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  1. Windows 7
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Google Chrome OS
  4. Unix or Linux for server?
  5. Which processor brand do you prefer, Intel or AMD?
  6. Burj Dubai (and other Skyscrapers)
  7. Global Internet speeds
  8. Most cellphone encryption insecure
  9. GPL vs BSD licence?
  10. World's most luxurious armoured limo !
  11. Sukhoi PAK FA or T50
  12. First human "infected with computer virus"
  13. Robot that can balance itself on a ball and move around...among other things
  14. Which *nix WM do you use?
  15. Portable Lasers
  16. Rootkit for Android OS released at Defcon (Linux is trash)
  17. Retro Computing
  18. Piloted mecha?
  19. 1978 Cryptosystem Resists Quantum Attack
  20. More on Linux insecurity : Linux kernel purged of five-year-old root access bug
  21. ARM chips put on their server boots
  22. Train that doesn't need to stop...yet passengers can get on and off
  23. Post your computers!
  24. POLL: Which Internet Browser do you use?
  25. Desktop Linux: The dream is dead?!?!?
  26. OpenBSD 4.8 released
  27. Windows vs Linux vs MacOSX vs FreeBSD
  28. Need some Linux help
  29. Study: Wi-Fi Makes Our Trees Sick
  30. Minecraft
  31. PS3 Firmware update 3.55 ISSUE
  32. Valerio's computer, help and advice (split) //mod
  33. RPG Gaming for 2011
  34. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  35. Linux swap
  36. Damn you PC, damn you to hell!
  37. Hacking wallstreet for profit $
  38. Hong Kong researchers store data in bacteria
  39. Phl overtakes India as world's BPO leader
  40. Post your countries best skyline.
  41. Philippines first 3D animated movie RPG Metanoia
  42. FreeBSD 8.2 (split) //mod
  43. Internet explorer 9 and Microsoft
  44. Shenzhou 7
  45. Unix creaters get Japanese science award
  46. FreeBSD 8.2 RELEASED
  47. How far will we go in the next 41 years?
  48. Poll: Favourite Mobile Phone Brand
  49. Will you welcome your new robotic overlord?
  50. Police, Google and Facebook warned on data protection
  51. Micro-Electrical Mechanical Devices
  52. Researchers aim to print human skin
  53. ze making of smartbird
  54. iPhone vs Android (split) //mod
  55. Will Israel's Electric Cars Change the World?
  56. Which vBulletin you prefer?
  57. Spotify vs Songbird (split) //mod
  58. Recreations Of Ancient Girl
  59. SSD vs HDD
  60. Homemade Spacecraft
  61. Google Plus
  62. Smart cities get their own operating system
  63. What was it like discovering the internet?
  64. Html5
  65. PHP Programming
  66. Future plastics disposal
  67. NoSQL
  68. PIC18 microcontrollers
  69. Meet America new war robots? to a country near you. lol
  70. I.B.M create a Chip that could mimic the human brain.
  71. Mind Reading:Technology Turns Thoughts into Action
  72. Holograms/other image Tech.
  73. Israeli Company develops a Vaccine that kills Cancer
  74. Scientists have developed "super-flu"
  75. Unification of devices - the end of computers as we know them today.
  76. If I wanted to start programming
  77. Wikipedia Fascism
  78. 'In a networked world, Sweden may be more powerful than the US'
  79. Firefox Aurora
  80. Interesting demo on Robotic mobility
  81. Which phone would you prefer
  82. XHTML / CSS Handcoding
  83. What is your favourite instant messaging service ?
  84. Future Technologies and Human Evolution
  85. Playboy and Virgin Galactic fantasize cosmic men's space club.
  86. You Shut Up!!!
  87. Nuke simulator
  88. Synthetic Artificial Consciousness
  89. Most extensive face transplant ever
  90. Netflix satisfaction ?
  91. Viber - Slick new app
  92. Engineered Stem Cells Seek out and Kill HIV in Living Mice
  93. The ultrabook thread
  94. Bringing dead musicians back to life by going on tour
  95. Simple JavaScript code examples
  96. Game Development
  97. Floating New orleans
  98. The Deep Web, TOR, .onion, HTTPS Everywhere, & I2P thread
  99. Mobile phone tariffs.
  100. Aerofex's New Hover Vehicle recalls "Star Wars" Bike.
  101. Favorite Nintendo Console?
  102. Favorite Sega Console
  103. Resurrection through the use of computers
  104. Is Ubuntu going downhill?
  105. Your internet connection speed
  106. The internet and privacy.
  107. What's bad for Apple is good for America
  108. LS3 Military Robot.
  109. Facebook will disappear by 2020
  110. PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U
  111. Greek vehicles
  112. 3D printing will revolutionise and change the world!
  113. Rootkit MBR Malware problem, HELP PLEASE!
  114. Obscure Operating Systems you still use?
  115. Your favorite CLI-based software?
  116. Has anyone bought the windows rt tablet?
  117. Can you solve this puzzle?
  118. A major Linux security bug found
  119. Android vs iOS (best platform)
  120. iPhone 6 Rumors, Leaks, etc.
  121. The OpenBSD project forks OpenSSL to LibreSSL
  122. North Korea's Red Star OS, Mac OS X-like GNU/Linux with Aqua-style interface
  123. Will Social Media replace the resume?
  124. How well are your ethnicity/nationality represented in video games?
  125. Emotional robot launches in Japan
  126. Solar roads ?
  127. Android smartphone capabilities.
  128. Best Linux for me?
  129. The Thread about Small Problems in Python
  130. EliasAlucard's Lubuntu + MATE installation guide!
  131. The AeroMobil 3.0, the Slovak flying car
  132. EliasAlucard's Trisquel GNU/Linux 7.0 LTS Belenos installation guide!
  133. The Hoverboard is now real: Hendo makes Back to the Future II become a reality!
  134. Get started with FreeBSD: A brief intro for Linux users
  135. Facebook in 2015: are you still going to use it?
  136. Computers with GNU/Linux distributions pre-installed
  137. GNU/Linux distros versus *BSD operating systems
  138. Inventor of the World Wide Web calls the online harassment of women a "tragedy of humanity"
  139. PC-BSD to overtake Linux on the desktop by 2020 ?
  140. AMD vs Intel: competition above monopoly, better price and performance ratio over brand prestige?
  141. Who plays TerraFirmaCraft ?
  142. Linux Mint won't boot
  143. Artificial Intelligence
  144. Technological Singularity: will it destroy mankind, or will it make us immortal?
  145. Robot Rights? if A.I. becomes self aware should they be granted the same rights as humans?
  146. Something I wrote on smart dust
  147. Angevin's Arch Linux installation guide (Linux for the elite)
  148. Tesla (proudly) presents a home battery
  149. L'Oreal to start 3D-printing skin
  150. 1981: TV News Story About a Primitive Internet
  151. Think you can't get into MIT ?
  152. Linux is an insecure piece of crap
  153. Can't open Chrome anymore.
  154. I Can't Get Access to Internet with my Web Browsers in Linux Mint
  155. Installing Mods to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3 in GNU/Linux Distributions
  156. Announcing the world's first open source, GNU GPL licensed calorie calculator!
  157. Far Cry Primal
  158. Fastest 4g in the world
  159. Google challenges Uber with their new ride-sharing service app 'Waze'
  160. Which Country Would Win in the Programming Olympics?
  161. Google Accused of Blackwashing White Search Results
  162. Prewar Italian made television sets
  163. The C-27J Spartan
  164. CIA prepping for possible cyber attack on Russia
  165. Supreme Ruler: Trump Rising [split] //mod
  166. British supercomputer can predict weather a year in advance
  167. U.S. army to have more robot soldiers then humans by 2025
  168. Most Serious Linux Privilege Escalation Bug Ever
  169. The insecurity of OpenBSD
  170. The Thread about Small Problems in C
  171. Fusion experiment "Wendelstein 7-X"
  172. AMD Ryzen vs Intel
  173. WikiLeaks Reveals Grasshopper, the CIA's Windows Hacking Tool
  174. Is medicine prestigious in your country?
  175. The age of your Mum
  176. cyber security quiz
  177. NSA's 'WannaCry' malware
  178. DNA could store all of the world's data in one room
  179. Human head transplants: advertising effect or legitimate science?
  180. Launch of Italian built Vega space rocket this year
  181. Bitumen balls: A safer alternative to pipelines
  182. NASA is working with Uber on its flying taxi project
  183. China hypersonic jet able to strike USA in 14 minutes
  184. F-15s Involved In Bizarre Encounter With Mystery Aircraft
  185. Italian prewar electric locomotives
  186. Austrian prewar Electric Locomotives
  187. Linux or Android x86?
  188. My favorite modern Electric locomotive the Siemens ES 64 U Taurus
  189. The longest tunnel in the world,the Gotthard Tunnel Switzerland
  190. Italians owns some of the largest tractor manufactures in the world
  191. Italy builds some of the largest marine diesel engines in the world
  192. Italy is the largest builder of naval artillery
  193. Spectre-Meltdown update
  194. Possibility of male pregnancy?
  195. first pedestrian killed by an autonomous vehicle
  196. The Kobo Aura ONE :
  197. First self-driving Uber car crash - 1 woman dead
  198. I am getting tired of Mint Linux
  199. Nationalize Facebook
  200. Feminist: women are threatened by sex robots
  201. Amazon Alexa Really Is Listening To Your Private Conversations
  202. The first 5G mobile network in the world
  203. Which VPN providers provide Canadian IP addresses?
  204. /pol/lacks - who are they?
  205. Why would anyone still pay for cable/satellite?
  206. Anyone using Linux distros using sysVinit/OpenRC/runit as default init instead of systemd?
  207. British teen hacks CIA
  208. Robots Set to Replace Chefs, Waiters at 5,000 Restaurants
  209. Assassin’s Creed
  210. XBox 1 or PS4?
  211. ISS robot accuses crew of being mean
  212. Google tells developers to switch to Kotlin from Java , ugh !
  213. WhatsApp discovers spyware that infected phones through missed calls
  214. ‘Wow, what is that?’ Navy pilots report unexplained flying objects
  215. Mysterious Chinese Dating Apps Targeting US Customers Expose 42.5 Million Records Online
  216. The Small Macedonian Town That Runs Hundreds of Fake US Politics Websites
  217. More American anti-intellectualism :
  218. No more distro hopping
  219. MXLinux vs Ubuntu/Mint
  220. I installed Debian 9.9 Jessie f*ck all that n00b bollocks
  221. Busy Software Developer Creates Chatbot to Message His Girlfriend on His Behalf
  222. The Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight plus :
  223. For the First Time in North America, a Woman Gives Birth After Uterus Transplant From a Deceased Donor
  224. The Debian Linux logo is the ancient Egyptian number for 100
  225. Top secret locations of 150 US nukes hidden in Europe are accidentally leaked in Nato report