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  1. Evolutionary psychology
  2. Bio-behavioural science
  3. Eye accessing cues
  4. Taking it in turns 'is down to evolution'
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  6. Why blue-eyed boys (and girls) are so brilliant
  7. How much sleep do we need?
  8. Mongoloid-Caucasoid Differences in Brain Size from Military Samples (J. P. Rushton)
  9. Are you a narcissist??
  10. Weschler Sub-test Scores For A Variety Of Groups
  11. Morphs based on MBTI types.
  12. Your Intelligence(s) And Learning Style(s)
  13. Class and Language Development
  14. Controversial Study of African IQ Levels Is 'Deeply Flawed'
  15. Savant Syndrome
  16. Gittinger's Personality Assessment System
  17. Bruce Lahn's controversial race and intelligence research
  18. Self-Actualization
  19. IQ and education
  20. Prosopagnosia - Faceblindness
  21. Selective Mutism and Cho Seung
  22. Superior Spatial Cognitive Ability Amongst Top-Level Rugby Players
  23. Authoritarian Personality Disorder
  24. Are atheists and liberals smarter?
  25. Psychic warfare technology
  26. Racial/Ethnic Sleep Pattern Differences in US
  27. Does a Birth Defect Cause Homosexuality?
  28. Neanderthal Theory for Asperger's, Autism
  29. Mental diseases don't exist (split) //mod
  30. Why Black Africans love rythms?
  31. Online Ostracism Damages Children's Self Esteem
  32. Psychopathy, sexual behavior, and esteem: It's different for girls
  33. 23andme and cognition
  34. Absolute Pitch (Perfect Pitch)
  35. rs4570625
  36. The Black-White IQ Gap: James Flynn vs. Charles Murray
  37. Humans inferior to chimps?
  38. Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes
  39. Serbia - land of low IQ
  40. Serbia - land of low IQ
  41. Dying people - can they still be conscious enough to talk right before they die?
  42. For CEOs, it really pays to look the part
  43. Decline of the real man is no joke
  44. Helms' model of racial identity
  45. Sexual Liberation or Sexual Slavery
  46. How my mother's fanatical views tore us apart...
  47. Creativity in East Asia
  48. Selfish or Cooperative
  49. Close Relationship with Mom Leads to Better Romance Later
  50. Why Do Russians Have High Rates of Neuroticism
  51. Are blacks too dumb to take IQ tests?
  52. Monster-in-law
  53. The Right Brain vs Left Brain test
  54. Gay Pride Weekend
  55. IQ and Brain Genes: PolskiMoc Propaganda Debunked
  56. Politician demands IQ immigration tests in Germany
  57. The Big Five; OCEAN or CANOE (split) //mod
  58. Intelligence vs Disease Load
  59. Cognitive Differences Between Populations
  60. Archaeology and the Mechanisms of Time and Cognition
  61. Tell me your thoughts when listening to the link
  62. Is beauty purerly a social construction?
  63. Neurons and mental manipulation
  64. Sapir-Whorf_Hypothesis
  65. Liberal and Conservative Brains
  66. Alpha vs beta male/female discussions (split) //mod
  67. Handedness
  68. What fantasized picture do you have of the european man?
  69. Quality of life enhancing substances
  70. NorthEast Asians and "Westerns" Differ in Brain Structure?
  71. Are some men 'born to cheat'?
  72. Stare at boobs for longer life: Study
  73. Places you would not like to enter in Europe..
  74. Ingrained personality traits vs psychological conditions
  75. INTJ personality & experiences
  76. What's your personality type? Take the test.
  77. Flagellantism and Catholicism
  78. Internet persona vs Real life character
  79. How would you solve a conflict?
  80. What about you best defines you?
  81. Why some women are into bad boys
  82. Friends and Foes
  83. Superstitions!
  84. PTSD Survivors' Children May Have Genetic Scars
  85. Skull size and intelligence, and King Robert Bruce's IQ
  86. On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society
  87. Bananas and monkeys
  88. Personality Type
  89. Smell and Attraction
  90. Extrasensory Perception: Real or Fake?
  91. Do you believe that white Americans are dumber than Europeans?
  92. Mrcp ii made easy
  93. The Russian maximalism
  94. 200 Genes That Affect Intelligence
  95. Divergent Thinking Test
  96. Are Greeks The Superior European?
  97. Albanians have highest IQ in Europe?
  98. Which cultures are the most Sexually Conservative and Sexually Liberal?
  99. Do African Americans 'Suck Teeth'?
  100. Is intelligence merely a matter of quickness?
  101. China, Brazil basketball fight
  102. Which race is the most intelligent?
  103. What in your country is considered "taboo"?
  104. Myopia in different ethnic groups?
  105. Phobias/ Fears
  106. Scientists may have found a liberal gene.
  107. Dialogue Diversity: Americans and Turks
  108. Cardiovascular exercise increases IQ
  109. Girl, 10, 'gives birth' in Spain
  110. Joke Comprehension & the Brain
  111. Genetics of mental flexibility
  112. Ethnic Conflict empirical evidence for 183 contemporary states
  113. Women more individualistic and men more collective?
  114. Spontaneous mutations -> mental retardation
  115. Facts don’t necessarily have the power to change our minds.
  116. Young girls abused and sold - for a few hundred of dollars
  117. Psychopaths: Brain structure
  118. Cognitive tests, self-testing on internet
  119. Cat Neuroscience
  120. Psychology of cult members
  121. Partial reversal of aging achieved in mice
  122. A controversial psychologist's VERY politically incorrect 'truths' about human nature
  123. Infidelity & DRD4--dopamine receptor
  124. Neuroscience: imagery
  125. Characteristics of Beautiful Faces
  126. Humor: key to problem-solving?
  127. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) - Winter depression, anyone?
  128. Intelligence/Memory Capacity
  129. The Human as a Pack Animal
  130. Aversion therapy and personality disorders
  131. Is 20 years old too young to get married?
  132. The fine line between fantasy and reality
  133. Friends show genetic similarity?
  134. Are you currently happy with your life?
  135. State IQ estimates (2009)
  136. Personality disorder test
  137. Should homosexuals be allowed to teach children?
  138. Brainwashing
  139. My take on Schizoaffective Disorder
  140. Crybabies...
  141. Schizoaffective Disorder: What it is, what it is not
  142. Serotonin Imbalance: this can make you miserable.
  143. Psychopathic phenotype
  144. Cell phones and radiation?
  145. Opposites attract
  146. OMG human reality and telepathy!
  147. Are you left or right handed?
  148. Pizza boxes dangerous to human health?
  149. Why are geniuses considered weird or eccentric?
  150. Serial Killers
  151. Emigrants: losers or winners?
  152. Emigrants: losers or winners?
  153. Favorite weather/climate?
  154. Do you suffer from depression?
  155. Twitter and Facebook don't connect people – they isolate them from reality
  156. one more about Facebook, weird?
  157. Kids' brains may hold clues to future criminals
  158. standards of cleaningness
  159. Nature or Nurture: religioethnoracialism
  160. Schizophrenic illusion
  161. Pharmacy density per city.
  162. Are "angry white males" angry?
  163. how doeas a white WASP man act?
  164. The direct correlation between animal abusers and serial killers
  165. Why Earthquakes in New Zealand Increased Birth Rates
  166. Analyze your Handwriting
  167. What do you think of people who try to sound native in a foreign language
  168. 100 wallets dropped in front of hidden cameras to test honesty...
  169. What do you consider a good salary?
  170. Psychological study question?
  171. Study Finds Fast-Increasing ‘Empathy Deficit’ Among Young Adults
  172. From markets to market economy
  173. suicide
  174. Funny video fight between chinese man and white man
  175. The 12 pillars of wisdom
  176. Socio-Economic-Genetic Theory
  177. Why women like black men but not asian men?
  178. Facial personality profiling
  179. How do you self-identify?
  180. Mate-Selection and Breeding Strategy
  181. Being in love.
  182. My race contra my self
  183. Have you ever lived in a place (town or city), that you really wanted to get out?
  184. Are you prone to mind control?
  185. what does it mean to be European or Western?
  186. First Direct Evidence That ADHD Is a Genetic Disorder
  187. Facial morphology and mental focus
  188. Walking the Line Between Good and Evil: The Common Thread of Heroes and Villains
  189. dogs take after their owners
  190. wind of change- more popish than pope
  191. AMAZING Video:Two Babies Talking! Twins
  192. Jung/Myers-Briggs Personality Typology POLL
  193. Ghosts or distorted perception?
  194. Homosexuality - Was Kinsey's 10% figure way too high?
  195. How does a person that never gets sex get affected?
  196. Should SSRIs be used to treat PE?
  197. handshake
  198. "Conservatives are scared"
  199. Is Slutiness an evolutive trait or a cultural one?
  200. Video Games: 1st Person, 2nd Person, 3rd Person
  201. The Drive Behind Views on Government Redistribution and Anti-Capitalism
  202. Do you think that alcoholism/addiction is a disease?
  203. Political views & brain structure
  204. on the edge of taboo in everyday life
  205. women like men who dont like them- why?
  206. Attention Deficit Disorder, a most unfortunate epidemia
  207. Americans Happier than Europeans
  208. American College of Surgeons head resigns before actually taking office over sexism.
  209. COMT gene and learning from experience
  210. Dreams
  211. Heart disease and race?
  212. Female members, would you date an ugly man?
  213. Pesticide Use Tied to Lower IQ in Children
  214. World's happiest countries
  215. Psychopathy riddle
  216. Male Hierarchy
  217. Asians genetically predisposed to become awsome at Karaoke?
  218. Derren Brown: Miracle for Sale
  219. What We Have Learned About Gifted Children
  220. sexual fantasies
  221. Memories
  222. 2008: Genetics of Political Beliefs
  223. Men Think About Sleep & Food as Much as Sex
  224. Who Knows You Best? Not You
  225. People Say They Won’t Shock Others for Cash, But Do
  226. Anger propensity & memory
  227. Jewish genius according to Charles Murray
  228. Can you insult someone with racial slurs and not be racist?
  229. Marriage & Political Beliefs
  230. Could you work for MI5?
  231. Satoshi Kanazawa Causes Firestorm After Claiming Black Women Are Less Attractive
  232. An example of someone with an implosive anger problem
  233. India: Female fetuses aborted
  234. If Obama was Fully Black and married a Luo would he still have support
  235. Geometry skills are innate, Amazon tribe study suggests
  236. Article: narcissism & internet
  237. Does head circumference, and/or the shape of one's cranium determine intelligence
  238. Smiling guys are less sexy
  239. Are people supposed to hibernate in winter
  240. Psychiatry; a billion dollar industry based on pseudo science
  241. Chi energy
  242. Differences Between Tight and Loose Cultures: A 33-Nation Study..
  243. Curious new behaviour that I got...
  244. Idiot Savants
  245. Which race is more Suicidal
  246. Scientists believe gay people might be born gay
  247. Battle of the Sexes: Intelligence
  248. The Psychology of Changing Your Opinions
  249. Foreign accent syndrome
  250. Perfect pitch