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  1. weird worms in sewage?
  2. Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean
  3. Bledowska desert
  4. Arabian peninsula pics
  5. I love Michio Kaku
  6. Uranium in East Africa?
  7. Icy pictures
  8. Was the Chicxulub asteroid responsible for the extinction of the Dinosauria 65 mya?
  9. Earthquake in Eastern Turkey?
  10. Is Europe really a continent?
  11. What is the solution to ending our dependence on fossil fuels?
  12. Continental drift fossil evidence
  13. The terms, "Middle-east", "Near-east", "Far-east"
  14. Pictures of Chile before and after the earthquake
  15. Fairtrade certification
  16. Microbes important for prevention of auto-immune disease
  17. Global Warming
  18. World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
  19. Ecofascism (split) //mod
  20. Sasquatch DNA?
  21. Chupa Cabra exists?
  22. Record Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere
  23. Agriculture: "The Worst Mistake In Human History"
  24. Puzzling space ray pattern detected
  25. Biodiversity photo/film competition
  26. Most Toxic Places on Earth
  27. The mimic octopus, master impersonator
  28. Charles Darwin's ecological experiment on Ascension isle
  29. New exoplanet Discovered: Outside our Galaxy
  30. Chinese man icebox world record
  31. Go south, young scientist - As in much else, Brazil is an emerging power in science
  32. Guess the place
  33. Guess
  34. Supervolcano eruption in the US
  35. What is Your Favorite Season
  36. End of the world?
  37. Places in Northeast Japan before the tsunami.
  38. Nuclear energy, you opinion?
  39. latitude countries/cities
  40. Does 'SIZE' and 'POPULATION' really matter?
  41. Another volcano eruption in Chile
  42. Effects of the extinction of humans?
  43. Breakthrough: Soldier's leg muscles regrown!
  44. Japanese Tsunami Triggered by Nuke Theory
  45. How much does it rain where you are?
  46. Marijuana Smoking Damages Sperm: Bob Dylan's Grandson Makes Hip-hop Debut
  47. Vegetarianism
  48. Solar Energy
  49. Climate change in Scandinavia.
  50. Rivers
  51. Nazare, Portugal
  52. The new 7 wonders of the world scam
  53. Moroccan Landscapes
  54. Your local landscape
  55. Your local landscape
  56. The Great Global Warming Swindle
  57. The future of technological civilization
  58. Save the Baltic Sea
  59. Dangers/Risks or not? Vaccines
  60. Game dishes of Finland
  61. Culinary fruits of African origin
  62. Winter hits the Netherlands
  63. Strange Life Found in Underwater Caves
  64. Are you willing to become part synthetic?
  65. Earth Hour
  66. African Bush Meat
  67. Physical & Cultural Geography IQ Quiz
  68. Trees from your region
  69. Countries by land area in sq. km2.
  70. Ideal human world population
  71. Voted the best island in the world
  72. Organ Donation
  73. Climate history of Africa (150-30ka)
  74. AIDS-like disease found in Asians, trigger unknown
  75. Prehistoric tiny bugs found in Amber
  76. Evolution and Leaps of Faith
  77. San Andreas Fault & SoCal's Future "Big One"
  78. Post landscape variations of your province
  79. Have you ever had internal parasites?
  80. Genetically-altered mosquitoes to be released in Florida
  81. Filling the Eastern European gap in millennium-long temperature reconstructions
  82. Which animals are more beautiful and fascinating? Grizzly bears or polar bears?
  83. King Henry VIII's Madness Explained
  84. Post Satellite photos of regions and continents
  85. Polar vortex
  86. So Back To Africa (When the Sea Levels Rise)?
  87. The Most Beautiful Natural Landscapes Of The World
  88. WHO warns against 'post-antibiotic' era
  89. Map Projections: Where do you stand?
  90. Dr. Carl Sagan on environmental threats, nuclear winter, planting a tree.
  91. College Class project help
  92. Swedish scientist: “Earth is halfway to being inhospitable to life”
  93. Will humans be forced to eat insects in the future?
  94. Why there's no CURE for HIV yet? Lack of science or a very smart deadly virus?
  95. Calculate your calorie intake thread!
  96. EliasAlucard's guide to vegetarian protein: let's discuss protein!
  97. Isomaltulose aka Palatinose, the perfect carbohydrate and sugar replacement?
  98. Fungus can grow in your brain!
  99. GMOs. Are they safe? Fraud? Lies?
  100. Christina Warinner debunks the paleolithic diet on TED
  101. More diverse insect population decreases insect problems
  102. Mirage of a floating city in the sky in china
  103. Do you believe in global warming?
  104. WHO: processed meat causes cancer
  105. Will snow and real winters become a rarity?
  106. What have you eaten today?
  107. Have You Heard Of This Critter?
  108. Is Monsanto pesticide - not Zika virus - cause of Brazilian microcephaly?
  109. What would the climate of the world in this situation?
  110. Bill gates warns against denying climate change.
  111. Lost continent found in Indian Ocean
  112. Science quiz that only 6% of Americans etc...
  113. Are Climate Models Mostly “Black Box” Fudging?
  114. Coal Mine becomes Giant Battery Storage for Surplus energy
  115. Ancient mice teeth show settled villages long before agriculture
  116. Why don't you believe in Global Warming?
  117. China and the north-east passage
  118. 138 Volcanoes under Antarctica's ice sheet
  119. Hurricane Harvey (2017) [split] //mod
  120. Vitamin K2: the iGnored super nutrient almost everyone is deficient in!
  121. Do you take any multivitamins and other supplements?
  122. Will vertical farming every become a success/mainstream?
  123. The arsonist birds of Australia
  124. Paris suffocates in hordes of rats
  125. Seasonal Flu Vaccine - yay or nay?
  126. Bronze Age collapse due to drought
  127. Bill Gates Warns "Millions Could Die" If US Doesn't Prepare For Coming Pandemic
  128. Finland has the best air quality in the world
  129. Humanity has wiped out 60% of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970
  130. Scientists discover China has been secretly emitting banned ozone-depleting gas