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  1. what's your mtdna haplogroup?
  2. Haplogroup: W3
  3. mtDNA analysis in ancient Nubians supports the existence of gene flow between...
  4. A Mitochondrial Stratigraphy for Island Southeast Asia
  5. Concomitant replacement of language and mtDNA in South Caspian populations of Iran
  6. Anyone know where mtDNA H1b originates?
  7. Paleolithic mtDNA from Russia
  8. Some help with mtdna gene test results pleas
  9. Haplogroup: N1a
  10. mtDNA Variation in Jews
  11. Haplogroup L3f
  12. Origin and Diffusion of mtDNA Haplogroup X
  13. mtDNA in the greater Middle East
  14. MtDNA haplogroup M found in prehistoric North Americans
  15. mtDNA and the spread of indo-european languages
  16. Slavic Mtdna in The Middle East
  17. African Haplogroups Spreadsheet
  18. Assyrian mtDNA Haplogroup Distribution
  19. Ann Turner's mtDNA 23andMe v. rCRS Reconciliation Spreadsheet
  20. Haplogroup L3b1b
  21. Saharan slave trade - analyses and high-resolution of mitochondrial DNA lineages
  22. GenBank Submission Record
  23. U5b2b
  24. Any M42b out there?...
  25. 23andme C4 mtDNA..
  26. U3
  27. Unknown H-ish
  28. Present frequency and distriubtion of mtDNA Haplogroup N1a(and N1a1) in Europe?
  29. MTDNA Haplogroup L
  30. mitochondrial Eve
  31. Any Haplogroup H4a1 matches?
  32. mtDNA Haplogroup T
  33. Dominican Mtdna
  34. HV4/HV4a Comparison
  35. Awall's mtDNA - L2c, Northwest African/Moor? (split) //mod
  36. Dendrograms of the European mtDNA pools or Shrek kidnapping blond Swedish chicks
  37. if my predominant phenotype is irish brunn which is my haplogroup ?
  38. Saudi and Bedouin mt-DNA
  39. Dendrograms of 80 populations based on relative mtDNA frequencies.
  40. Medieval mtDNA from Byzantine Sagalassos
  41. 23andme results....N1a....Comments anyone
  42. H2a1
  43. U5a from Luxemburg 7150 BCE
  44. filipino MTDNA study
  45. mtDNA Haplogroup H2
  46. Haplogroup L1b1a3?
  47. Haplogroup L3b1a
  48. New mtDNA stduies (Peng et al. 2010; Kong et al. 2011)
  49. Mitochondrial haplogroup N1a phylogeography, with implication to the origin of Europ
  50. How did the H3 enter in the Scandinavia?
  51. Haplogroup H is pre-indoeuropean?
  52. Dominican Mtdna Study Spreadhseet
  53. Laplogroup L4b2 in American Afro-descendants
  54. mtdna J google docs
  55. H10a1
  56. Bulgarian mtDNA
  57. H27
  58. Haplogroup L1b w/ Dna attached
  59. Beautiful Maps from my FTDNA account
  60. mtDNA J2b1a
  61. New Cerny article on mtDNA R0a
  62. Ancient DNA from Southern Europe 50% Sub Saharan?
  63. Discordant Patterns of mtDNA and Ethno-Linguistic Variation in 14 Iran ethnic groups
  64. DNA L3e1 ???
  65. Ancient mtDNA of Hokkaido Jomon
  66. Mystery about H29 ?
  67. Origin of H23
  68. Major population expansion in mtDNA of East Asians
  69. can someone explain to me this article
  70. What type of H mtDNA do you have ?
  71. The expansion of mtDNA haplogroup L3 within and out of Africa
  72. Age of mtDNA haplogroup L3: about 70 thousand years
  73. MTDNA of Venezuelans
  74. mtDNA of Puerto Rico
  75. Ancient Roman DNA Project
  76. Sephardic signature within mtDNA haplogroup T
  77. Does anyone know about L2a1k or L2a1l1a?
  78. Genetic Structure and Origin of Peopling in The Azores Islands (Portugal): The View f
  79. Haplogroup H7 origins and distribution
  80. Multiple origins of Russian mtDNA
  81. K1a, Polish
  82. phylotree updates MTDNA mutations database
  83. South Asian C4a and subgroups(C4a1 etc)
  84. The Arabian cradle
  85. mtDNA Haplogroup V Origins in Cantabria
  86. mtDNA Haplogroup V Origins
  87. J2b1a3 -- What ancestry? (Photos, other clues included)
  88. J1c2c
  89. L3d1c
  90. What race and origin is mtdna Subhaplogroup L3D1c
  91. Genetic Evidence of a Maternal Continuity in the Franco-Cantabrian Region
  92. South American origin of MTDNA B2b
  93. mtDNA haplogrup HV4a1a
  94. Rare mtDNA haplogroups of North Asia
  95. African American athletes have more European mtDNA than the general AA population
  96. Reconstructing ancient mitochondrial DNA links between Africa and Europe
  97. High mitochondrial mutation rates estimated from deep-rooting Costa Rican pedigrees
  98. What does Mtdna W and N2a represent in South-central Asia?
  99. “Copernican” Reassessment of the Human Mitochondrial DNA Tree
  100. PhyloTree Build 14
  101. New mthap tool
  102. H11a-where is it most commonly found?
  103. Ancient mtDNA from hunter-gatherers and farmers of Northern Spain
  104. Mitochondrial DNA Signals of Late Glacial Recolonization of Europe from Near Eastern
  105. mtDNA K1a -no lower subclade-
  106. mtdna U4/U5 discussion
  107. Haplogroup T2b6?
  108. J Haplogroup
  109. Is MT I4 rare?
  110. The presence of mtDNA W3 in South Asia
  111. mtdna R0
  112. mtDNA from Dniepr-Donets
  113. mtdna U5b
  114. Mesolithic and Neolithic Haplogroups Of Europe
  115. H39
  116. Minor T2 subclades
  117. Jomon mtDNA contribution in Japanese, Okinawans
  118. mtdna H1b results
  119. mtDNA haplogroups in Morocco
  120. mtDNA L3f1b3
  121. mtDNA mutation rate -> ticking faster?
  122. B4a1 mtDNA at 23andMe
  123. H1 Maternal Haplogroup
  124. Mtdna spreadsheet ..help
  125. mtDNA I
  126. Haplogroup J1c/J1c8
  127. Haplogroup mtDNA W3a1 being linked with the Hebrew Christian Isars
  128. mtDNA Haplogroup H6a
  129. Phylotree New Update (Sept 30 2012)
  130. Are U2e and U4 also Mesolithic?
  131. What do we know about U4 and especially the undergroups?
  132. mtDNA U3 women: what ancient groups should they be associated with?
  133. Haplogroup U5b2 Is Upper Paleolithic/Mesolithic European In Origin
  134. X2 = Northwest Eurasians, X1 = Southwest Eurasians?
  135. Who gave us the Cambridge Reference Sequence?
  136. Raw data (mtdna)
  137. geneological clock
  138. Does anyone have Amerindian mtdna?
  139. Ancient mtDNA from Don Scythians
  140. dating Eve,Denisova,Neanderthal
  141. MtDna surname origins
  142. Ancient mtDNA: BIG NEWS, Scythians
  143. "Characterization of mitochondrial DNA control region lineages in Iraq"
  144. mtDNA HV-1 from Mesolithic Sicily
  145. Mesolithic/Neolithic mtDNA from Greece
  146. New Study on M1 and U6
  147. MtDNA of the first New Zealanders
  148. HV mtDNA haplogroup and Iranian peoples
  149. Haplogroup IWX (mtDNA) on protection against AIDS progression and death
  150. H1b/H1b4
  151. L2C2A1 Why so many markers/why so specific and does this help me ID a specific tribe?
  152. mtDNA HV16
  153. Any fellow U5a1a1 here?
  154. New East African mtDNA study
  155. Is there a way for me to pinpoint where in Africa my ancestors are from without...
  156. Is anyone else here B4a1 (Not B4a1a, B4a1b, B4a1c...)
  157. mtDNA M origin? Africa or Asia?
  158. The history of Slavs inferred from complete mitochondrial genome sequences
  159. mtDNA H7a
  160. Haplogroup C appears to have started in North East Europe
  161. Anthropologic and MTDNA analysis of a medieval graveyard from Sopot Croatia
  162. mtdna L2b1a3
  163. L3e1 Haplogroup origins found?
  164. How do we know what mtDNA is in females when females have two X chromosomes?
  165. U mt-DNA Haplogroup
  166. What could my possible mt-DNA results be?
  167. Mt Haplogroup M33a2a
  168. New MtDNA PhyloTree Build 16 and corresponding tool
  169. T2e Ottoman-Mexican Sephardic signature
  170. Haplogroups - defining mutations?
  171. Ancient DNA study of the remains of putative infanticide victims from the Yewden Roma
  172. U6a3 Mtdna in the New World
  173. Haplogroup K2 (K2a6)
  174. mtDNA - M30
  175. Mt-DNA Haplogroup U6
  176. Haplogroup V3?
  177. mtDNA V7 identified in a Bronze age North Caucasian sample
  178. mtDNA haplogroup U5b2c
  179. Current Thoughts On The Spread Of mtDNA Haplogroup H Into Europe
  180. mtDNA Haplogroup U Types Among Pre-Historic West Eurasian Hunter-Gatherers
  181. Western Eurasian ancestry in modern Siberians based on mitogenomic data
  182. mtnDNA k1a ashkenazi? crypto jew?
  183. mtDNA T2b4
  184. Sephardic Jewish Ancestry
  185. mtdna x2 origin?
  186. V-C72T! confirmed
  187. Finno-Ugrians in Medieval Poland?
  188. Ancient DNA Reveals Matrilineal Continuity in Present-Day Poland over the Last Two Millennia
  189. Ancient DNA in the Cantabrian fringe populations: A mtDNA study from Prehistory to Late Antiquity
  190. the mtDNA landscape of Iran
  191. U1a1 matches in Finland?
  192. Part 1: Looking For mtDNA Diversity in West Eurasia
  193. Please Post mtDNA data
  194. Basque vs Danish mtDNA
  195. WHG and EHG mtDNA Haplogroups/Lineages
  196. L2a1c
  197. Loads of new mtDNA from Paleo-Europe
  198. Asia has 5 mtDNA gene pools
  199. The map of your genetic Motherland
  200. Ugandan Mt-DNA study
  201. L0a's Origin?
  202. Contemporary U8 mtdna haplogroup distribution and Paleolithic Magdalenian Culture
  203. Indepth Look at mtDNA JT
  204. Origin of mtdna H6a1b?
  205. K2b1b
  206. Haplogroup M
  207. R2 maternal line
  208. Mtdna T2b - my mother's common maternal matches
  209. Maternal Genetic Ancestry and Legacy of 10th Century AD Hungarians
  210. Mtdna M74B1
  211. Haplo Group T 1
  212. Please need help with my test results
  213. Mtdna U7 Origins
  214. Basque women, R1b and lack of Indo-Europeanization explained
  215. L1b1a
  216. H11a2
  217. mtDNA Haplogroup websites ?
  218. Jomon and Native American genetic affinity D1 mtDNA
  219. South-East African mtdna L3e2b1a2
  220. Where does my Maternal Haplogroup originate? And what could it possibly be?
  221. Did my Haplogroup: L3 really originate in East Africa??
  222. Novel mtDNA N Found in Ancient Saharan Sample
  223. My Mtdna M1a1f full sequence
  224. mtDNA haplogroup L2/L2a certainly debunks the notion that...