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  1. The First Men And Women From The Canary Islands Were Berbers
  2. CFTRdele2,3(21 kb) & Slavic Origins
  3. Romanian gene pool (split) //mod
  4. Polish ancestry derived from Russians? (split) //mod
  5. Genome-wide genetic signature separates Jews from European Americans
  6. admixture to spain greece and italy
  7. Analysis of Y chromosome STR haplotypes in the European part of Russia
  8. Germans test Funnelbeaker (TRB) Culture aDNA
  9. Etruscans and Herodotus
  10. Caucasus genetic history (split) //mod
  11. Scandinavian Racial Purity Myth
  12. Mythbusting - Why are Finns outliers?
  13. Serbian genes
  14. British linked to Basques
  15. History in our genes DNA technology is helping Black and White Britons to trace their
  16. Do Slavs have one of the most genetic varations?
  17. Finland- a new study
  18. Study: Isolated Finns have unique genes
  19. Are the swarthy Brits a pre slc24a5 mutation relic?
  20. British linked to the Bretons
  21. vikings wanted.
  22. First full genome sequency of ethnic Russian
  23. Finnic suicidal genes
  24. New study against R1b1b2's Neolithic arrival into Europe?
  25. How Mongoloid are Slavs?
  26. Is Portugal the most mixed-race (mulatto) European country? 🇵🇹
  27. Germans On 23andme?
  28. Our North Eurasian origins
  29. How Gypsy are Serbs?
  30. Russians have Eurasian in their patrilineal heritage?
  31. Cryptosporidium isolates from humans and calves in Slovenia
  32. Why the Finnishness is so hard question for someones?
  33. Detailed analysis of intra-European IBD diversity (first ever?)
  34. Scandinavians descended (maybe) from Neolithic TRB but not Mesolithic Pitted Ware
  35. Oldest European Cities
  36. Finns&Danes&Swedes
  37. How "pure" bosnians are?
  38. Northern Scandinavians
  39. Are blonde/ red hair and blue/green eyes 100% EUROPEAN?
  40. Sicilians.
  41. why some south spaniards resemble north africans ?
  42. admixture proportions in atypical European populations: the case of Canary Islanders
  43. Where do Sicilians cluster?
  44. Genetic make up of Europe - Very Intresting!
  45. What is wrong with the Swedes?
  46. Sicilians vs Finns (split) //mod
  47. Gallery of Nordic Italians
  48. Ancient DNA from European Early Neolithic Farmers Reveals Their Near East. Affinities
  49. Odds of not being fully European
  50. A genome-wide analysis Saami
  51. Southwest Finns
  52. Corsicans and Sardinians
  53. Hazel eyes.
  54. can someone please explain scandinavian eyes..
  55. What is up with Slovaks here
  56. Study: Swedish genetic substructure
  57. similar or different?
  58. maybe stupid question
  59. Medieval mtDNA from salagassos
  60. Medieval DNA from Usedom, Germany
  61. Human migration and cultural change in the origins of European farmers
  62. Scarcity of lactase persistence in medieval Hungarians
  63. Kashubians - what does their Y-chromosme haplogroups tell us about their origins?
  64. Ancient Celts: Were they the same group or several under a same culture?
  65. Mapping Asian influence in Europe..
  66. Brain Size means most potential in Europeans and East Asians
  67. The History of African Gene Flow into Southern Europeans, Levantines, and Jews
  68. Do Croatians and Slovenians cluster genetically more with Northern Slavs than
  69. Roman genes
  70. Genetic variation in the Sorbs of eastern Germany...
  71. Brits and African affinity?
  72. Alcacer Do Sal Iberia 22% SSA MTDNA L lineages A
  73. Y-chromosome, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA from Treilles (5,000 years ago, Neolithic Fran
  74. Y and mt DNA percentages in Galicia
  75. Genetic analysis of 7 medieval skeletons from the Aragonese Pyrenees.
  76. The Genetic Structure of the Swedish Population
  77. Which Europeans are Europoid, but not Europid?
  78. Myth of Finnish inbreeding
  79. different theories of European ethnical landscape
  80. South Siberian mtDNA from Neolithic and Bronze Age Ukraine
  81. Neolithic Y DNA from Southwestern France
  82. "The Caucasus as an asymmetric semipermeable barrier to ancient human migrations"
  83. The basque man=THE original white man
  84. "What the hell happened during European prehistory?"
  85. Are Mordvinians of North Iranian stock?
  86. Can you more easily tell Southern Europeans or Northern Europeans apart?
  87. Genofond of the Russian North
  88. Post your speculations on the peopling of Western Eurasia
  89. Link between haplogroup E and poor economic performance
  90. No Goths in Northern Russia or near the Baltic? Seems so...
  91. For Europeans: In what US states are most of your matches found?
  92. Ottoman/Arab contribution to Iberian gene pool
  93. Sicily, Normans and the Middle ages.
  94. European Neolithization and Ancient DNA: An Assessment
  95. DNA-analysis in Sweden
  96. Who are southern europeans more related too?
  97. South Europe: Oldest genetic component
  98. Genes link Celts to Basques
  99. the real iberians(atlanteans/hebrews of the bible)
  100. The Welsh
  101. Ossetians
  102. Finnish proto-Indo-European autosomal component? [split] //mod
  103. Dienekes:"the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers have the highest allele sharing with Poles"
  104. mtDNA Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age Northern Ibera
  105. Another look at Neolithic inhabitants of Sweden, using 'euro7'
  106. what are possible advantages of being 'pure' or 'old stock' European
  107. National Variation
  108. Saami ancestral component?
  109. Saamis and Finns as Europeans
  110. gypsy conversation
  111. North European Ancestral Component and Corded Ware Culture
  112. Ancient Greece
  113. Multiple Small IBD/IBS Segments Among Finns
  114. First direct evidence of genetic continuity in Poland since at least the Iron Age
  115. Ancient DNA from Iberian Mesolithic hunter-gatherers
  116. "People of the British Isles"
  117. The Bronze Age Indo-European invasion of Europe
  118. Dienekes: Ancient European DNA using DIYHarappaWorld and MDLP5
  119. Dienekes:Indo-European genetic signatures in an Orcadian and a Lithuanian
  120. Rare genetic variants very rare in Northern Europe
  121. All North Euros are significantly East Asian??
  122. From the earliest modern humans to the onset of farming (45,000-4,500 BP)
  123. Long IBD gives clues to migrations across Europe from the Iron Age to the present (2)
  124. First African community in UK 1500's...
  125. A look at Y chromosomes of Romania via Count Dracula
  126. Ötzi shows "substantially higher degree of Neandertal ancestry than living Europeans"
  127. Huns in Bavaria (and proto-Bulgarians in Italy)
  128. Whats the real origin of celtics?How do the Celts look like?
  129. DNA testing old Western Norwegian bones..
  130. North Italians
  131. does any one know
  132. Paternal Lineages Of Calabria
  133. Cavalli-Sforza's PCs of genetic variation in Europe vs. autosomal components
  134. Types of soil and genetic variation in Europe
  135. Mesolithic (s)Iberians ?
  136. Tuscans
  137. Viking DNA
  138. Were the Natufians, proto-Europids? [split] //mod
  139. Macedonians (Slavs) Who do they look the closest to?
  140. Ancient Admixture in Human History
  141. An estimate of the admixture time for Finns
  142. Elina Salmela thesis 2012: Finland and Sweden
  143. How far are/were the germanic tribes from the british tribes?
  144. Estonians are genetically close to the "Baltoslavs"
  145. Which do Greeks overlap best: Spanish/Portuguese, South Slavs, or Syrians/Lebanese?
  146. Please help! Could I have African or Arab blood?
  147. Europeans are Middle Easterners
  148. Upper Paleolithic/Mesolithic European mtDNA Haplogroups
  149. Northeast Italians in wider genetic context
  150. 23andme admixture for SE Europeans (Southern Italians, Sicilians, Greeks, Cypriots).
  151. European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) annual meeting abstracts
  152. The Balts and the Finns in historical perspective: a multidisciplinary approach
  153. aDNA Reveals Key Stages in the Formation of the Central European mtDNA Gene Pool
  154. The Globular Amphora man from late Neolithic Poland
  155. Genetic studies on judeoconversos ("new christians") from Iberia
  156. Mesolithic aDNA and three ancestral components for modern Europeans
  157. late Hallstatt/early La Tène paper with mtDNA
  158. 7000yo European Hunter gatherer Haplogroup C
  159. The booms and busts of Neolithic Europe (and their potential impact on our DNA)
  160. Madeiran Portuguese 23andme, Dodecad, and Eurogenes results -- anyone have any?
  161. AIMs and fine structure in 15 European populations( 670K chip)
  162. Who are "Greek_East" on this chart?
  163. Extreme positive selection for light skin, hair, and eyes on the Pontic-Caspian
  164. Tuscan-like farmer from late Neolithic Iberia
  165. A more detailed look at Neolithic Swedish genomes
  166. Genotyping of 390,000 SNPs in more than 40 3-9k year old humans from the Russian steppes.
  167. Neolithical Revolution by sea
  168. How much Slavic ancestry is there in Greece?
  169. First I1-M253 from prehistoric Europe
  170. Bell Beaker origins and genetics
  171. Ashkenazi Jews Are All 30th Cousins
  172. Genome flux and stasis in a five millennium transect of European prehistory
  173. Greek and Greek Thessaly samples.
  174. Why are Cretans and Sicilians genetically close but not to mainland Greeks?
  175. “Massive migration from the steppe is a source for Indo-European languages in Europe”
  176. “Eight thousand years of natural selection in Europe”
  177. BBC: “DNA study shows Celts are not a unique genetic group”
  178. Corsican ?
  179. Forest Saamis & Fell Saamis: Different origin?
  180. PCA with ancient Etruscans
  181. Molecular genetic investigation of the Neolithic population history in the western Carpathian Basin
  182. mtDNA data on Great Hungarian Plain Neolithic (Victoria Keerl dissertation)
  183. A new study (2015) comparing Albanian (Ghegs, Tosks) Y-DNA haplogroups with Arbereshe
  184. Genetic Heritage of the Balto-Slavic Speaking Populations (Kushniarevich, 2015)
  185. Busby et al. 2015 on the racial purity of West Eurasia, or lack thereof
  186. A European population in Minoan Bronze Age Crete (Hughey et al. 2012)
  187. Fiorito et al. 2015: The Italian genome reflects the history of Europe and the Mediterranean basin
  188. Jones et al. 2015: Upper Palaeolithic genomes reveal deep roots of modern Eurasians
  189. 2,000 year old Londoners weren't from London, DNA reveals.
  190. Hofmanová et al. 2015: “Early farmers from across Europe directly descended from Neolithic Aegeans”
  191. 230 Ancient Eurasians
  192. Victims of Totalitarianisms
  193. “Possible North - Eastern Connections of the R1a1 - populations of Corded Ware Culture”
  194. Science Illustrated: “100,000 Finns carry a gene that makes them violent sex maniacs”
  195. Two new ancient DNA studies on British peoples
  196. major upheaval in Europe near end of last Ice Age
  197. Early Medieval Muslim Graves in France: Genomic evidence
  198. Gedmatch results of a Sami
  199. Single Bronze Age 'king' responsible for half of western European men (Poznik et al 2016)
  200. All factors considered, how closely related are the English and the Irish?
  201. Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity
  202. The Sorbs of East Germany
  203. Why do some people in Europe have tanned skin?
  204. Roman era York 3DRIF-26 is J2b1-M205 and likely Middle Easterner
  205. R1b1b in Mesolithic Latvia
  206. R1a1 M459 (with U4) and I2a2a M223 (with U5b2) in prehistoric Ukraine
  207. The Genetic History of Northern Europe (Mittnik et al. 2017)
  208. DNA Test Results
  209. Parallel ancient genomic transects reveal complex population history of early European farmers
  210. Peloponnesian Greeks: 0.2 to 14.4% Slavic, and share 85-96% of DNA with Italians.
  211. Sazzini et al: Italian population structure study (PCAs included)
  212. Least and most bottlenecked populations in Europe.
  213. The Genomic History Of Southeastern Europe (Mathieson et al. 2017)
  214. The Population Genomics Of Archaeological Transition In West Iberia
  215. New paper on Sicily and Southern Italy (Sarno et al. 2017)
  216. Potential hominin affinities of Graecopithecus from the Late Miocene of Europe (Fuss et al. 2017)
  217. Norwegians and Swedes, how genetically different are they?
  218. Which modern people are closest to the ancient mainland Greeks? Not Cretans or Calabrese. See why.
  219. How ancestrally "European" are European people?
  220. West Eurasian ancient DNA on modern populations (PCA plot)
  221. Genomics of Mesolithic Scandinavia reveal colonization routes and high-latitude adaptation (Günther et al. 2017)
  222. Genetic origins of the Minoans and Mycenaeans
  223. When exactly did southern Italy, Sicily, and Crete acquire their Middle Eastern ancestry?
  224. Dispelling the myth that Sicilians "cluster with" Peloponnesian Greeks.
  225. A female Viking warrior confirmed by genomics (Hedenstierna-Jonson et al. 2017)
  226. Ancient DNA from Upper Paleolithic Russia (Sikora et al. 2017)
  227. Serbs
  228. Population genomics of Mesolithic Scandinavia (Günther et al. 2018)
  229. Ralph and Coop - The Geography of Recent Genetic Ancestry across Europe
  230. Insular Celtic population structure and genomic footprints of migration (Byrne et al. 2018)
  231. Who is more Aryan - Germans or Poles? 🇩🇪 🇵🇱
  232. Four millennia of Iberian biomolecular prehistory (Valdiosera et al. 2018)
  233. Genetic differences between Spaniards are greater from East to West than from North to South
  234. Ancient Fennoscandian genomes reveal origin and spread of Siberian ancestry in Europe (Lamnidis et al. 2018)
  235. Genetic differences within Ireland and data from 2 studies.
  236. The genetic prehistory of the Greater Caucasus (Wang et al. 2018)
  237. Are White people the product of race mixing?
  238. Prehistoric migrations shaped Corsican Y-chromosome
  239. "Ancient DNA shows the Sámi and Finns share identical Siberian genes", Lamnidis et al. 2018
  240. The genomic history of the Iberian Peninsula over the past 8000 years
  241. "Inventing the whites, what hath fog wrought" by Razib Khan
  242. Ancient chewing gum reveals Scandinavia's oldest human DNA
  243. Do any prehistoric European remains have any SSA mixture?
  244. Population genomics of the Viking world (Ashot Margaryan et al. 2019)