View Full Version : Anyone Good At Generating GEDMatch Global PCA Plots?

2014-03-01, 00:41
Is anyone good at generating 3D and 2D PCA Plots? I am doing a presentation for school and wanted to highlight the genetic distances between distinct population groups.

SSA, West Eurasian/MENA, East Eurasian, Native American, South Eurasian, Oceanian, etc..

2014-03-01, 03:22
You should try using interpretome


2014-03-01, 05:04
Interpretome would probably be best, although it's important to keep in mind that depending on how the principal components are configured, each setting will reveal different genetic variances across the dimensions of your autosomal DNA. So each configuration will yield different results since it's looking at different parts of your DNA.

2014-03-01, 13:49
Thanks for the input guys.