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  1. Haplogroups and their role in determining phenotypes (split) //mod
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  13. Women and Y chromosome haplogroups
  14. Genetic structure of Western Caucasus populations on the base of uniparental polymorp
  15. Age estimation of Y chromosome lineages (Adamov & Karzhavin 2010)
  16. Indian Muslims
  17. ashkenazi levites?
  18. Genetic Similarities between these ethnicity's
  19. Where do North Indians come from or descend from?
  20. Y-DNA and mtDNA from LBK-culture
  21. Horn African haplogroups
  22. Looks like they have King Tuts Mtdna
  23. Dominican Spreadsheet
  24. How much Near Eastern and North African admixture is there in Portugal and Spain?
  25. Mesolithic mtDNA haplogroup U5a from Luxembourg
  26. Do you identify with your haplogroups?
  27. Isn't this the coolest?
  28. Finally..
  29. Can someone help me predict?
  30. Predict my haplogroup
  31. Help
  32. My DNA Results: E1b1b1a1a2/E1b1b1a1b
  33. Haplogroup of first people who were lactose tolerant
  34. Please help me understand my Haplogroup!
  35. Volga Finnic haplogroups compared to other Finnic groups.
  36. Date estimates for major mitochondrial haplogroups in Yemen
  37. Links between Native Americans and southern Altaians
  38. West Asian, East African, South Asian and North African aDNA Data (mtDNA and Y-DNA)
  39. What means E-YAP - (found about 10% in eastern anatolia)
  40. What race/origin of people shar the subhaplogroup sequence L3D1c
  41. Origin of Haplogroup M
  42. Role of Y chromosome in inherited coronary artery disease
  43. Mtdna and ydna I
  44. Quantifying Yayoi and Jomon ancestry in Japanese
  45. West Asian vs. Mediterranean vs. North European
  46. Is there a connection between your paternal halpogroup and surname?
  47. Why Didn't European Women Sleep With Natives And Africans?
  48. Haplogroup x
  49. Genetic structure of North-East Sardinia
  50. Across the Indian Ocean: the prehistoric movement of plants and animals. And people?
  51. Where to get maps
  52. What were the Haplogroups of the Neanderthals?
  53. Austroloid mtDNA and Y-DNA in Southeast Asia and Austronesian
  54. Y chromosomes and mtDNA from late antique Bavaria
  55. Estimating the age of Y chromosome Adam
  56. Caucasoid Y-DNA and Caucasoid mtDNA in Han Chinese
  57. Caucasoid Y-DNA and Caucasoid mtDNA in Han Chinese
  58. Black people mtDNA and Y-DNA from Europeans, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Ameridians ect
  59. Jomon Y-DNA and Jomon mtDNA in each Japanese province
  60. The history of Slavs in the light of Y-chromosome and mtDNA variability
  61. Saami mongoloid haplgroups from Finns, Sweden, Norway ( mtDNA + Y-DNA haplogroups)
  62. DNA and Blood Types
  63. European Mesolithic Y-chromosome haplogroups - have they survived?
  64. Xiongnu cemetery haplogroups frequencies of mtDNA and Y-DNA
  65. Introduction into Haplogroups
  66. BIG STUDY! In depth Y- & mtDNA Analysis of Ethiopians
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  68. NEW STUDY! In depth Y- & mtDNA Analysis of Italians.
  69. Any Mexicans tested positive for mtDNA L on 23andme?
  70. Are 23andme haplogroups updated?
  71. haplogroups of religious leaders
  72. Updated Dominican Mtdna/Ydna Spreadsheet W/Charts
  73. Ladies, do you care about your father or brother's ydna haplogroup?
  74. Polynesian mtDNA and Y Chromosome haplogroups
  75. Explain me fuegian haplogroups: am I dumb or is something wrong?
  76. Haplogroups and the ethnogenesis of the Sami (Saami) people
  77. Haplogroup composition of the populations from the Volga-Ural region (Trofimova, 2015)
  78. The first results of genetic typing of local population and ancient humans in Upper Dvina region
  79. Origins, admixture and founder lineages in European Roma.
  80. Proto-Indo-European Y-DNA and mtDNA lineages based on ancient DNA results
  81. Details wanted ; on Haplogroups
  82. Origin of Paternal Haplogroup J-F4100?
  83. Origin of haplogroup E?
  84. Isn't haplogroup just another word for race?
  85. Can a haplogroup establish any link to one's real identity?
  86. How can people say that the Dravidians are relatives of Australoids being that they don't have similar haplogroups?
  87. E1b1b?
  88. J2a1a?
  89. Could you take my doubts about E1b1b?
  90. If SNPs are random copying errors, can two unrelated people share the same SNP?
  91. question about wegenes and mtdna
  92. Can someone explain the relationship between YDNA, mtDNA, and Autosomal DNA?
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  94. Neanderthal Mt & Y-DNA
  95. Nikola Tesla was not I2a but R1a
  96. Could (((Jesus))) be a descendant of the Proto-Indo-Aryans?
  97. mtDNA L3 and Y-DNA E migrated back to Africa from Asia around 70,000 years ago? Cabrera et al. 2017
  98. What does it mean when a group of people have the same haplogroup?
  99. Y- Test : 5th Cousin Match At 0 Distance / European Paternal Haplogroup - African American
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  101. Batutsi/Bahima_Y-DNA&mt-DNA
  102. R1a and R1b are regarded as related brother/sister clades