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  1. Ottoman slavery of Slavic peoples
  2. Ghana Empire
  3. When the Moors Ruled in Europe
  4. Kingdom of Mutapa(Mutapa Empire)
  5. Kanem Empire
  6. Inequities of European colonisation and its effects (split) //mod
  7. The Turkic Khazar Empire rooted in the Abrahamic faith
  8. Mali Empire
  9. Benin Empire
  10. The Turkic Mougal Empire of India
  11. Aztec Empire
  12. The Greatest and Largest Empire the World has ever Seen. The Mongol Empire
  13. What do you think of Carthage and its culture?
  14. The Viking Empire
  15. Congoid kingdoms
  16. Empire maps
  17. Kingdom of Kongo
  18. Prussia
  19. Oyo Empire
  20. Assyrian empire
  21. Black Africans in the Britannia
  22. How Qing China Tamed Islam
  23. who was tutankhamun ?
  24. Goths - who were they?
  25. Your favorite historical empire?
  26. Spanish Colonial Caste System
  27. The Kingdom of Dahomey
  28. Which empire was the most brutal and evil?
  29. Which ex-imperial power is most and least proud of their history?
  30. Ethno-political map of Eurasia, 500 A.D.
  31. Aksumite Empire
  32. Understanding the Swedish Empire (1611-1718)
  33. Islamic Expansion (FREE book online)
  34. When did the Roman Empire end?
  35. Ivan IV was no Russe
  36. Favorite Empire
  37. Has anyone heard of a Medieval Chinese invention that
  38. Otto von Habsburg has died.
  39. All Empires chart
  40. The Philippines could have been a German colony
  41. Interactive Historical Atlas of the World
  42. ~50 modern countries were part of the Roman Empire!
  43. the forgotten and mislabeled empires
  44. Will the Middle East rule the known world again?
  45. 10 Greatest Empires in the History of World
  46. White Race Among the Ancient South Americans
  47. Mayan Ruins in Georgia, USA
  48. Armenian Empire [split] //mod
  49. Norwegians
  50. Ancient Greek and Roman Government vs. Middle Age Feudalism
  51. Sikh Empire
  52. Syrian Emperors of Rome
  53. What's your definition of an empire?
  54. What's your definition of an empire?
  55. Ghana Empire
  56. Dahae Confedrecy
  57. Did Mongols leave any genes in Slavic lands?
  58. Songhai Empire (West Africa)
  59. Have you Imperialist, colonial , conqueror , Annexation beliefs ?
  60. Ajuuraan Empire (East Africa)
  61. The Ottoman Empire
  62. Mauryan Empire
  63. Chola Empire
  64. The Byzantine Empire
  65. How extensive was Mongol rape in ancient times?
  66. 5 greatest empires in ancient, medieval period, modern times in history
  67. Did invaders have an effect on the genetic pool of the conquered regions?
  68. Roman Empire
  69. All races under White caucasoid empire, Asian mongoloid empires, Black negroid empire
  70. Former territories stolen by former empires
  71. Where did the Phoenicians come from?
  72. Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The history of a controversy
  73. The British Empire in India
  74. Adal Empire (East Africa)
  75. Dervish Empire (East Africa)
  76. What do we call modern era empires?
  77. The Visigothic Kingdom
  78. An interesting map: the Roman Empire at its greatest extent
  79. 300 Movies....how false/accurate are they towards the Persians?
  80. Good Roman Empire literature?
  81. The kingdom of Pontus
  82. The Armada and the birth of the British Empire
  83. Charles V and holy roman empire
  84. Recommendations on Books about the British Empire
  85. Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico [split] //mod