View Full Version : Are NWB's Euro Lineage a Result of Rape?

2012-04-14, 17:15
Were Afro and Euro encounters during the inception of colonialism a result of rape or consent?

2012-04-14, 17:40
Both for sure but i don't know in which proportion exactly.

2012-04-14, 17:45
I try to be helpful, but you ask some of the most loaded questions. Inception of Africans into new world colonialism were African prisoners being sold to European slavers. I doubt if African women were volunteering for a free boat ride to the Americas like some kind of mail order bride.

For later generations, the picture got much more complex. You would need to look at it on a case by case basis, between different nations, families, and individual.

2012-04-14, 17:49
Were Afro and Euro encounters during the inception of colonialism a result of rape or consent?

Fot alot of NWBs. It was rape. But in my case my White great grandfather was in love.with my Black.gandmother, but could because it was taboo at that timr.

2012-06-29, 09:14
Their was mixing before slavery actually took place, when their was indentured servitude, so that mixing was natural. Now, during slavery, that mixing was mostly because of rape. Some slave masters slept with their female slaves, to make more slaves, or the overseers impregnated the slaves. Sometimes is was the son of the slave (it was customary at times, for the son to have sex with a slave, before he actually had sex with a white women). Now, some mixing was for protection purposes in a way, meaing the women had no choice, I call this "consentual rape", meaning that she did it for survival purposes, and the slave master probably told her, he would protect her, and that he would free her, sometimes this was a lie. Now, mixing did happen after slavery.

2012-06-29, 09:47
Can someone explain me why the Spaniards mixed a lot more than the English ? for example Dominican republic people where there were a lot more black people proportionally than in the US are more mixed than the black in the US .

I heard it was because back in the time ,it was considered very shameful for an English to procreate with a negro but less for a Spaniards.

2012-06-29, 10:14
Unlike the English, the Spaniards didn't bring many women along with them on their voyages, the only pussy available to them during their stay in the New World was of the Native American variety...or black female slaves.

lol yeah but 2 pussies is still better than one(maybe not the black one apparently lol) ;) so when the slave owner was tired of his bourgeois women,he could go with the slave .

2012-06-29, 10:41
I don't know about you but if I were a conquistador during those times and had the choice of some random black slave girl or an Indiaca I would prefer to simply use my right hand.

well, you don't have to tease her or flirt with her, it's a slave just go and fuck ,it's hot and warm, and i'm sure that many half-white/black babies were killed in the US because it was shameful to have a kid with a negro.