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  1. Genetic distances between European and world populations
  2. Genetic distances in human populations
  3. "Too little data"
  4. "Typical" African American Admixture
  5. ADMIXTURE and STRUCTURE tests aren’t formal mixture tests
  6. Ancestry finder analysis
  7. West Asian admixture in Southern/SouthEast Europe
  8. Summing Up ADMIXTURE Components
  9. Lemba's Possible Gypsy/Indian Ancestry
  10. Gedmatch Hapmap results
  11. ADMIXTURE and STRUCTURE aren't formal mixture tests
  12. Polish Corded Ware NOT responsible for the "North European" in Bell Beaker people!
  13. Where Do I Fit In Best?
  14. Origins and Geographic spread of Med components
  15. Finnish Founder Effect Confirmed With fastIBD Results
  16. fastIBD Russian Segment Matches Over 4 cM
  17. What was Central Asia like before Indo-Europeans?
  18. fastIBD Uralic Segment Matches Over 4cM
  19. Figuring Out A Chromosome Segment
  20. South West Asian admixture as a signature of Neolitic expansion in Europe
  21. Gedmatch Chromosone Browser Segment Comparison - I'm a total newb!
  22. Sardinians, Moroccans, Basque and the Med/Southern component.
  23. Armenian autosomal dna: any difference between those from Anatolia and the highlands?
  24. Is this segment on chromosome paintings"real" or "noise"?
  25. Where would the FeistyGermanGhost fit in best?
  26. The main orientations of human genetic differentiation
  27. North Eurasian Sardinians and non-ancestral MENAs
  28. AuDna or AtDna same thing or is there a difference?
  29. "North Sea" autoso link between NW Europe and EC Asia a reflection of their r1b link?
  30. Picking Apart the ''Baltic Hunter-Gatherer'' Component From Eurogenes 500K
  31. Evidence for Early Migrations to Europe from West Asia and Siberia (STR)
  32. STR Predictor
  33. Felix Neanderthal Calculator
  34. T at rs1805005 - how common?
  35. Post Your Intepretome Results
  36. Puerto Rican 23andme Results!
  37. Ancient African Affinities Of Near Eastern Minorities
  38. GEDMATCH Calculators Manipulated ?
  39. Native American/East Asian result?
  40. Formation of the DNA in a new-born
  41. Relationship between percentage African ancestry and migration dates out of Africa
  42. experts on STR testing for ancestry?
  43. Where Did ANE (Ancestral North Eurasian) Originate?
  44. Anyone Good At Generating GEDMatch Global PCA Plots?
  45. Population NOT in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
  46. Italian, Sicilian, and Greek 23andme results!
  47. European Genetics of Latinos
  48. R1b-CTS9219 post your Autosomal (auDNA)
  49. Iraqi Arabs; Arabized Mesopotamians, or genetically Arabian?
  50. Fst-correlation of Admix-analyses
  51. Eurogenes K=6 Components
  52. gedmatch eastern-euro results
  53. ANE Autosomal DNA Component Likely From Eastern European Hunter-Gatherers
  54. Do Sub-Saharan Africans Have Basal Eurasian Ancestry?
  55. Lazaridis "Kenyan Somalis" not representative. A mix between Boranas and Somalis?
  56. Eurogenes K15 Results For Upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Individuals
  57. Baltic Hunter-Gatherer?
  58. Lack of ANE in the Horn?
  59. South Asians = ENF + South Eurasian + ANE?
  60. Dating auDNA using fragmentation ?
  61. The autosomal make-up of Europe after the 2015 study
  62. Yamna, Karelia-HG, are they still around ?
  63. Dodecad k12b results of Yamnaya and EGH samples
  64. Best autosomal calculator for Caucasians
  65. Italians / greeks - autosomally closer to Palestinians than many European/Russian Groups
  66. EHG and ANE
  67. Are the Mongolians sampled in k8 eurogenes spreadsheet actually Mongolized Turks?
  68. Eurogenes ANE K7, what is "West African"?
  69. Homozygosity and divergence among Europeans
  70. ACTN3 aka the sprinter gene (rs1815739), do you have it?
  71. Eurogenes Uralic genes Analysis
  72. In your opinion, what is the most accurate calculator and why?
  73. Best Test For ANE Ancestry
  74. Teaser: Repopulation of Ireland in the Bronze age
  75. Are Resian isolates the most mesolithic ?
  76. Finns compared to Brits and ancient samples using one million SNP
  77. My IBD Segments With Finns
  78. Smaller IBD segments and MRCA estimations
  79. Isles Celts Decend from Late Neolithic Central Europeans
  80. What is the ACTUAL amount of Middle Eastern/North African DNA in Southern Europeans?
  81. Gedmatch results of an Early Farmer from Anatolia
  82. Eurogenes K15 Interpretation
  83. My DNA tribes snp report results - please analyze
  84. Northern or Southern Spaniard?
  85. Ged match Interpretations and Advice
  86. i3003626, genotype confused
  87. My garbage DNA tribes str results
  88. Hair Curl 23andme.
  89. Gedmatch results of a Natufian
  90. Gedmatch chromosomes
  91. Ancestry composition of Spaniards?
  92. Iberians with Japanese ancestry
  93. Were Proto-Indo-European people (Yamna) a middle-eastern folk related to Natufians?
  94. Ashkenazi gedmatch results
  95. armenian gedmatch result
  96. Eurasia K6 "Italy-Greece" PCA plot.
  97. Turkish ancestry in Tunisians and other North-Africans
  98. Is this DNA land results typical for Tunisians?
  99. Scoring Jew on autosomal calcs?
  100. Different autosomal results by each chromosome?
  101. What was the genetic impact of Arabs in North Africa?
  102. Your puntDNAL K12 Ancient Oracle results from Gedmatch
  103. Plotting Indo-Europeans with new Eurogenes PCA data
  104. Genetic Stratigraphy of Key Demographic Events in Arabia
  105. My 23andme results..guess where i am from:)
  106. Your genetic place on the map
  107. Your Turkic admixture results
  108. Gedmatch results of a Sephardic Jew from Izmir, Turkey
  109. Gedmatch results of a Native Australian sample
  110. Do these Scandinavian results indicate Scotch-Irish Ancestry?
  111. Are there Ashkenazim Jews who cluster with Levantines on PCA plots?
  112. What are African Americans' autosomes looking like?
  113. What are Afro-American autosomes looking like primarily on the African side?
  114. Eurogenes' model of Europeans based on Mesolithic and Neolithic samples
  115. Polish autosomal ancestry genetic test results
  116. Kriptc06 DNA results - Finally
  117. Ancestry Composition for Anatolia
  118. Ethnic Pole from Lwów (Lviv) - GEDmatch results
  119. Basal-rich K7
  120. MDLP K16 Modern
  121. MDLP K11 Ancient
  122. My Eurogenes K13 results
  123. Eurogenes Hunter_Gatherer vs. Farmer
  124. Prussian German GEDmatch results
  125. Highest "Baltic" scores in Eurogenes K13 / K15
  126. Interesting Slavic GEDmatch results
  127. Neanderthal Origin BNC2 SNP(s)
  128. Sat-Okh, was he really part Native American?
  129. Ashkenazim, South Italy & Balkans PCA using Eurogenes K36, created using my samples
  130. Poles (n=54) in Eurogenes K36
  131. Eurogenes K36 Oracle (beta version)
  132. Polish Highlander GEDmatch results
  133. Deutsches DNA-Forschungsprojekt
  134. Pre-Columbian & Modern Native Americans in Eurogenes K36
  135. Pitcairn Islander GEDmatch results
  136. Canadian Inuits (n=43) in Eurogenes K36
  137. 32 Tunisians results on Eurogenes V2 K15
  138. New K36 post your results- Your ancestors 15,000 years ago+ Your ancestors 4,500 years ago
  139. Tool for K36: your similarities rates on maps
  140. Why are Amerindians and Oceanians scoring West Asians and Europeans before with other ENAs in some calculators?
  141. MDLP World 22
  142. Germans from Rügen are genetically Slavic
  143. Old Prussian ancestry of East Prussians
  144. Ancestry of Afrikaaners (Boers)
  145. Post your MDLP world 22 GEDMATCH results
  146. Greek mainland and island populations may have diverged during Middle Ages?
  147. Ancient Egyptians on GEDMATCH
  148. Neolithic Greeks on GEDMatch: implications for modern populations?
  149. 2013 study showing heavily Middle Eastern origin of Ashkenazim, more than anticipated
  150. Bahraini Gedmatch kit numbers/ results
  151. Relationship between Iranians, Afghans, and Pakistanis?
  152. Mycenaean and Crete_Armenoi (Dorian) samples on GEDmatch.
  153. Eurogenes Admix Questions
  154. Post your Geneplaza K12 Ancient results
  155. Post your Eurogene's K15 PCA plot :
  156. Automsomal DNA and Physical Appearance
  157. FTDNA Mixed Clusters- Autosomal Bullshit?
  158. Deleted
  159. Litvin's DNA Tribes
  160. Post your Gedrosia K3 results
  161. Polish DNA Project
  162. Help: are my repeated Mizrahi Jewish Gedmatch predictions legit?
  163. Gedmatch - 47cm shared is how close of a relative?
  164. Admixture chart for South Europeans from the Guanche study -- Italians, Greeks, Spanish highlighted
  165. Ancient Affinity Maps
  166. Australian GEDmatch kits
  167. Genetic studies on Americo-Liberians?
  168. DNA of people native to Europe's small islands
  169. 2 Bell Beaker Sicilians (2500 BC) on GEDMatch.
  170. Post your Geneplaza K14 results
  171. Who have the least Indo-European/Steppe/NE Euro ancestry in Europe?
  172. Academic Greek samples (Macedonia/Thessaly/Peloponnese/C. Greece) on Eurogenes!
  173. How accurate do you guys think the K36 map is ?
  174. How accurate is MyGenomeBox in general?
  175. What are the best genetic tests for people with my Genome? (Balanced Mulatto)
  176. Pennsylvania Dutch Eurogenes K15 Average
  177. Polish-Danish Brotherhood
  178. Am i more Nigerian than i anticipated originally?
  179. post your puntdnal K15 results
  180. post all your 3-population-approximations from any calculator you find
  181. post your combined east med / west med scores from Eurogenes K13
  182. MyGenomeBox Ethnicity report Update
  183. Guess ethnicity based on K36 chromosome report?
  184. "recent" ancestry (about 2000 years) calculator
  185. My first post in a looong ass time xD (clearing up ethnicity results)
  186. DracoSentien's results
  187. Serb gedmatch 13k euro
  188. Has anyone tried admixture studio 12 ?
  189. post your puntdnal k10 results
  190. post your tolan k16 neolithic calculator results
  191. Eurogenes Global 25
  192. Sorcelows updated K18 calculator
  193. Your Mytrueancestry results
  194. Arabs take DNA test
  195. I need help please !
  196. EDAR (native-asian) gene in New Worlders
  197. African G25 PCA plots
  198. Do you think autosomal admixtures correspond with phenotype?