View Full Version : Any Haplogroup H4a1 matches?

2010-07-17, 19:44
HI, new to all this so am trying to figure out what my FamilytreeDNA results mean. I am adopted so have no idea about ancestry.
can anyone tell me what all this means? Have a match which would help pinpoint ancestry. any help appreciated.

Haplogroup - H4a1
HVR1 differences from CRS
HVR2 differences from CRS
195C 200G 263G 315.1C 522- 523-
CR differences from CRS
750G 1438G 3992T 4024G 4769G 5004C 8269A 8860G 9123A 12642G 14365T 14569A 14582G 15326G 15884A

2010-07-17, 20:11
If I remember correctly, Stygian Cellarius is H4a1. I'm sure he can answer all your questions about H4a1 since he's done an FGS on his mtDNA.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

2012-01-30, 22:03
Hi Nancy! My (paternal) grandfather's mtDNA results came in today. He is H4a1. I can trace that maternal line to Anne Wilson born about 1720-1730 - but I am not sure if she was born in the USA (if she was, then it was in PA) or who her parents are.