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Forum Rules
Rules 2013-03-25
1.1) Thread title and content.

1.1.1) All threads must have a valid, proper title that pertains to the essence of the topic. For the sake of clarification, question marks should be used when the title of your thread is meant as a question, not a certain statement. When you create new threads, they should be in the right sub-forum section.

1.1.2) When you create a thread, cite sources properly, using the quote tag to wrap up the text you wish to cite, and always provide the URL/source/book/reference you found the information from; leaving it unsourced may lead to your thread being closed. In other words: give credit where it's due. Due to possible copyright issues, for the most part, you should avoid copy and pasting entire articles (from news sites and the like). No one is going to read a huge wall of text anyway. Quote excerpts and bold the necessary and most interesting parts of the text.

1.1.3) In order to stimulate discussion when you're about to post a new thread, all threads should have a basis of discussion and a question formulation for the other members to answer and discuss around. This means if you copy and paste generic text from an URL, you haven't really set the actual topic of the thread, and such a thread is a lazy and lowbrow way to post a thread. Make sure you also include your own questions and/or speculations, which will set the tone for other members what exactly, more specifically, you want to discuss in your thread. Otherwise, your thread might become an OT-magnet. Threads not conforming to the 1.1.x rule might be closed, or moderators may encourage you to include your own questions. The exception to this rule are threads posted in the following sections: Classification Requests, Personal Taxonomy, Guess Ethnicity, Human Variation and Resources Vault. Threads in all other sections must be done properly according to rule 1.1.3. This may seem like a lot of work, but in the long haul, it will yield a highbrow forum quality.

Illustrative example of how a good Thread Start (TS) conforming to 1.1.3 is done: [1]

1.2) Stay On Topic.

1.2.1) For the sake of order and coherence, discussions in all threads should be to the best of your ability, On Topic (OnT). Posting something Off Topic (OT) in a thread where it doesn't belong, is allowed as long as the major part of your post is On Topic, but it's preferable that you start a new thread instead of going OT in a thread with a different topic. Completely Off Topic posts may either be removed or split into a new thread (if there's enough interesting Off Topic material to warrant a new thread). Excessive Off Topic abuse may lead to infractions and possibly also suspension or ban, depending on how often and how much you go Off Topic in a minimum amount of time.

1.2.2) Do not discuss with moderators why they removed a certain post or moved a thread, in the actual thread or any other thread. Moderation decisions should be discussed with the actual moderator you have a disagreement with, through Private Messaging (PM). If that doesn't work out, you can start a formal complaint about it in the Help & Suggestions section.

1.2.3) Only English is allowed in all sections except the Ethnicities & Language Forums sections; in the ethnic sections, English is no longer allowed. Which means you post in Greek in the Greek Section, Turkish in the Turkish section, and so on. Use proper English and more specifically, British or American English with correct grammar and spelling. If you don't understand proper English grammar and spelling, you may be QBQ banned for it.

1.2.4) Make your posts and threads serious, genuine and informative to other members. If you come here only to start fights with other members, constantly resorting to severe personal attacks instead of actually discussing like a grown-up, you might be banned indefinitely or suspended.

1.3) No cross-posting.

Do not submit the same posts and threads in different sections of the forum. Once is enough. Even if it takes a while before your thread is approved, it will be approved eventually. If you create many threads that are more or less identical, you may receive an infraction and it's possible your thread may be sent to the Recycle Bin.

1.4) No offensive avatars, usernames or signatures.

1.4.1) Avatars and profile pictures, should not be offensive. Pornographic avatars are not allowed, even less so, avatars displaying paedophilia, zoophilia, paraphilia and similar perversions.

1.4.2) Try to register with a unique username in order to avoid confusion with established members registered with a similar username. A username that is blatantly trying to copy the username of an established member, to the point where it suspiciously looks like harassment and/or stalking, your username might be changed and you may be banned. Usernames will not be changeable, so make sure you choose a username you're satisfied posting with.

1.4.3) Signatures are not allowed to link to offensive paraphilia websites and should not be used to attack other members' integrity and privacy.

1.5) No false rumours.

Do not spread false rumours about other members you cannot support with evidence. For example, accusing someone to be of different ancestry, sexual orientation and/or religious creed than what said member has acknowledged about himself, is a false rumour, and may lead to infractions or even ban.

1.6) No advertisement and spam.

You are not allowed to advertise on this forum, nor are you allowed to use this forum as a place for economical trade with other members. However, it is allowed to mention commercial genetic companies if the topic of your thread requires it and if your thread has enough potential for a serious discussion. You are also allowed to link to your personal blog, even though it may be commercial. Spam threads and posts, will not only not pass through the moderation, they will also be deleted and your IP address, username and email address will all be sent to StopForumSpam, so it's futile to attempt spamming this site, since 99% of it is never seen by anyone except moderators.

1.7) No hate-crimes and organised violence against racial groups.

This forum will by the very nature of its main theme (anthropology), feature discussions related to race and ethnic groups. As such, some personal and controversial opinions from some forum members, may and probably will be expressed here. Freedom of speech is allowed and encouraged, because this forum is protected by the rights of the 1st amendment.

However, you are not allowed to use this forum as a tool to stir up and organise violent racially motivated attacks against other ethnic groups, and similar hate-crimes.

1.8) Members' right to privacy and anonymity.

1.8.1) All members have the right to be anonymous if they wish to be. Breaching this right, whether it be posting images of certain members on the forum, their address (be it IP, home address or email) or any personal information, will inevitably lead to a ban.

1.8.2) Outing someone publicly for having multiple accounts (and abusing them in threads), will lead to infractions. If you suspect a member for using sockpuppets, report it to admin. Don't out the member in question, on the forum, because this will backfire on you.

1.8.3) If you share your personal pictures with other members outside of this forum, and they spread it to other members, we here at ForumBiodiversity cannot guarantee what will happen with the member who breached your privacy. Anything that happens outside of this forum is out of our control, and it's your word against his/hers, unless of course, you can prove it, which might be difficult in some situations.

1.8.4) If your identity is already well known from before (as in, if you've already revealed personal information about yourself), no actions will be taken against members who post it.

Take responsibility for whatever personal information you wish to share with certain members, in order to minimise the risks of being outed.

1.9) No sockpuppet accounts.

1.9.1) It is allowed to have multiple usernames, if you for whatever reason wish to occasionally debate with another name. However, if you register more than one account and use them simultaneously in the same thread(s) to make it appear like you're winning an argument by having someone agreeing with you, or even worse, multiple personality disorder posting (you discussing with yourself), you will be banned without a warning.

1.9.2) Whatever infractions and suspension history you've racked up in your main account, also apply to your other accounts.

1.9.3) You are not allowed to use your other usernames while suspended or banned. A suspension/ban means you stay off the forum until your suspension period ends.

In order to make things easier for yourself and the forum administration, please stick to one account per user.

2.0) No severe personal attacks, harassment and threats.

It is allowed to use personal attacks like "idiot", "dumbass", "asshole" and similar derogatory terms, when discussing, against moderators and other members. However, severe personal attacks of a very objectionable nature and excessive harassment, is not allowed. It will lead to infractions, and worst case scenario, ban. Threatening someone will immediately lead to ban. For the sake of keeping it highbrow, try to avoid most insults and keep it civil and courteous. Not only will it lead to a better forum atmosphere, it will also keep you safer from bans and suspensions. No one is interested in your lame flame wars. Threads with a lot of personal attacks may be either closed or moved to the Mordor-section (which is the waste-basket for anti-intellectual threads).

Quality Before Quantity and Quality Before Stupidity

If the majority of your posts are lowbrow in nature, consisting of mostly irrelevant nonsense, you may be banned without warning because you did not live up to the QBQ or QBS guidelines. This, in order to maintain a higher quality in general, on the forum. Only admins are allowed to QBQ-ban members.


Members who have been banned longer than six months, are allowed to apply for amnesty, under the condition that they've been gone from the forum, at the very least, six months (i.e., no use of sockpuppet accounts; if this is discovered, you won't be eligible for amnesty). Amnesty is only given once per member, and members with amnesty status are only capable of receiving one infraction (before ban). After a year of proper conduct within the forum rules, amnesty members will be ordinary members again. When you apply for amnesty, do it from the same email you registered your original username with, and send the mail with the subject titled "AMNESTY" to [email protected] with a sincere and thorough explanation why you want amnesty, and how you'll be a better member this time around.

One infraction, one week's suspension.
Two infractions, one month's suspension.
Three strikes and you're out (banned).

Please do your best to follow these rules and guidelines so that we can make this forum a serious place with high quality discussions. Do also report posts not conforming to these rules, using the Report Post (RP) function, so that moderators can take action quicker where it's necessary, making things easier and smoother for them to clean up posts in violation of the rules. When you report the post, you can also specify which rule in particular that was violated, by providing the rule number(s).
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the ForumBiodiversity.com » Anthropology Biodiversity Forum (ABF) rules.