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  1. 2009 Forbes 400 by ethnic origins
  2. Let's discuss the financial crisis!
  3. Revival of Zimbabwe
  4. US Dollar Index at 74.25, Gold closing in on $1,200
  5. Economic reform for Puerto Rico
  6. Dubai on the brink of economic collapse
  7. Cost of servicing debt to be 35% p.a. within 5 years according to Faber
  8. Economics: Haiti versus Dominican Republic
  9. Hilarious 'Cut working week to 21 hours, urges think tank'
  10. New Jersey Household income figures of European-Americans
  11. U.S. military expending.
  12. Angola capitalizing on Nineveh resources (former capital of Assyria)
  13. The Sunday Times Rich List 2009, the richest Britons
  14. Niall Ferguson: A Greek Crisis is Coming to America
  15. GDP in 2025 and 2050
  16. African poverty falling
  17. World-GDP
  18. Post your currency
  19. What will come of America's near-bankrupt financial situation? How can they fix it?
  20. A New Hope: Shale Gas. Will Poles buy out Gazprom in 2012?
  21. Best site for shareholding?
  22. Big New Amazonian Malls - Economic and Cultural Impact
  23. EU's economics
  24. China buys Greek when no one else will
  25. Pledging hypothecation of securities for borrowing
  26. Notes on Europe’s Economic Decadence, by James Glassman
  27. 2010 Index of Economic Freedom
  28. GDP (PPP) top largest economies 2010 to 2015
  29. Russian economy
  30. HSBC banker attempts to bully the UK
  31. Distinguished law scholar Elizabeth Warren Harvard
  32. China 2030 commercial
  33. Witness-The colony an interesting documentary about chinese in Africa.
  34. Debt Collapse Watch: Europe & US
  35. The Richest Village in China
  36. The Most Socialist States in America
  37. I sold my soul to Google, can I get it back?
  38. Collapse of the Dollar altogether?!
  39. Leading priest blames Jews for Greece’s problems
  40. Estonia to strengthen the euro area
  41. Sarko: Abandoning the Euro would be "madness".
  42. China to buy Spanish debt
  43. Estonia may strengthen the German wing in ECB
  44. GDP (PPP) top largest economies 2010 (IMF)
  45. Is Capitalism Dead?
  46. America losing its edge in innovation
  47. Sweden becomes Estonia's largest export partner
  48. GDP growth 7.3% 2010 Philippines!
  49. GDP : Brazil surpassed the United Kingdom and France
  50. The Germans are coming! To take over the New York stock exchange
  51. Some economists think India will dominate the world economy this century
  52. The Chinese are Coming Part 2 - The Americas
  53. Poland is Europe's new high-flyer
  54. India: The real protagonist of Asia
  55. The Decline of the West
  56. US Anti-Consumerism: Generation Y.
  57. The Cost of Terror
  58. First World Cities
  59. Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks
  60. Latest list of countries after GDP (PPP) per capita
  61. Greek plans to leave the Euro zone.
  62. Too much money?!?!
  63. Judaism and Economics according to Robert Aumann
  64. For the first time, investors saw Brazilian debt as less risky than highly rated U.S.
  65. Brazilians Buy Miami Vacation Condos at Bargain Prices as Real Gains 45%
  66. Finnish researcher:Russia threatens to wither as a developing country
  67. Almost half the Irish population is now in receipt of a social welfare payment
  68. The Icelandic economic crisis
  69. Dow falls 513 pts Nikkei sinks 3.6%
  70. Will 'Chindia' rule the world in 2050, or America after all?
  71. World top economies by 2050
  72. Elop and the ruin of Nokia
  73. Spain: North and south emerge from crisis at different rates
  74. Dollar per Barrel
  75. The American dollar
  76. Why has the Baltic region been showing highest GDP growth rates in Europe recently?
  77. How much would you steal?
  78. Which Country is the most Capitalist?
  79. What should be the limits of welfare?
  80. Who owns the Means of Production?
  81. Disgusting: 11 years for insider trading billionaire
  82. Jew: "My tribe controls Wall Street"
  83. Car Company Gets U.S. Loan, Builds Cars In Finland
  84. Eurozone: countdown to failure
  85. My bad experience with Latin America
  86. Can USA survive without Europe?
  87. Human Development Index 2011 Latin America
  88. Understanding Derivatives -- Heidi's Bar
  89. What is the real cause?
  90. organ trade in sinai
  91. Europe: Germany's debtor whores
  92. Could Germany eventually fall too?
  93. Merck (US) vs Merck (German)
  94. Corruption perceptions index 2011
  95. Russia now in WTO
  96. How much is a gold coin worth?
  97. Economic Globalism
  98. Top 10 world economies 2011
  99. Should China's Manufacturing industry be worried?
  100. Nissan investing $2 billion in Mexico auto plant
  101. Irishman builds house from €1 billion in old notes
  102. Is is a new trend to openly mock bonuses?
  103. China ghost cities and Malls: is Goverment controlled economy good or bad?
  104. Why are the Souther European countries poorest?
  105. Will poverty be solvented?
  106. Euro: Going...Dutch?
  107. Why The Gold Standard Was Abolished
  108. The end of capitalism?
  109. World Bank presidential election 2012
  110. What are your expectations about the Economy?
  111. Ford to invest $1.3 billion in northern Mexico plant
  112. Index of Economic Freedom 2012
  113. Audi will open its first North American production plant in Mexico
  114. What is your opinion about the Ryan Budget?
  115. The richest and poorest zones in your country.
  116. Top 10 countries by the number of billionaires (2011)
  117. Anyone studied economic history?
  118. Taxes in your country?
  119. "Nigel Farage was right" video.
  120. Satan, the great motivator: The curious economic effects of religion
  121. Salaries Rise 6.9%, Registered Unemployment Continues to Fall
  122. How to solve poverty?
  123. Michael Savage on Facebook
  124. 12-year-old child explaining the global crisis.
  125. Oil price going down, why ?
  126. Irish voters 'back EU fiscal pact'
  127. Yes, they use the euro. And the economy is booming
  128. Spain Bailout Idiocy.
  129. Why Macroeconomics is a pseudoscience.
  130. The College Conspiracy
  131. Francois Hollande's €120bn plan to boost growth
  132. Grupo Mexico will spend $7 billion to expand its mines in Mexico, Peru and the USA
  133. Greenspan: Northern Europe has to give money to the South for the euro to survive
  134. Barclays Bank Scandal
  135. France to increase Minimum Wage
  136. Would you pay neighbours debt ?
  137. What's happening in Argentina?
  138. Roubini on Econ: disaster next year?
  139. €crisis big picture and the solution
  140. UK GDP Shrinks
  141. Why are americans richer than Europeans?
  142. Slash interest rates to 0 per cent, Bank of England told
  143. Natives vs immigrants: the battle for business
  144. How big piece of modern economies is self-serving
  145. Should bank customers pay for accounts?
  146. Bank of Japan warning: China bubble in 'danger zone'
  147. Lies from the Bank of England
  148. Government Spending to boost UK economy.
  149. Estonian expert called to help in designing the patient information system in Finland
  150. imagine world without taxes and no government too
  151. is barter economy a solution in the areas with high unemployment?
  152. What is your take on agriculture? Do you agree with Rabbi Eleazar?
  153. The Ultimate World Economic Scorecard
  154. France's tax rate for the richest is skyrocketing
  155. Sad South Africa Cry, the beloved country
  156. Is Japan fucked up?
  157. What is the future for the youth in the US?
  158. China forecasted to become world’s largest economy in only 4 years
  159. European strike against "austerity measures"
  160. Do you support progressive, regressive, or proportional tax rates?
  161. What is the real nature of the FED?
  162. Should cash payments ever be given to welfare recipients?
  163. Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria have the three most profitable stock markets in the world
  164. Italy to ban cash transactions over 5000 Euro
  165. An amazing mea culpa from the IMF’s chief economist on austerity
  166. Capitalism vs Democracy
  167. Can vegans stomach the unpalatable truth about quinoa?
  168. How Hollywood came to be as a Jewish monopoly
  169. Basic error cited around the world as a fact.
  170. 17 countries may have housing bubbles
  171. Countries with the highest taxes
  172. Bitcoin firm CEO found dead in suspected suicide
  173. CNN's predictions on richest countries in the world by 2050
  174. Somali currency strongest in the world in past 12 months, hidden economic potential?
  175. Death of the Dollar. Russia and China: will they destroy the American Dollar?
  176. China to overtake US as world's largest economy this year, earlier than expected
  177. List of top 30 countries by the number of billionaires (2014)
  178. Tunisia's success
  179. The Economic Collapse thread
  180. Newly released report shows record number of Americans on welfare: over 100 million people!
  181. GDP PPP per capita by region in the European Union
  182. "Club med", will these nations of the Med-sea ever have any chance to rise up to the level of North
  183. Oil is falling and the world is upset.
  184. Say no to TTIP
  185. As Goes Greece, So Goes the Euro?
  186. Grexit in Easter 2015 ?
  187. Russia Rebounds, Despite Sanctions
  188. Demonisation of sweatshops
  189. The Global Competitiveness Report 2014–2015
  190. List of countries by exports
  191. Living by trust fund
  192. Progressive taxation: theft or higher Human Development Index (HDI)? [split] //mod
  193. What's the single greatest barrier affecting economic growth?
  194. The most advance of the smaller European countries, under 20 million population
  195. Stock market and daytrading thread
  196. Universal Basic Income, will it become a reality soon, and is it a good thing or bad for the economy?
  197. Cryptocurrency
  198. Major job problem for Trump: McDonald's goes automation
  199. Is money a reliable indicator of product quality?
  200. How is America's economy doing right now?
  201. Post Capitalist And Socialism (Marxist Communism) World
  202. Norway wealth fund hits 'milestone' $1 trillion value
  203. George Soros’s $18 Billion Tax Shelter
  204. One of the most important railway passes in Europe, the Brenner Pass on the Austrian/Italian border
  205. USA sets new tariffs on steel and aluminium 🇺🇸
  206. The Grasscutter: A Livestock of Tomorrow!
  207. How Americans try to destroy European car makers
  208. Corporate espionage of nonprofit organizations.
  209. Economic growth much stronger in Eastern Europe than in Western
  210. Microsoft Pledges $500 Million for Affordable Housing in Seattle Area
  211. Ireland is the richest Anglo nation
  212. Can the far right show/prove that trickle down economics ever worked effectively?