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  1. Mikhail Bakunin
  2. Fidel Castro
  3. State Capitalism vs. Socialism
  4. An Analysis of Islam from a Modern, Leftist Perspective
  5. Do you think a anarchical society could survive
  6. The Case for Tibet: Direct Action and National Liberation Struggles
  7. Why Russia Isn’t China
  8. Karl Marx - Racist and the ancestor of modern genocide
  9. Which leaders could be considered as Left-winger Nationalist to you?
  10. Is Somalia an anarchy?
  11. Interesting article about Anarchist National Defense and Foreign Policy
  12. Democratic revolution China 2011?
  13. Stalin's cannibals
  14. Outline of China's 12th Five Year Plan
  15. do we have Democracy or an Invisble Empire
  16. Communism is the largest cargo cult in history ?
  17. Communist ideology of the Smurfs (split) //mod
  18. In Soviet Russia, life lives you. Reality of live in SU
  19. Che Guevara racist towards Blacks?
  20. Little hypocrisy in communists.
  21. Anarchist Thread (Come join us)
  22. 20 years since the USSR fell
  23. North Korean TV (livestream)
  24. Was Jesus a Socialist? [split] //mod
  25. Are you Socialist or Capitalist?
  26. An American "Negro Republic"
  27. Jews and Communism
  28. Feminism, Democracy and total equality..
  29. What would had happened to the USSR if Trotsky had taken the power instead of Stalin
  30. Jewish Bolshevism - European Liberation (by Constantin Von Hoffmeister)
  31. Which Western Nations currently have a communist in the gvt?
  32. Dependency theory
  33. Finnish commie cheated "Bond" to Soviet Union
  34. Why are commie symbols more accepted than nazi ones today?
  35. A thorough analysis of leftist ideologies
  36. What do you think of Marxism?
  37. Feminism is a Jewish creation [split] //mod
  38. Feminist: abort white children in support of the coloured
  39. Golodomor/Holodomor [split] //mod
  40. The "alt-left", Antifa etc. //mod
  41. Ugly people tend to be on the left
  42. Jesse Lee Peterson interview Far-Left Anarcho-Communist
  43. War of Ideas
  44. False equivalence of SJWs and socialism
  45. Communist China shuts down Christian churches, confiscates Bibles, terrorizes worshippers