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  1. Fascists and Communists: same mindset?
  2. Who would you want to be ruled by if you could choose a culture that is not your own?
  3. Corazon C. Aquino: One of the greatest women in the world
  4. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  5. Do you think Neoliberalism must have limits?
  6. Is Obama really a socialist? Interesting article
  7. What are the chances of unify the balkans under a Greek Empire?
  8. Hitler or Stalin or Mao?
  9. Kemalist, Pan-Turanism or Islam: What is the ideology behind Turkey nowadays?
  10. Poll: New World Order?? Freemason and Illuminati??
  11. A Rare Look into Pyongyang
  12. Monarchy, Democracy and the Decline of Civilization
  13. Which Social/Political/Economic Extreme Will Society Eventually Gravitate Toward?
  14. Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia
  15. Muammar al-Gaddafi: Bad or Good?
  16. America on the verge of collapse?
  17. Communitarianism
  18. Male Paternal Line
  19. Kemalist Authorized Racism
  20. The Next 100 Years: a forecast
  21. China Learning from American Mistakes?
  22. White Man's Burden
  23. How Would You Have Voted In the Past?
  24. Preserving tradition and legacy on the cost of Taxpayers- yes or not
  25. Strange Qoutes From Historical Figures
  26. Other than Democracy, Which form of Government would you like to live under?
  27. President James K. Polk, American Manifest Destiny, and the Mexican/American War.
  28. Fascism and Libertarianism, mutually exclusive?
  29. The Republican and real conservatism has died
  30. Which of these sexist double standards is more objectionable?
  31. Are political/social ideologies secular religions?
  32. French Revolution - Hypothetical question
  33. Kurds vs Assyrians - The full story ?
  34. Has Slavery and Discrimination Help Cause African Americans to have a High Crimes?
  35. The Treatment Of Black / African Slaves In America
  36. High Toryism, Conservatism and Liberalism in the Anglo-Saxon World [split] //mod
  37. horrified at 'feminised' physics curriculum
  38. At last: How SS-GB turned London Nazi
  39. Has the US the most aggressive culture?
  40. Women's influence in politics [split] //mod
  41. What the Right is really about
  42. Ted Kaczynski criticizing Leftists and Conservatives
  43. Which movement is most mainstream, the Alt-Right or the Alt-Left? [split] //mod