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  1. Hispanic Paradox
  2. New HIV-strain discovered
  3. CCR5Δ32 Genotypes in a German HIV-1 Seroconverter Cohort
  4. Tay-sachs and Jews
  5. Distribution of the HIV resistance CCR5-Δ32 allele among Egyptians and Syrians
  6. The Celtic Curse
  7. Blood group and diet type
  8. Did the Romans destroy Europe's HIV resistance?
  9. Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Share Genetic Roots
  10. Childhood abuse 'speeds up body's ageing process'
  11. Frequency of the CCR5-Δ32 Mutation in some Atlantic Islands
  12. Frequency of CCR5-Δ32 deletion in HIV-1 in southern Brazilians
  13. HIV-1 protecting CCR5-Delta32 allele in medieval Poland
  14. Prevalence of a 32 bp deletion in the gene for HIV-1 co-receptor CCR5 in Slovaks
  15. Distribution of HIV-1 resistant polymorphisms among HIV infected patients in Georgia
  16. Increased population frequencies of CCR5Delta32 mutation in Croatian Island isolates
  17. Sequence variants of chemokine receptor genes and susceptibility to HIV-1 in Poles
  18. Partial protective effect of CCR5-Delta 32 heterozygosity in Italians
  19. deCODEme Health Watch Results - Wojewoda
  20. What is your blood type?
  21. African DNA and prostate cancer
  22. Autism Gene May Play Role in Specific Language Impairment
  23. Familial Mediterranean Fever
  24. Lactose Intolerance World Map
  25. Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal’ Cells
  26. A Question About mtDNA and Y-DNA?
  27. Your melanoma risk? (split) //mod
  28. Duffy Antigen Malaria
  29. MAOA or the "Warrior Gene."
  30. mtDNA and trans-Saharan slave trade
  31. Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency (definition and distribution)
  32. Help please
  33. Baltic affinity of European samples
  34. Mtdna and Identity
  35. Anyone have any serious disease/disorder threats on 23andme/Decodeme?
  36. Insomnia.
  37. Malaria complication 23andme health issue..
  38. Genetics regarding biracial people?
  39. Which Y chromosome can I use?
  40. How does inheritance work?
  41. Gene Activity in the Brain Depends on Genetic Background
  42. Bad Medical Research: Pervasive?
  43. Import 23andme data: -> tool
  44. FUT2 gene (immune system)
  45. Research: Benefits of Adversity
  46. Middle Eastern and Southern European women's genetic heritage?
  47. HIV Stem Cell treatment? Cure? (Very Early)
  48. Genecards, a gene index site.
  49. "Berlin Patient" Still HIV-free 4 Years after Bone Marrow Transplant
  50. Chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) deletion polymorphism in North Indian patients
  51. Distribution of the CCR5 gene 32-base pair deletion in Israeli ethnic groups.
  52. Influence of CCR5-Delta32 genotype in Spanish population with multiple sclerosis.
  53. Distribution of Four HIV Type 1-Resistance Polymorphisms in the Bahraini Population
  54. Frequency of CCR5Δ32 Variant in North-West of Iran
  55. Regional variation in CCR5-Δ32 gene distribution among women (USA)
  56. White-Gray Hair
  57. Genetic Testing Prior to Conception
  58. Which genes affect pigmentation?
  59. Cold adaptation genes in europeans..
  60. Transgender run in families?
  61. your earwax type on 23andme
  62. the most healthy race/ethnicity?
  63. mixed race people healthier or not?
  64. blood relation
  65. Blood test to see how long you have to live.
  66. are certain African tribes heavily inbred?
  67. Swedish speaking finns genetics?
  68. Native Americans and Asians
  69. documentary about why mixed race is better
  70. Variable Germline Mutation Rates in Humans
  71. DNA 'off switch' may reverse premature aging
  72. Compare mtdna vs Neandertal
  73. Humans May be Able to Live a Thousand Years
  74. Younger mom means healthier children
  75. Lactose intolerant rarely overweight and aren't shorter
  76. According to 23andme, how many working copies of ACTN3 do you have?
  77. Your carrier status according to 23andme?
  78. Redheads Turned Down By Sperm Bank
  79. What color would happen if someone with Jet Black hair mated with a Redhead?
  80. National Geographic: The Human Family Tree
  81. Cursed Genes
  82. some basics of genetics/inheriting- question
  83. X chromosome matches..
  84. Google Map Your Ancestors' Migrations!
  85. HIR matches.
  86. Africans may be the most genetically fit according to new study
  87. Family Health History
  88. Tibetan DNA?
  89. Harlequin ichthyosis
  90. Gene, SNP for biological aging?
  91. Blood Subtypes
  92. Male baldness: ethnic group patterns and frequencies?
  93. 23andme low infertility?????
  94. Canada to invest $70 million in genetic-based health care
  95. Y-chromosome and fertility
  96. Ethnicities whose genetic makeup and phenotype often do not match.
  97. "Finding Your Roots" 23andMe being used for new PBS series
  98. "[T]he top 10 SNPs which deviate from the overall phylogenetic tree of population..."
  99. Minor Allele Programs for 'FTDNA' and '23andMe'
  100. Thalassemia
  101. New Autism gene links
  102. How much non-Euro DNA is there in Romanians, Ukrainians, and Russians?
  103. Your worst 23andme findings
  104. What happens to the DNA of Organ recipients??
  105. Disease Risks on 23andme
  106. How many people have sickle cell disease in Sicily, Greece and Turkey?
  107. Indian AF segments in Europeans?
  108. So I'm part Jewish?
  109. what is your eating behaviour according 23andme?
  110. Wonder if we interbred much with these guys too?
  111. Endogamous indian castes and diseases.
  112. Men and women have different genetic predispositions
  113. Video: we are all related
  114. Are you a hemochromatosis carrier?
  115. Your Amount Of Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry
  116. Genetic diseases and cousin marriage(1st generation of cousin marriage)
  117. Genetic diseases and cousin marriage(1st generation of cousin marriage)
  118. Doubt about DNAs exams
  119. The Blood Type Diet
  120. New cure for multiple sclerosis?
  121. Norovirus resistance
  122. Do you have a family history of breast cancer/prostate cancer?
  123. how much empathetic are you?find out now!
  124. The Turkey turks
  125. Anxiety Disorders(rs4680),are you a coward?
  126. PMS gene
  127. Schizophrenia genes found
  128. Psychological resilience factors
  129. Post your probability of extreme longevity from Interpretome
  130. Conservative, speculative, or standard estimate, which is the most reliable?
  131. Neanderthals gave you diabeetus
  132. Black Americans And Health In America
  133. Cod liver oil?
  134. Scientist Find A Way For Women To Reproduce Asexually
  135. Hemochromatosis gene and depression
  136. Hyperosmia
  137. If you know your blood type, please participate in this study about the rh factor
  138. Determining who you inherited your pigmentation genes from (mixed people probably most interested)
  139. Wet ear wax vs dry ear war
  140. What's your "genetic bone strength"?
  141. Europeans Mutate Differently...
  142. GEDmatch-Archaic-Matching..
  143. Are these DNA Cold-spots?
  144. It is all about bone density
  145. How do the Basques, the Berbers and the Bedouins connect genetically?
  146. Should we destroy the last samples of smallpox?
  147. Experts Identify Genetic Biomarkers Linked To PTSD
  148. Post Interpretome Results
  149. Saudi Arabia: Genetic tests lead to 165,000 break-ups
  150. Workd Health Risk Map 2015
  151. Is it possible to inherit more autosomal DNA from some grandparents than others?
  152. garlic/onion mix ideal super-bug killer?
  153. Obesity lowers dementia risk
  154. heritability and race of type 1 diabetes
  155. How the pseudoscience of race denial hurts public health
  156. What percent higher risk is a high risk?
  157. Help me understand my results more? (23andme, GedMatch)
  158. Baldness may soon be history, cure on the way
  159. Was the plague (yersinia pestis) exported from the Bronze Age Yamnaya culture?
  160. What is your genetic weight?
  161. who is best dna Testing Services for north african and middle east ancestry ?
  162. Genes for Good
  163. SubSaharan ancestry/genealogy thread
  164. Will my dad get French and German on 23andme?
  165. Brain fog and genetic mutations, please help if you can.
  166. Very-high-fat diet reversed obesity and disease risk
  167. Cat Allergy
  168. Heart protecting gene found in Greek villagers
  169. Mummified bodies in a crypt in Lithuania are teaching scientists about health and disease
  170. Major genome-wide baldness study; 52,000 participants, and 287 genotypes identified (Hagenaars et al. 2017)
  171. Post your MTHFR genotypes C667T/rs1801133 and A1298C/rs1801131 (methylation genes for folate and vitamin B12)
  172. Immune system treats fast food as an infection
  173. Marry someone born to consanguineous couple?
  174. DNA results for people who are Quadracial, 5, or 6 races/ancestries ?
  175. Has the "Action T4" increased the quality of the human material in todays Germany?
  176. Police used GEDmatch to find California serial killer
  177. All of Us Research Project now accepting participants
  178. What is Finland/NW Russia for AncestryDNA?
  179. Do you think my supposed Ethiopian heritage is Horner, or Eastern Bantu?
  180. World's First Genetically Modified Humans
  181. DNA pioneer stripped of honor over 'reprehensible' race comments
  182. Broadly West Asian & North African?
  183. Harvard University uncovers DNA switch that controls genes for whole-body regeneration
  184. DNA and genetic genealogy leads to arrest in cold case murders of two Alabama girls
  185. Jack the Ripper finally identified, forensic scientists claim, using DNA
  186. Racial differences in diabetes
  187. DNA tests reveal 30% of suspected fraudulent migrant families were unrelated
  188. DNA-testing service exposed thousands of customer records online