutation” (Sagan-Mayr debate)
  43. Evidence of liquid water found on Mars
  44. Intriguing pic from Mars by Nasa
  45. KIC 8462852, evidence of extra-terrestrial alien civilization?
  46. New planet found around the closest star to us.
  47. 10 times more galaxies in the universe
  48. How Long With It Take To Realise Humans Are Not Alone And How Will This Be Found Out ?
  49. NASA press conference on new erath-like planets
  50. Crashing into Saturn
  51. Elon Musk: We'll create a city on Mars with a million inhabitants
  52. Photos of Jupiter
  53. August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
  54. 10 Theories On How The Universe Will End
  55. Is human evolution possible elsewhere in the universe?
  56. Do you believe aliens have visited earth?
  57. China plans to grow flowers and silkworms on the dark side of the moon
  58. NASA Is Going To Make A Big Announcement About The Search For Life On Monday
  59. Mars thread
  60. They took a picture of a black hole
  61. A massive asteroid with its own moon trailing behind will pass by Earth this weekend
  62. Largest star in the galaxy
  63. Latest earth like planets
  64. New Mars Curiosity rover pictures
  65. 2 new earth like planets discovered
  66. Scientists find huge world of hidden galaxies, changing our understanding of the universe
  67. Gliese 581g
  68. Traveling to the Gliese 581 system
  69. James Webb telescope