View Full Version : "People of the British Isles"

2012-06-30, 16:55
Saw this link on Worldfamilies. Thought some folks around these parts would be interested in checking the site out, and perhaps asking the researchers a question regarding the project.

Until 8 July you can ask the scientists about their work through this website.

For example, you could ask a question about their theories and experiments or the practical applications of their work. The scientists running the exhibit will try to answer each question as soon as possible (more info (http://sse.royalsociety.org/2012/exhibits/genetic-maps/questions/)).

Newsletter (http://www.peopleofthebritishisles.org/nl5.pdf).

2012-07-01, 19:14
Looks like it seems to go hand in hand with this article I recently spotted (which is nothing new)