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  1. EDAR and Asian Hair Form
  2. Asian straight hair gene also causes shovel teeth
  3. Thangaraj and Singh press release: There is no Aryan-Dravidian divide
  4. Lebanese/Phoenician Genetics
  5. Mitochondrial DNA structure in the Arabian Peninsula
  6. mtdna genetic structure of ethnic groups in the silk road region in china
  7. mtDNA landscape of the southwest and Central Asian corridor
  8. PCA and Structure analysis of Chinese and other Asian groups (Chen et al. 2009)
  9. Genetic 'map' of Asia's diversity
  10. Genetics of Modern Assyrians and its relation to Middle Eastern ethinc groups
  11. Interdisciplanary study on European Roma and Rajput Kshatriyas
  12. Australian Aboriginals
  13. Asian Alcohol intolerance rates and adaptive features
  14. R1a1; Northeast Mongolia, Xiongnu
  15. * News * World news Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians
  16. How big is australoid admixture in southeast asians?
  17. Genetics of Northern India
  18. Majority of Indonesian Y-DNA are of Paleolithic origins
  19. Mapping Human Genetic Diversity in Asia
  20. Genetics of Azeris (in Iran and Azerbaijan)
  21. Global distribution of Y-DNA haplogroup C and the prehistoric peopling of East Asia
  22. FTDNA: Iranian Y-DNA Project
  23. Jews on 23andme?
  24. A Lapita People and their cultural bringings?
  25. The genetic structure of Pacific Islanders
  26. Badass study focusing on Jews...
  27. Study of homocysteine levels in Filipinos
  28. Iranians position in the world (or "Parviz in the Middle")
  29. A mitochondrial revelation of human migrations to the Tibetan Plateau
  30. Mitochondrial DNA of Yemeni and Ethiopian Jews
  31. Iranian Population Genetics in the context of Western Eurasia
  32. Parsis, Jews and Christians of India
  33. Chinese genetics
  34. A genomic look at Australian Aborigines.
  35. A rare genomic look at Aboriginal Australians
  36. who are the negrito? which race do they belong to?
  37. Near-Eastern DNA: Analysis
  38. Are cypriots and druze considered levantine?
  39. Genetic Structure of Pacific Islanders
  40. Fst distances of Iraqi Kurds (Xing et al.)
  41. The Bedouin
  42. African admixture in the Middle East (split) //mod
  43. Razib Khan: Are Turks acculturated Armenians?
  44. Mandaean DNA
  45. T.N Brahmins in comparison to their neighbors and Northern counterparts (split) //mod
  46. Y chromosome diversity among the Iranian religious groups: A reservoir of genetic var
  47. Origin of Tibetans (Wang et al. 2011)
  48. Relationship between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.
  49. The power of Clusters Galore: Iranians and Arabs
  50. Mongolian genetic innfluence on eurasia from Chingiz Khan onwards?
  51. Are the Kalash West-Eurasians or aboriginal South Asians? (split) //mod
  52. Genetic Study on Nomadic Bedouin Kuwait/Saudi Arabia
  53. the custodians of the Holy Ka'bah (Member of the Bani Shaiba Family)YDNA result
  54. How much are arabized levantines admixed?
  55. The genetic origins of the Indo-Iranians and greater South Asia
  56. Genetic studies implying WestEurasian / CentralAsian commonality with the MidEast
  57. Assyrian eyes
  58. Peter Hrechdakian discussing Armenian DNA
  59. Aboriginal Genome Sequenced! 2 Migrations to Asia, Only 1st Interbred with Denisovans
  60. What is the typical filipino?
  61. "In search of the genetic footprints of Sumerians"
  62. "The Architecture of Long-Range Haplotypes Shared within and across Populations"
  63. ANI and ASI components in Indians (split) //mod
  64. Indian Indo-Aryans question
  65. Brahmin caste R-M17 affinities with Europeans or lack thereof (split) //mod
  66. Arabs aren't mixed after all
  67. Does anyone know anything about any genetic peculiarities of the former Sakastan?
  68. Behar et al. 2010 , any access?
  69. Pakistani ancestry?
  70. Genetic Variants Linked to Male Infertility in Asians
  71. Blue Eyed Chinese Boy can see in the dark, eyes glow
  72. Lemba's Chinese Ancestry
  73. Bahrani DNA results
  74. European components in central asia?
  75. Gedrosia component origin?
  76. Red Deer Cave People. New Human Species found in China
  77. “south-west Asian” component in Assyrians [split] //mod
  78. Rice and Human Migrations
  79. Afghanistan's Ethnic Groups Share a Y-Chromosomal Heritage Structured by...
  80. African admixture in the Jordanian population
  81. Melanesia:Naturally Blond Hair in Solomon Islanders Rooted in Native Gene
  82. Where do Ossetians cluster?
  83. Are Middle-Eastereners mostly mixed with Australoid?
  84. Ancestral Southindian
  85. Not sure if correct section
  86. Do most Southeast Asians have Australoid admixture?
  87. Why has the academic community (seemingly) ignored many ME minority groups?
  88. Cypriots- A Middle Eastern People
  89. Inferring genome-wide patterns of admixture in Qataris using fifty-five ancestral pop
  90. new study on Iranians/other near easterners
  91. Georgians - who overlaps
  92. How the Han Chinese became the biggest tribe
  93. Racial composition of Vietnamese
  94. Racial composition of Vietnamese
  95. European genes in central asian people
  96. Iranian Azeri's Y-Chromosomal Diversity in the Context of Turkish-Speaking Population
  97. Sequence of migrations into South Asia
  98. Hawaiian origins
  99. New Study On South Indian Y-chromosomes
  100. ASI and East Eurasians (+ Native Americans)
  101. Do Chinese have partly "oceanic" ancestry?
  102. Which modern Iranian-speaking people are closest to proto-Indo-Iranians genetically
  103. Ancient Chinese Y-DNA
  104. Are indonesians and indians the same race or atleast closely related races?
  105. Study links Australian aborignals to Indians (India)
  106. Admixture of southern vietnamese and cambodians.
  107. Ancient DNA from an East Asian early modern human
  108. South Asian Admixture in West Asians
  109. Siberian possible genetical boundary - Yenisei river
  110. Are Iraqi Arabs mostly Arabian, Mesopotamian, or a combination of both?
  111. ASI ancestry in West Asians?
  112. Will the Andamanese riddle ever be solved?
  113. Reference populations for Indian groups on Genographic Project
  114. Early Austronesians: Into and Out Of Taiwan
  115. Sickle Cell Anemial Present In Middle East Countries
  116. Hemudu/Liangzhu's link to Austronesian tenable?
  117. Remains of huge warrior found in Siberia
  118. Lebanese Genetics
  119. Which Arabians Are The Most non-Mixed?Which Mespotamians/Levantines Are The Most Non-Mixed/Purest
  120. Anyone sharing with any New Zealand Maori's on 23andme?
  121. Any theories on how South Asian gene passed through the Filipino population?
  122. Are Siberians (Yakuts, Evenks, Buryats, Nivkhs, Chukchis) genetically related to Amerindians?
  123. Iranic ancestry in Kurds
  124. Yayoi come from Jiangsu,lower Yang Tze?
  125. WHG-UHG Component In The Near East And Y-DNA Haplogroup J
  126. Do Southeast Asians have Onge, Negrito and West Eurasian
  127. Drb1*14:09
  128. Antiquity and diversity of aboriginal Australian Y-chromosomes
  129. China now going GMO on humans
  130. Are the light phenotyped Kashmiri tribe South Asian according to Genetic/DNA testing?
  131. Chamorros have Native American ancestors
  132. Oxford study: "Genetic citizenship: DNA testing and the Israeli Law of Return"
  133. Which groups in South Asia are genetically the most Eastern Non-African (South Eurasian/Australoid and Mongoloid)?
  134. Iron-Age Iranians are close to modern-day Iranians, and Neolithic Iranians were close Sardinians
  135. Similarities between South East Asians and South Americans?
  136. Indigenous Arabs are descendants of the earliest split from ancient Eurasian populations
  137. Poland
  138. Question about Austronesian expansions and my 23andmer esults
  139. The Connection of the Genetic, Cultural and Geographic Landscapes of Transoxiana
  140. Upyours WeGene and DNALand ancestry results
  141. Upyours Ancestry results!
  142. Austronesians:The Turkics of the Sea
  143. Ancient mitogenomes of Phoenicians from Sardinia and Lebanon (Matisoi-Smith et al. 2018)
  144. Northern Mesopotamian Y-DNA study, Assyrians, Yazidis, Kurds, Arabs etc. (Dogan et al. 2017)
  145. Ancient Genomics Reveals Four Prehistoric Migration Waves into Southeast Asia (McColl et al. 2018)
  146. Ancient genomes document multiple waves of migration in Southeast Asian prehistory (Lipson et al. 2018)
  147. Possible Melanesian/Oceanian ancestry?
  148. The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia (Narasimhan et al. 2018)
  149. FTDNA Big Y
  150. Ancient Harappan people *may* have been genetically closer to modern South Indians than North Indians
  151. How much Arab admixture do Assyrians have?
  152. My Moluccan Moms Ancestry results (Updated also)