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2012-07-03, 17:03
Australoid mtDNA

Q, P, M26 found in high frequency in Melanesia.

R22( or R14) found high Eastern Indonesian found also in Australia, Papua

M21a found very high frequencies in negrito tribes in Metriq 84%, Batek 50% and other negrito tribes 43%.

B4a1a1a1 polynesian motif found in Papua, Melanesia, Polynesia, Eastern Indonesia.

Australoid Y-DNA

Haplogroup M found high in Papua, Melanesia

Haplogroup S Found high in Papua, Melanesia

Haplogroup C2 found high in Papua, Melanesia

Our results show that the Daic populations are closer to the Western Austronesian populations in paternal lineages than any other ethnic groups in East Asia are. The STR diversity of the Y chromosome haplogroup O1a-M119, the major haplogroup among the Daic and Western Austronesian populations, shows that Taiwan and ISEA, two groups of Western Austronesian, derived from the Daic independently of each other. Therefore, it is most likely that the ISEA populations mainly originated in the region around the Tonkin Gulf, the homeland of the Daic, and migrated to Indonesia through the Vietnam corridor. In contrast, the Taiwan aborigines migrated from mainland China directly. Our results indicate that a super-phylum, which includes Taiwan aborigines, Daic, and Malayo-Polynesians, is genetically educible.


It's hard to estimate how many East Asians and Australoid intermixed, but if intermixing happened 4000 years ago than intermixing would have been very small and no more than perhaps 50,000 or maybe even less than that. The longer the time the smaller the intermixing, the shorter the time the more intermixing. West Austronesian and Thais also have some australoid DNA from melanesian, negrito. Usually more australoid maternal mtDNA in moderate frequencies than australoid paternal Y-DNA in small frequencies. While Eastern Indonesia, including polynesia, melanesia genetically have high Austronesian maternal mtDNA with moderate frequency Austronesian Y-DNA.


Australoid maternal DNA = Q, P, R22 (or R14), M21a, M27, M28, M29
Polynesian maternal DNA = B4a1a1 ( sign of partial Australoid admixture)
Australoid paternal DNA = M, S, C2 ( K-M9 is not necessarily Australoid)

Southeast Asians usually have moderate frequencies of Austroloid mtDNA with little Australoid Y-DNA.

Western Austronesians

Malaysians have 7.3% Australoid maternal mtDNA, 2.9% Australoid Y-DNA

Javanese 2.2% Australoid mtDNA, 2.2% polynesian mtDNA, 3.8% Australoid Y-DNA.

Southern Borneo have 5.5% Australoid mtDNA, 1.3% polynesian mtDNA , 15% Australoid Y-DNA

Balinese have 8.4% Australoid mtDNA, 2.2% Australoid Y-DNA.

In the western side of East Indonesia

Lombok have 11.4% Australoid mtDNA R22, 2.3% Polynesian mtDNA, 6% Australoid Y-DNA.

Sulawesi 3.8% Australoid mtDNA, 3.8% Polynesian mtDNA, 8% Australoid Y-DNA.
In west sulawesi polynesian mtDNA is 11% and Australoid Y-DNA is 12.5%.

Eastern side of Eastern Indonesia islands

Australoid Y-DNA is 50-80% and Australoid mtDNA is 10-35%
Mongoloid Y-DNA is 11-27% and Mongoloid mtDNA is 60-70%
Polynesian mtDNA is 2%-14%

Alor Australoid mtDNA 28.9%, Polynesian mtDNA 2.2%
Ambon Australoid mtDNA 11.6%, Polynesian mtDNA 14%

Non-Austronesian but with Australoid genes.

Thais Australoid mtDNA 7.8% and 0% Australoid Y-DNA.



There is no pure polynesian who is mongoloid and australoid but genetically they are closer to mongoloid. Polynesians genetics is more complicated than first though, there 's no doubt that the polynesian motif B41a1a1 has an Austronesian-mongoloid origin, however the problem is it this motif seems to have gone through an huge genetic drift and it's not found in Taiwan aborigines and have been found dated 6000-8000 years ago in the Bismarck Archipelago rarther than Taiwan 4000 years ago, the fact that B4a is found in extremmely high frequencies (90%) in Polynesia compare to Taiwan aborigines (45%) means only an very few Austronesian women spreaded this DNA and the hybrid population later gone through an genetic drift. The Polynesian are maternally East Asian and Paternally Melanesian in genetics however since B4a1a1a dated in Melanesia much longer than Taiwan this would than mean Polynesians were actually not result of Austronesian Asian women mating with Papuan melanesian men. However recent markers from taiwanese aborigines admixture in Polynesians such as B4a, E, M and O3, O1a no doubt proof of Austronesian expansion.

New Guinea

Austronesian East Asian Y-DNA 3.2 - 13.1%
Austronesian/Polynesian mtDNA 20-40%

West Papua

0% Austronesian and Polynesian mtDNA.

1.1% Astronesian East Asian Y-DNA in West Papua

Interestingly 3.0% O2a has been found in western Papua province known as the bird eye, which maybe due to Indonesian military occupation of West Papua since 1965 or due to the Majapahit empire rule for few hundred years.


Western Indonesians are genetically mongoloid with little Indian and little australoid gene.http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/41423000/jpg/_41423455_lebatwo.jpg

They most resemble their Tai and Austronesian cousins.Here are the genetically East Asian Taiwan aborigines but morphological Southeast Asians.


2012-07-03, 18:03
The overwhelming amount of C2, M, and S kind of proves that C and K(xLT) were the main Y-DNA haplogroups in the coastal migration to reach Australia.

2012-07-03, 20:49
The overwhelming amount of C2, M, and S kind of proves that C and K(xLT) were the main Y-DNA haplogroups in the coastal migration to reach Australia.

Didn't you read my post in your coastal migration thread already? You'll see why I don't think C spread with K.

2012-07-04, 00:09
Didn't you read my post in your coastal migration thread already? You'll see why I don't think C spread with K.

I did and that's your opinion. To me, it seems illogical not to have K in the coastal migration with C while the aboriginals in Australia carry both.

2012-07-04, 05:31
Why? Do you think that Australia was only populated by one migration? K probably came with a later migration from Melanesia. At that time, Australia was probably all C and maybe with some F* or other extinct small lineages. To really enlight this subject though, one should look for the Haplogroups of the extinct Tasmanians.

2012-07-04, 05:48
Thank you for this thread Butlerking.I was about to do this thread but you beat me to the punch.I am not too experienced with this DNA stuff and have yet to be tested,but my heritage is Eastern Indonesian,from Ambon.So what is the general consensus about Eastern Indonesians then?I had known they were supposedly a mixed race of Australoid and Mongoloid but I had alot of unanswered questions since the area seems to be a part of the world that is very often overlooked.