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2012-07-11, 15:01
A very interesting paper about Dravidian truths and Aryan phantasy land

Andree F. Sjoberg, 1990
University of Texas

The Dravidian Contribution to the Development of Indian Civilization: A Call for a Reassessment

This paper examines the contribution of the Dravidian peoples
to the development of Indian civilization and, more particularly,
Hinduism. Given the grand scope ofthis subject, I can only sketch
the general contours of my argument regarding the available
evidence and articulate some of the reasons for believing these
data must be given due recognition. At the very least many aspects
of the traditional view of the role of the Dravidian ... stand in need
of re-evaluation.
This essay represents an attempt to synthesize a wide variety of
data, including some sociolinguistic materials, so as to highlight
certain overall patterns. It must of necessity bypass certain important
issues which could only be treated in a full-length book.
Why this need for a revisionist perspective? Unfortunately, the
image of the Dravidians, who have been a minority group (from
the perspective of social power), has been considerably distorted
in the works of many scholars of Indian civilization-be they
Indians or, especially, Westerners. Indeed, early Indian history
was largely compiled from the vantage point of the conquerors
rather than of the conquered (the non-Aryan peoples). Until
quite recently these patterns of interpretation were reinforced by a
body of Western scholars who, for reasons of their own, espoused
and in some cases even identified with the traditional
Aryan perspective on Indian history. More particularly, they
assumed that Indian civilization has been mainly Aryan in its
origin and development.

Full paper: CLICK (https://ojs.lib.byu.edu/spc/index.php/CCR/article/viewFile/13469/13403)

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Good article. Gave it a quick read. Will read it in detail later on.