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  1. ForumBiodiversity.com will take over AnthroForum.com
  2. Polako is now moderator
  3. Ozrage is moderator
  4. Angharad is moderator
  5. Saif ad-Dhib is moderator
  6. Excel is moderator
  7. Cail is moderator
  8. New forum and sub-fora!
  9. Azvarohi is moderator
  10. Email Activation Codes
  11. bami is moderator
  12. Surena is moderator
  13. Motörhead Remember Me is moderator
  14. Nazi Ufo Commander is moderator
  15. Trog is moderator
  16. Attachment limit increased
  17. RSS 2.0 has been added to the forum!
  18. Metatron is moderator
  19. New Smilies
  20. New Forum Skins
  21. Official Policy Announcement of Biodiversity Forum
  22. Caine is moderator
  23. DrDawud is moderator
  24. Secret administrator accusations and other speculations
  25. Moderator and Member interaction
  26. Quality enforcements and highbrow regulations
  27. ForumBiodiversity.com Wiki?
  28. Image signature enabled
  29. Encyclopædia Biodiversity wiki released
  30. Physical Anthropology and creating threads in the right sections
  31. Admin reading PM?
  32. Server issues causing connection problems
  33. bami demoded
  34. ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8
  35. Personal Taxonomy section now restricted
  36. Motörhead Remember Me and Excel demoded
  37. Viking is moderator
  38. Ezana is moderator
  39. Change is coming!
  40. Established Members and signatures
  41. Aino is moderator
  42. New admins and forum policy change
  43. IP block of all Tor and other anonymous proxies
  44. Tags are disabled!
  45. Off topic tendency and inability to post threads where they belong
  46. Dutch section added, Bittereinder moderates
  47. Attachments disabled
  48. Possibly closing the forum this month
  49. Forum donations went well
  50. Taking a vacation
  51. Forum statistics
  52. ABF turns 1000!
  53. Janos is moderator
  54. Day Tripper is moderator
  55. jr1 is moderator
  56. Deletion of Attachments
  57. Put the moderators to work: report posts!
  58. El Andullero is moderator
  59. asingh is moderator
  60. EiCibaeño is moderator
  61. Bittereinder is moderator
  62. Vadim Verenich is moderator
  63. vBulletin 4 upgrade complete!
  64. More focus on genetics and science!
  65. Turkish Forum added
  66. New ethnic sections added
  67. Zakar-Baal is moderator
  68. Forum restored and secured, part two, the deja vu part...
  69. Forum restored and secured, third time's the charm!
  70. Forum donations needed
  71. Good news about the lost forum history!
  72. Meet Chloe :)
  73. Firewall blocked everything
  74. Jaska is moderator
  75. Inactive moderators demodded
  76. Soul Unlimited is moderator
  77. Forum skins are back!
  78. Lol_Race is moderator
  79. Member Map added!
  80. Mac skin is back!
  81. ForumBiodiversity.com is now five years old!
  82. "Forum is closed due to security breach"
  83. NixYO and Semitic Duwa are now moderators!
  84. ForumXware.com, ABF's new sister forum, open for public!
  85. ForumBiodiversity turns 7 years today, and we celebrate it with ForumXware.com
  86. 6 days downtime explained
  87. Temporary forum donation drive
  88. Upcoming hardware upgrade soon!
  89. New ABF wiki installed and ready to launch!
  90. All Established Members can now edit the wiki!
  91. NixYO no longer moderator
  92. One week downtime