Do you think there is a possible connection between the Denisovan language (if it is known) to Melanesian (Papuan and Austronesian), Kusunda, Altaic, Uralic, Austro-Asiatic, Dravidian, and Neanderthal? It is said that the Denisovans have a common origin with the Neanderthals, and interbred with the ancestors of today's Melanesians who speak Austronesian and Papuan. Kusunda was also once mentioned to be connected with the Papuan languages. The Denisovan people were likely widespread throughout Eurasia, and may have influence proto-Altaic or proto-Uralic languages. The Austro-Asiatic languages (or Proto-Austro-Asiatic languages) are thought to have an original spread possibly as far west as Sumer and as far east as mainland Southeast Asia where Melanesians may have been present. The Dravidian languages of South Asia may also be considered in this discussion.

I'm just throwing all this out for everyone to discuss. It's a brainstorm session.