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  1. The nearest position to Gypsies occupy the Warrior Castes of India
  2. What is Islam?
  3. Brief history of the Goths
  4. Did anyone else got insulted by Skadi members?
  5. requesting classification @ assesment thread guide
  6. Racial Puzzle
  7. Reclassify ColdEye (with better pics)
  8. Other minorities
  9. Farewell, Folks
  10. The Truth About Islam
  11. classify iraqi tribal leader
  12. Classify this man...Guess a nationality
  13. Indid/European Caucasoid Phenotypes - Comparison
  14. A alternative view of the scripture: Where to look for blacks in the bible?
  15. Was Maharaja Ranjit Singh (the Lion of Punjab) a Gypsy?
  16. the first major Russian female mathematician was of romani descendent
  17. The Best Investment of Our Time
  18. Northvegr: Ancient and Medieval Germanic Literature
  19. What Race or Ethnicity do I look like?
  20. Loan shark to pay back 1.2m
  21. Huge rabbit goes for world record
  22. Americans are 'most attractive' people in the world, poll finds
  23. How would you classify this strange subject?
  24. classify him
  25. The History of Phrygia
  26. Boy of five sets strength world record
  27. lol
  28. hello.....
  29. hi..........
  30. To the Guys: What's the first thing...
  31. 'Super powers' found in spider silk
  32. Jonboy EXPOSED!
  33. Question about the Irano-Afghans ^^
  34. I may have a problem here?
  35. sperm anomaly
  36. Russia to commemorate Katyn
  37. Why do some Latinos dance to Black music but get offended when called Black?
  38. West African Polyrhythms - The roots of Latin music
  39. Do Black People have the Best sense of Rhythm?
  40. Guess My Booty
  41. The Orishas? Who is your favourite Orisha?
  42. The land of Punt's location is 'solved'
  43. FIVE discounted 23andme complete editions available
  44. Classify Kyte Again
  45. Penn And Teller Get Hippies To Sign Water Banning Petition
  46. The fight against racism in Cuba goes viral
  47. Classify Mike the Jedi's Clone
  48. Global Penis Size (worldwide)
  49. Japan unfurls solar sail in space
  50. Classify my little bro
  51. Hugo Chavez LAUGHS at Europe
  52. who the fuck closed the topic https://www.forumbiodiversity.com/showthread.php?t=526
  53. Will the White Race Survive?
  54. Will the White Race Survive?
  55. The best thing of Internet!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Who are biological Africans
  57. How to destroy the Muslims?
  58. Does Somalia have a soccer team?
  59. Cuba's adventure in Africa
  60. Classify me!!
  61. Racial images of Albanians
  62. A question for muslims!
  63. Pinguin nude: a picture
  64. For sale brand new apple iphone 3gs 32gb------$300
  65. This is Africa
  66. Alevi Priests!
  67. The Reply who says me I am not Turkish! Classify me again
  68. Y-MRCA(or as i call it, Y-DNA AB)
  69. Poll : Choose my phenotype!
  70. Subsaharans versus Guineans
  71. Turkic religion
  72. Guess my ethnicity?
  73. Which ethnic group has the biggest balls?
  74. ForumBioDiversity is a JOKE
  75. Success at last: BP says cap stops leak
  76. why do people assume things about you just cuz you're muslim?
  77. omg these models are gorgeous and?
  78. Pakistan(muslim country) nr.1 at googling for porn
  79. Black Parents have whitebaby....
  80. Blonde, non-albino white baby born out of Nigerian parents
  81. re-classificy Kipchak...
  82. Yeah I am backkk!!
  83. Race is more than skin color!
  84. guess her ethnicity
  85. What race were the ancient Egyptians?
  86. Finland is the Best Country in the World (Newsweek)
  87. Classify
  88. Egyptian Mummies with Blond, Brown and Red hair
  89. Why are Swedes such a pathetic bunch of left-wing pansies?
  90. Hello. Me from China and how are German girl not my girl. We have corresponding?
  91. Viking spreading false rumors - because he's fat?
  92. Which country is least tolerant?
  93. Why is the white man always trying to keep the black man Down?
  94. Is a Sinoid/Negroid mix the superior race?
  95. New Origin Suspected Of Italians
  96. Why are black people so stupid?
  97. The aryan race, the inferior race.
  98. if my phenotype is irish brunn but my mustache and chin are blonde
  99. Why Jesus has been crucified?
  100. Why are Jews so ugly?
  101. The vikings were BLACK!!!
  102. Human skulls found in tourists hang luggage?
  103. celtic phenotypes germanic phenotypes and romance phenotypes Romance Phenotypes
  104. I am done
  105. choose your favourite females
  106. your favourite females from the british isles
  107. Racial pride=Filth
  108. Padma Lakshmi's blonde haired blue eyed baby
  109. What shoe size does anyone take?
  110. Jag har aldrig ägnat mig åt den frågan
  111. What do you think?
  112. Classification Requests
  113. Why do all asians want to be japanese?
  114. Outrageous Video
  115. Classify me/Where can I pass?
  116. Jews and Khazars
  117. classify my sister
  118. Which racial och ethnic group(female) has the largest breasts?
  119. Words black people can't pronounce
  120. Later
  121. Post a female version of me
  122. Wikileaks and Zionism
  123. Ancient DNA Tells Tales from the Grave
  124. How can i get fucked up off this adderall
  125. Why do people say Ethiopians are not black, instead they are Caucasian?
  126. Norse saga kings with sami genes.*
  127. Do anyone know a good place to see pictures of Suicide?
  128. a Moroccan laughs at Spanish Law
  129. Indocentrist: don't be jealous.
  130. AIDS created in a LAB? So does it have a cure¿?
  131. Where is Inquiring Mind?
  132. What race looks mostly like a monkey?
  133. Would you kiss the person above?
  134. Would u make out with the person above?
  135. Forums Shutting Down!!??
  136. Which butt type do you prefer?
  137. Should White people just go back to Europe?
  138. The legacy of Salman Rushdie
  139. see the crimes of the syrian regime
  140. South Asian Origin for J2?
  141. Middle eastern DNA
  142. Afrocentric troll Shaka Zulu, Efk, all his usernames thread
  143. Do you consider me Racist
  144. Kurdish DNA
  145. Humor: watching Osama raid.
  146. If I buy the 23andme ancestry kit..
  147. Elias Asked Me Out On A Date
  148. So there can be beautiful full Euro women, but not beautiful fully African women?
  149. MTDNA of Dubai
  150. Do blondes have worse motorskills?
  151. LatinAmerica without SPAIN
  152. If you HAD to extint a human race
  153. Leave Dominicans alone!
  154. Harrignos Is A Filthy Troll
  155. What's your real name?
  156. how is naveen andrews attractive?
  157. Pygmies ancestors of the somalis?
  158. which is the most handsome/intelligent/fit ydna?
  159. Most Insane: Breivik's or Norwegians?
  160. Thracology, Celts and the manipulation of Bulgarian history
  161. classify me
  162. TMZ publishes picture of Steve Jobs.
  163. Anthropology of the Estonians
  164. Bulgarians Are Purely Indo-European, Not Turkic - Gene Study
  165. Penis thread
  166. September 11, 1973
  167. Slavs are white?
  168. Are you a polygamist?
  169. The Basques(northern Spain) the oldest and original europeans
  170. Hey dudes Classify me please
  171. Does this couple look inappropriate to you?
  172. I fucking hate you
  173. I want to leave the forum...
  174. african rulers/elites in India
  175. >>>Rome is Burning<<<
  176. Classify Turkish actor
  177. Guess and classify this man!
  178. Classify Turkish Daniel Craig!
  179. help plss
  180. Alejandro Gassman Italian actor
  181. Last one; Who overlaps with Greeks? Multiple choice.
  182. Herman Cain: The first post-racial candidate?
  183. b
  184. China prison slaves..
  185. Do you consider this lady white?
  186. Where are the tall men?
  187. the syrian dictator‏ bashar alassad says only 'crazy' leaders kill own people
  188. pakistani/muslim student goes missing on campus
  189. Removing a chauvunistic assholes comment from my page.
  190. Stop kurdification of iraq
  191. Jay-Z and Beyoncé's daughter
  192. Social Kurd Terror in Turkey
  193. Why do finns and Balts seem confused about European ethnicities?
  194. The Cowboy tradition started in Spain
  195. Suggestion for Elias
  196. The origin of R1b is basque
  197. why does france deny the existence oof ethnicity?
  198. Why I am leaving this forum
  199. Human Type Theory - new theory about 7 human genetic types
  200. I'm a black South African and I supported Aparthied
  201. How tall is Obama?
  202. Finns and Estonians, Europeans?
  203. Probably leaving the forum
  204. Aryans
  205. Like my YouTube video?
  206. Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler
  207. FTDNA Sale
  208. wasting time
  209. God VS the Devil: who is whiter?
  210. Can people naturally have green skin ???
  211. Unibrows
  212. Are you offended by this...
  213. Swede or Finn? Which one would you take?
  214. Do you consider this person progressive?
  215. If you were a Phoenician colonizer of Sicily, would you hit it?
  216. Please ban my account
  217. Classify this big black cock
  218. Classify this Dude's phenotype
  219. yahooland is a fucking troll
  220. Are most Slav's in denial and self-hating about their origins?
  221. Penis size and race
  222. Average Penis Size by Country
  223. What they look closest to
  224. Am I white?
  225. Poland and monkey chants
  226. Are Native Americans and Polynesians(i.e Samoans) a mixture of Australoid and Mongolo
  227. Who's Whiter, Georgians or Albanians?
  228. Is this man white?
  229. "Dear White People"
  230. Elias suck
  231. what about
  232. Are Chinese people unicorns?
  233. ........................
  234. Crips and Bloods: Made in America/The origin of the AA ghetto subculture
  235. Are you anti-anti-racist?
  236. Racism and whites, lol
  237. White people are all evil
  238. Mass shooting at Batman screening in Colorado
  239. No Female Butts in Olympics?
  240. Wolves - Dogs And The White Race
  241. im leaving this forum
  242. is this racist?
  243. Obama's Mother's African Ancestry
  244. Pot calling the Kettle Black
  245. We, Ruskiez, are a Race!!!111
  246. Kim Karadashin says she is Middle Eastern.
  247. Are African American's darker skin on average?
  248. Are Anthropolical Forums actually online Mental Asylums?
  249. Which nationality of European (Caucasian) women got the biggest asses?
  250. Intelligence and race linkage is still bullshit