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  1. "Knigsberg Bridge" Problem
  2. Mathematics and Music: Did Mozart use the Golden Ratio
  3. Euclid's Elements
  4. Sangaku: Japanese Sacred Mathematics
  5. Arabic Geometry: Beautiful Patterns (Arabesque)
  6. Ancient Chinese Mathematics - Part I
  7. Eurocentrism and the history of mathematics
  8. The Oldest Mathematical Artifact-Swaziland's Tally Stick
  9. Fuzzy logic for racial discussions
  10. Ethnomusicology, Ethnomathematics.
  11. Non-Euclidean Geometry and Euclid's Fifth Postulate.
  12. Phi 1.618
  13. Natural Born Mathematicians
  14. Grisha Perelman and The "Poincaré Conjecture".
  15. History of Topology
  16. Fermat's Last Theorem
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  19. Interesting: Möbius strip
  20. The International Mathematical Olympiad - Scary Problems.
  21. The Mathemagician - Dr. Arthur T. Benjamin
  22. A Small Tribute To Some Math Heroes.
  23. Euler's Partition Function Theory Finished
  24. Roman Numerals
  25. Sample of American Entrance Exam questions
  26. PCA/MDS analyses can be wrong
  27. Is numeracy more important than literacy ?
  28. The Hyperbolic Space.
  29. The Golden Ration in Art
  30. Theory of Fractals
  31. Some charade.
  32. The Mathematics behind "Numb3rs".
  33. Ken Ono and Jan Bruinier and the Finite formula for computing partition numbers.
  34. Calculus Textbooks and Videos
  35. Possible Proof of abc Conjecture.
  36. The Hill Cipher: A practical application of matrix and modulus mathematics
  37. Can You Cross All the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg Once ?
  38. Why Manhole Shapes are Round?
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  44. To Live Your Best Life, Do Mathematics !
  45. Largest prime number found
  46. Stonehenge builders used Pythagoras' theorem -- 2,000 years before he was born
  47. So called 'black' Egypt by Afrocenrists used non-serious maths