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  1. South Africa's white far-right plans rebirth
  2. Whats your political orientation?
  3. The welfare state
  4. Treaty of Lisbon
  5. Germany's anti-Nazi Policy
  6. Tenth Amendment makes Wyoming a sovereign state? USA falling apart?
  7. Anglo-Saxong Democracy à la John Derbyshire (split) //mod
  8. How do you view abortion?
  9. Whites flee South Africa
  10. Israel's Struggle is a Struggle for Liberation
  11. Iceland: the world's most feminist country
  12. Belgium bans burqa
  13. Whites of South Africa
  14. Turkish denial of Assyrian genocide (split) //mod
  15. Future prospects of an Assyrian state (split) //mod
  16. Rand Paul Wins Republican Senate Primary in Kentucky!
  17. Will Europe Collapse Under the Weight of the PIIGS?
  18. High Energy Sector Investments
  19. The Felony Scam:How States Use Felony Convictions
  20. 70 percent of American Poles voted for Jarosław Kaczyński
  21. $750 Million??? (Marriage, Divorce,Prenuptial Agreements, etc)
  22. Schwarzenegger orders minimum wage for state workers
  23. is obama a good person ?
  24. The influence of the Jewish lobby AIPAC In American foreign policy
  25. Robert Fisk: Israel has crept into the EU without anyone noticing
  26. Atheist PM Julia Gillard sucks up to catholics
  27. Divorce is illegal in the Philippines
  28. Videocracy
  29. half nigger monkey president loser
  30. POLL: Right Wing Politics or Left Wing Poltics
  31. Most politically conservative country in Europe?
  32. How tribal are politics in most African nations?
  33. Pension rallies hit French cities
  34. US-Saudi arms deal
  35. Magnus Carlsen vs. the World or the shortcomings of representative democracy
  36. What government do you think is the best?
  37. China v Japan: Diplomatic Relations
  38. Familial, Ethnic, Cultural, Religious Responsibilities
  39. Color Pictures From The Third Reich
  40. Puerto Rico 51 state
  41. Obama loosens sanctions on C-130s to China
  42. Dedicated to Energy
  43. Vote will China declare war against Japan?
  44. $60Billion US Arms Sell to Saudi Arabia
  45. Wich country will be the next superpower?
  46. Wich country will be the next superpower?
  47. Possible War in Korean Peninsula?
  48. War at Rio de Janeiro.
  49. US abandons Israel settlement freeze attempt
  50. Will America Do Whatever it Takes to Remain as the Sole Superpower?
  51. The State of Russia
  52. Responsibility of Citizens
  53. Hitchens on Amerikan Foreign Policy
  54. Shootings of senators of the US,a conspiracy?
  55. Why is palestine so important for Turks?
  56. Annul Treaty of Lausanne
  57. You want to see a Tibet Republic?
  58. Court bans low IQ man from having sex
  59. Iran next in ME revolution?
  60. Democracy, the best way?
  61. Is the US becoming an Inverted Totalitarian System
  62. US closer to recognising gay marriage after White House announcement
  63. Why is it illegal to ship instruments to Italy?
  64. Political compass scores
  65. Donald Trump running for President?
  66. Politickal Dispute: Democracy!?!
  67. Operation Odyssey Dawn
  68. Politicks and Religion as Secular Humanism
  69. Chinese war ship outside Libya
  70. List of crimes by government agencies
  71. What is the difference between Bush and Obama??
  72. How much does university cost in your country?
  73. Recorded phone calls used against inmates in NYC
  74. Brazil to annex Portugal? _ Financial Times - Lex
  75. Deconstruction of Conservatism and Liberalism
  76. Agent Provocateurs?
  77. Circassian Genocide by the Russians. The largest genocide of the 19th century!
  78. Israeli rocket defence system Iron Dome a success
  79. "if you want peace go to Finland"
  80. Not even squirrels are safe from police brutality
  81. Turkish governmental censorship regarding Atatürk (split) //mod
  82. Cencorship in nationalistic cultures..
  83. Killing Osama
  84. 800 dead: Syria
  85. On Abortion
  86. Ranking of pundits based on accuracy
  87. Just War Theory vs. Rational Self-Defense
  88. Double jeopardy law in jeaopardy in England
  89. Why I dont like Israel as a jew.
  90. Iran to create its own Internet
  91. Florida Gov. signs law requiring welfare recipients to take drug test
  92. Immigration to Western Europe changes the society and more
  93. US Debt and Military Intervertions
  94. Your political ideology
  95. Muhammar Gaddaf
  96. East Africa/Horn Africa Drought 2011
  97. Hague Court is a farse!!
  98. Having a Jury: good or bad in the long run?
  99. Zionist America’s favorite communist terrorists
  100. Your Employers Vote
  101. How many official languages does your Country have?
  102. McDonald's makes Happy Meals healthier - Republicans outraged?
  103. Zionist Terrorism in Norway
  104. The President Surrenders by Paul Krugman
  105. Are you Pro or Against the UN, Amnesty International and similar organizations?
  106. Pro-Choice or Pro-life?
  107. Gun Control or Right to Bear Arms?
  108. What should be the role of the state according to you?
  109. Democracy?
  110. Should euthanasia be legal ?
  111. Tape Trouble: Mladic 1995 interview published by RT unknown in Hague
  112. The Economist - Brazil now often carries more weight in much of South America
  113. Should Euro Zone become United States of Europe?
  114. Is your city/country politically divided?
  115. What is the political tendency among the Muslims?
  116. Political Test
  117. AMAZING North Korean Hell March in HD Video
  118. Finnish military experts: Nato-Europe is turning into a military uncertainty
  119. The Death Penalty
  120. Do you think duelling should be legalized and part of our society?
  121. Should drugs particularly marijuana be legalized?
  122. New interesting analyse about Israels doom
  123. KFOR troops entered in central Serbia!
  124. Should CSI fans not be allowed to do jury duty?
  125. The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom (BBC 2007)
  126. Face recognition & FBI
  127. David Cameron ask for denouncing the illegal immigrants
  128. Jewish Defector Warns America
  129. Estonia to Help Greece Establish E-State
  130. Sharia coming to Libya?
  131. A passenger with an Armenian name is not allowed to board a plane in Moscow
  132. Assad: challenge Syria at your peril
  133. No-one is equipping to a traditional war
  134. Should USA allow birthright citizenship?
  135. Sarkozy "Netanyahu is "a liar"
  136. America's Grimm future.
  137. What is really wrong with the Christian/Jewish Zionist alliance?
  138. "I Cannot Bear Netanyahu. He's a Liar."
  139. Western media reluctantly admit Russia's gas victory
  140. Politics, moral and the personal life of the politicians (Test included)
  141. Canada's Omnibus Crime Bill
  142. Egyptian blogger arrested for posting nude pics.
  143. Netanyahu: Arab Spring pushing Mideast backward, not forward
  144. Socialism make Danes happy american media says
  145. Euro zone, soon closed.
  146. Deontological Reasoning for Supporting a new Southern Confederacy
  147. Occupied Movement from a Homeless Person Perspective
  148. Germany seeks to ban NPD... again.
  149. Why have intellectuals found it so very difficult to see dictatorships for...
  150. NATO/US buildup near Syria
  151. 10 Ridiculous Things That Make You a Terror Suspect
  152. Ron Paul leads polls in Iowa
  153. Which Republican do you Want to Win US Presidential Election?
  154. Stupid New Laws of 2012
  155. Is too much democracy a bad thing?
  156. Income gap-how should it be-poll
  157. Questions to republican voters here
  158. Megaupload Shut Down
  159. SOPA: Sabotage to the companies supporting this law
  160. Pro-Gaddafi forces capture Bani Walid, 5 NTC troops killed
  161. Is this how prisons should be ?
  162. The crime that shook Canada, and how they got caught
  163. What's the appeal of Ron Paul?
  164. Should Southern European countries be kicked out from the European Union?
  165. Canada: Online surveillance bill tabled in House
  166. 2012 French Presidential Election
  167. Canada scraps gun registry
  168. your opinion on Gun control and ownership
  169. Nationalism and racism in the Turkish community
  170. Having right to die?
  171. Jewish community protests shampoo ad featuring Hitler
  172. Merah is claimed to be French intelligence asset
  173. Hooters Guys
  174. Why does the 'Left' always lose to 'Capitalism' (Liberalism)?
  175. Elections in France.
  176. London Elections
  177. Are non-Americans allowed to donate to the Super PAC?
  178. "Philippines belongs to China": Hostile takeover?
  179. Co-Founder of Facebook Renounces U.S. Citizenship
  180. Is it legal to use other peoples private images without their permission?
  181. Russian is the excuse for a battle in ukrainian Parlament.
  182. How come the West has become to weak ?
  183. Democrat Racism.
  184. Greece summer elections 2012
  185. Muslim Brotherhood's Mursi declared Egypt president
  186. Egypt and the Creation of A New Christian Brotherhood.
  187. House of Lords reform
  188. The Breed Specific Legislation - murder of innocent Pit Bulls.
  189. USA refused again to sell weapons to Finland
  190. Will Greenland become an independent nation someday?
  191. Difference between Socialism and Communism
  192. Hizbulla is not a terror organization...
  193. The Good Old NYPD...
  194. Who will be the next Prime Minister of India?
  195. Russian church+president+establishment vs Pussy Riot aka 3 young girls.
  196. Halakha Law
  197. So will Iran be attacked or not ?
  198. Poll: should Obama leave
  199. Case Julian Assagne
  200. What is your opinion about Judge Baltazar Garzon?
  201. Pussy Riot: found guilty.
  202. Let The American Presidential Race Begin!
  203. What is a government for?
  204. I need Feminism
  205. Russian propaganda towards its neighbours
  206. What's Your Opinion On Obama And Romney Presidential Debate?
  207. Updates on States for American Election
  208. Does american need a European-style populist (third way)-party?
  209. US Election Obama/Romney
  210. Goodbye Spain!! The Basque Country's elections...
  211. Is 'doxing' a neighbourhood watch or dangerous witch hunt?
  212. Scotland laughs at Spain's threatens, as everybody.
  213. US election party quiz
  214. Some say legalize drugs, I say hell no
  215. Storm in water glass, a Finnish right wing politician: Jews own American media, money
  216. The least corrupt countries in 2012
  217. The viability of an anarcho-capitalist society
  218. do you support in death punishment for some crimes?
  219. Vote Right
  220. Respecting Police Authority
  221. Human Rights Violation in Sweden - Indian Boy Taken from Parents over 3 Years Ago
  222. The Saami Question and Final Solution
  223. Koch Brothers not backing Republicans on debt ceiling debate
  224. Angola Gives Chinese 116 Visas A Day
  225. Should torturing animals yield stiffer sentences?
  226. Should narcotics be legalised?
  227. Do people from your country fight in Syria ?
  228. Kim Jong-un's Uncle allegedly 'Devoured by 120 Starving Dogs' in North Korea
  229. Fuck EU
  230. What items/thing do you want to prohibit?
  231. This is a really weird case. What do you think?
  232. Arrest made in Amanda Todd case, dude was in The Netherlands
  233. Illegal Immigrants Shipped to Arizona
  234. Dominican Rep plans to built wall on its border with Haiti.
  235. Religious laws in secular countries
  236. What if they put a Native American on the US dollar bill?
  237. "Legally Drunk"
  238. Taking Sides On The War Between Israel and Palestine.
  239. Your opinion about referendum
  240. Ukraine after Maidan, why does it cost us money?
  241. The Death Penalty... When do you think it's warranted?
  242. Israeli elections, March 2015
  243. BREAKING: Canada legalizes doctor assisted suicide
  244. How to deal with European IS fighters?
  245. Neither Major US Party Cracks 40% Favorability in Latest Poll
  246. Does the 1st World Have an Obligation to Aid the 3rd World?
  247. Turkish General Election 2015
  248. Filibusters in your country
  249. Scandinavian journalists extraordinary left-wing compared to the overall population
  250. Now This is TRUE Freedom.