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  1. Searching for the Anatolian leopard
  2. Leopards to be released into the Caucasus
  3. Tracking purebred tigers in captive collections
  4. Blue Poison Dart Frog (Okopipi)
  5. Frog embryos 'smell' predators
  6. Radical measures to preserve animals in Africa and elsewhere (split) //mod
  7. Dinosaurs 'ran out of evolutionary steam' before they became extinct
  8. Secrets of 37,000 year old baby mammoth revealed
  9. Progress at UN biodiversity forum
  10. A High School Student needs your help with RNA extraction!
  11. Whale hunting
  12. Hybrid animals
  13. Odd Eyed Animals
  14. Heroic altruism among ants
  15. European Rabbit and hare plage
  16. Combine environmentalism and anthropology into one career?
  17. Giant Isopod found in Oceans depths
  18. Animals who wage wars on one another
  19. Lonesome George rarest animal in the world.
  20. Cruelty toward animals / Torture of wildlife (split) //mod
  21. 11 Fascinating new species found in the Amazon
  22. World's biggest testicles!
  23. Dogs or cats?
  24. Alpaca and LLama are Camels?
  25. Maps of present and historic range of animals
  26. Red Wolf: Coyote and Gray Wolf hybrid
  27. Grey Wolf black coat caused by interbreeding with dogs
  28. Dogs from your country
  29. Darwinian Evolution on Display in Chimp Group Raids
  30. Top 10 Evil Animals
  31. Hobbits existed
  32. Vulpes vulpes: the Red Fox
  33. What other animals are alcoholic?
  34. Megalodon: The Largest Shark to Roam the Earth
  35. Please tell me the scientific/zoological name of this caterpillar
  36. Your favorite dog breed is..?
  37. Titanoboa: World biggest snake
  38. What are your favorite animals?
  39. A polar bear cub born in Lapland
  40. Exotic animals from your region
  41. what animals do you have phobia with?
  42. A collection of poisonous animals
  43. Weirdest snake that looks like a penis.
  44. The biological impacts of the Fukushima nuclear accident on the pale grass blue butte
  45. Asian steppe spider in Norway..
  46. The great expansion of European pigs that started in the Bronze Age
  47. A genetically distinct lion (Panthera leo) population from Ethiopia
  48. On mice and Vikings. ;)
  49. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD): are bees going extinct because of Monsanto's GMO?
  50. Cryptozoology: Do you believe in any cryptids?
  51. The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs
  52. Ocean mammals much larger today
  53. No Eastern Massuga Rattlesnake in natural habitat?
  54. Infectious ants become antisocial
  55. Octopus intelligence
  56. Pictures and Videos of Animals
  57. Difference between ethnozoology and anthrozoology?
  58. Zombie Alien parasites!
  59. Frogs living dead
  60. Very sad story of Tidas
  61. Insect cartoons
  62. Choosing a puppy!
  63. Is there any animal species, a predator, with the specific behaviour as described in the thread?
  64. Climate change: starving polar bears
  65. Post pictures and videos of apes, monkeys and other primates
  66. A den for bears in hibernation / torpor, or a human-made camping cave?
  67. Genetic variation among cat breeds
  68. Do you agree that cats should be killed to protect endangered bird species?
  69. Avian sexuality is superior to human sexuality.
  70. PETA and vegetarianism
  71. Families living with tigers and lions
  72. UPDATE: Dog rescued while swimming 135 miles off Thailand
  73. Self-cloning ticks that suck animals’ blood dry spark concern humans may be next