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  1. The SLC45A2 (white skin) gene as an AIM, let's compare
  2. Composite BGA European and Global plots
  3. Polako's Slavic IBD Segment Project
  4. Making sense of our deCODEme ancestry results (from 23andMe data)
  5. 23andMe Assyrian DNA Sample Comparison
  6. Scandinavian project
  7. Dodecad Ancestry Project
  8. Post results from Polako's and Dienekes' project
  9. The Harappa Ancestry Project
  10. African Ancestry Project
  11. The Artemis Project
  12. GEDmatch
  13. Eurogenes participant map..
  14. Magnus Ducatus Lituaniae Project
  15. GEDmatch Eye Predictor Tool
  16. ROH inbred calculator V3.
  17. GEDmatch Admixture Proportions Utility (Beta)
  18. Post your pigmentation genotypes
  19. Dodecad analysis: Implications for Iranians
  20. Harappa Mclust Results for Assyrians and a few other Semitic-speaking populations
  21. Eurogenes v2
  22. Ben Moscia X-chromosome project
  23. Finns through MDLP
  24. I need help for my Dienekes Results
  25. GEDmatch Phasing Utility Fixed?
  26. West Indies/Latin Caribbean, etc project
  27. Faroese DNA project :)
  28. Gedmatch rare SNP search
  29. Finns through Dodecad V3
  30. Let's compare IBS values!
  31. anyone try the World 22 calculator on gedmatch?
  32. Native American in Old World
  33. OpenSNP
  34. Siberian is the Turkic Marker
  35. SPA for 23andMe clients
  36. Gedmatch 4 Oracle Readings
  37. Genetic Fitness Score
  38. Gedmatch Oracle-x tools
  39. Geographic Population Structure (GPS) prediction
  40. "AncestryDNA Launches New Ethnicity Estimate"
  41. EEF-WHG-ANE test for Europeans [split] //mod
  42. new tool at Gedmatch
  43. Eurogenes K9-K36
  44. Eurogenes EU Test V2 K15
  45. Post your Eurogenes K36
  46. Dodecad - large number of missing SNPs?
  47. Eurogenes v3
  48. Eurogenes Genetic Ancestry Detective
  49. EthioHelix Project
  50. Genetic Heredity Calculator
  51. Eurogenes -- History -- statistical analysis using PCA, LM, Oracle etc
  52. Genetic structure of Polish population
  53. Question about GEDmatch
  54. Genetic Analysis of MiddleEastern/North African Populations
  55. Post your puntDNAL results
  56. MDLP Ultimate 13:
  57. DNA.Land = alternative to GEDmatch?
  58. Chromosome Mapper Tool...
  59. R1a-Z93+ in the Baltic region [split] //mod
  60. My puntDNAL K12 results
  61. GEDmatch results of Samaritans.. what does this say about the pre-Islamic Levant?
  62. Comparison of MENA minorities
  63. Iran Neolithic K6
  64. Latest Projects
  65. Ancient Eurasia K6
  66. What would you recommend for Iranians using Gedmatch?
  67. Post your Eurogenes K13 Oracle results
  68. Post your Ancient Eurasia K9 ASI Results
  69. Post your MDLP K23B results
  70. Does Doug McDonald still take requests for analysis? What is his current email?