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Thread: The Big Lie of the 20th and 21st century885 days old

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    Default The Big Lie of the 20th and 21st century

    I believe that some of you clicked on this topic because you want to hear someone with a different point of view instead of listening to the same stuff over and over again. Being open minded can not hurt you but to help you understand better.

    In this topic I will explain the "Holocaust" of how it has been abused to gain political and economical power. You will also get information from Jews who admits that this. Simply because they are tired of these abusement of the actual victims.

    To start with, I want you to know what Holocaust really means.

    "Holocaust" comes from the Greek word "holokaustos", which means "burned whole". It has been used in English for a long time in the sense of disaster involving many deaths (especially by fire). In its Middle English form, derived from Greek, it was used to mean a burnt offering. This later broadened to any major destruction due to fire, and broadened further to mean any mass destruction.

    Some Q&A about the "Holocaust" deniers like myself. It is not because we hate the Jews or believe that no Jews died in those camps. We are very well aware that Jews died in those camps.

    Absurd CLAIMS made about                                        FACTS about Holocaust Revisionism
    "Holocaust Deniers"
    They deny that Jews were persecuted                             WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny that Jews were deprived of civil rights               WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny that Jews were deported                               WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny that Jews were herded into ghettos                    WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny the existence of concentration camps                  WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny that Jews were put to forced labor                    WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny the existence of crematoria in                        WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    concentration camps
    They deny that Jews and others died for a great                 WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    number of reasons: epidemics, malnutrition,
    diseases & mistreatment
    They deny that other minorities, political dissenters,          WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    communists and gypsies were also persecuted
    They deny  the treatment of the Jews was unjust                 WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny the victims of the war their dignity                  WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny the victims to be remembered                          WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    They deny to show compassion for the victims                    WRONG! They do NOT deny this.
    WHY do the intellectually honest questions Holocaust Propaganda? 
    Witness testimony IS inconsistent with documentary evidence, technical necessities and natural scientific law.
    They AFFIRM there was NO plan to murder ALL jews                CORRECT! This is what they claim
    They AFFIRM Jews were NOT murdered systematically               CORRECT! This is what they claim
    They AFFIRM there was NO existence of gas chambers &
    crematoria ovens for the mass murder                            CORRECT! This is what they claim
    They AFFIRM six million Jews did not die in the Holocaust™      CORRECT! This is what they claim

    1. What does "Holocaust" mean in the Zionist propaganda?
    a) That there were a "systematical National Socialist plan to annihilate ALL Jews in Europe during WWII only due to their ethnicity".
    b) "The National Socialist managed to annihilate six million Jews".
    c) "The Jews were being gassed to death in the gas chambers and thrown into the crematoria's alive.

    2. How does the Holocaust Propaganda favor the Zionist state of Israel?
    For instance, the billions and billions which Israel gains as international social case which has and still compact Germany as a case of "damages". The Holocaust-myth is also used in the Jewish lobbies (especially AIPAC) to control the U.S. foreign policy so that it favors Israel in the best possible way. The so-called Gulf War is a good example of this, as well as the Iraqi war in 2003 when Saddam Hussein was later hanged. The Judeo-American imperialists are still in Iraq because of the oil, which was the only goal about the invasion.

    3. In what way has it benefited the Communists participating in the Holocaust propaganda?
    It is hidden in their own enormous war crimes against humanity.

    4. Are those who questions the "Holocaust", neo-National Socialists and anti-Semites?
    This is just a trick to draw attention from the facts of heavily weight arguments which the Revisionists presents. There are Revisionists of all races, political and religious views. Revisionism has no ideology, and it is an unpolitical scientific research method, like math for example.

    5. What is anti-Semitism?
    One who has racist views towards Semites. Those included are Arabs, Palestinians and Jews, as well as other groups who speaks a Semitic language. It is very hypocritical indeed when Jews whines and blames the Arabs for anti-Semitism.

    6. What is "Incitement to ethnic or racial hatred"?
    This offence refers to:

    • Deliberately provoking hatred of a racial group
    • Distributing racist material to the public
    • Making inflammatory public speeches
    • Inciting inflammatory rumours about an individual or an ethnic group, for the purpose of spreading racial discontent.

    7. What is the message which Zionism carries?
    To create a Jewish state in the lands of Palestinians by occupying, oppress, drive out and kill the Palestinian people.

    8. What is the difference between Judaism and Zionism?
    Judaism is the "Jewish Nationalism" transformed into a "religion". Zionism is Judaism's (Talmud included) political (policy) enforcement motion.

    9. History should be researched and proved, not legislated!
    Historians - as well as pupils, students, journalists and researchers - should be scientifically and critically carefully inquire into the veracity of the facts. This method has led to the famous appeals and revisions:

    • During World War I, it was assured that the Germans cut off the hands of small Belgian children, and the special "corpse factories" made soap or fertilizers of precipitous French and British soldiers. A few years later these myths were abandoned;

    • During the years of 1945 and 1946, it was insured under Nuremberg trial that the Germans were responsible for Katynmorder (as total of 11 000 Polish officers); Today, everyone knows that it was the Soviet Union who had committed these massacres, since it was officially recognized by Moscow;

    • The dramatic events that took place during the Gulf War, in Romania and Bosnia, and many revelations about the propaganda surrounding these events point to a need to revise their previous information.

    10. How many did die in the Auschwitz according to the "official" sources?

    • 8 000 000 according to the documents from the state of France (Office desrecherches des crimes de guerre)
    • 5 000 000 according to the Le Monde news paper (April 20th, 1978)
    • 4 000 000 according to the monument in Auschwitz (teared down in 1990)
    • 3 000 000 according to Höss (the Auschwitz commandant) "confessions".
    • 2 000 000 according to the dictionary of Bonnier (part one, Stockholm, page 966)
    • 1 433 000 according to the Le Monde news paper (September 1st, 1989)
    • 1 250 000 according to R. Hilberg, in his book "The destruction of the European Jews", in 1988.
    • 1 100 000 according to "estimates" of the French news paper Le Monde (July, 19th 1990)
    • 850 000 according to Gerald Ritlinger. Author of the book "The Final Solution", in 1953.
    • 74 000 according to Gorbachev released Soviet confiscated from the German archives.

    The Zionists want to prohibit revisionism about the Holocaust, that is, research in and of undermining the Zionist propaganda version of the Second World War history:

    Which of the above example, given contradictory figures will officially legislated and forbidden to be questioned and thus should be banned as disrespect and "hate speech?

    11. How many Jews died in the German concentration camps?
    Auschwitz museum has in year 1990, dismantled it's monument, which said that 4 million Jews to have died in this camp.

    Zionist sources has agreed to reduce the figure by 1.5 million (!). Do not think that this reduction of approximately 2.5 million (!), has affected the sacred figure of 6 million Jews! Statistics regarding the number of Jews are very unreliable. We know however with certainty that some 2 million Jews fled to east, including the mini-Israel, Birobidjan, that Stalin created already in 1936.

    The revisionists expect that at most about 200 000 Jews to have died in all the concentration camps because of hardship in the form of overwork, disease, cold, hunger, and in some cases, executions.

    12. How many Jewish soldiers killed during the Second World War?
    There are no official statistics, but several Jewish writers have argued that several hundred thousand Jews fought as soldiers in the Red Army. Those in the war, fallen soldiers, were counted as "gassed".

    13. How many Jews died of aging weakness or illness during the Second World War?
    There are no official statistics on it. They are all introduced in the statistics of the "gassed".

    14. How many Jews were killed in Allied bombing during the Second World War?
    There are no statistics because they are included in the statistics as "gassed".

    15. How many Jews died in German concentration camps?
    At most, 200 000.

    16. But what is the difference between the 200 000 Jews and the alleged 6 million Jews?
    The difference is five million eight hundred thousand. The difference is what separates truth from propaganda. In addition, it was not as propaganda deliberately states as, "annihilated".

    17. Are movies of the "Holocaust" and movies like "Schindler's List" & "The Winds of War" not documented?
    No, they are products of the imagination that is presented in such a way that people will perceive them as facts. Such as emotions etc.

    - See a list of top 50 movies of the "Holocaust" here.

    THERE WAS NEVER A SCHINDLER’S LIST. It was drawn up by a man called Goldman. This man took money to put a name on that list – no money, no place on the list. I was told this by a Dr Schwartz, in Vienna; he had paid in diamonds to save his wife…” —Emilie Schindler

    “Steven Spielberg only gave me $50,000 for making a film about the Holocaust and my husband, and he never asked me permission, he just did it.” —Emilie Schindler, Drudge, June 1, 1999.

    18. Is there evidence that the so-called industrial mass extermination of Jews took place?
    No written papers on orders from Hitler or plans of extinction have been found in the German archives. No evidence has been found for example in the form of a "mountain of ashes" or crematory ovens, capable to handle this. No real evidence of the gas chambers were used in the concentration camps who's purpose was to "gas" people to death, ever existed, and no credible demographic statistics either.

    What Hitler however ordered, was a "territorial final solution" to what the National Socialists saw as the so-called Jewish question. In his [Hitler] desire for a "Juderein" Third Reich, it was literally in the German documents to make it happen through emigration and evacuation of Jews, mostly to the east - the Soviet Union. At Vannsee conference in January 1942, the media often referear to as the moment when the "Jewish extermination"-plans should have been debated between the high ranked National Socialist leadership, there is no regulated by conference protocols of "extermination"-plan.

    19. Why were Jews deported from all over Europe to these camps?
    The revisionists say that all Russian concentration camp - including Poland - was concentration and labor camps, not extermination camps. The National Socialists deported Jews from all over Europe to these camps because:

    1. In accordance with the NSDAP's plans, were to deport European Jewry to the east.
    2. To house the Jews who were considered as a security risk, since JUDEA declared war on Germany on March 24, 1933.


    20. Did the Germans destroy all the documents that could be evidence against them in the final months?
    The National Socialist power machine left behind 100's of tons of documents. The Germans often claimed to pedagogic accuracy documenting everything they did. 10 000's SS men and bureaucrats would have been involved and could testify today.

    21. Are all the witnesses who talk about the concentration camps lying?
    People do not know but they believe in the "gas chambers". Believers do not lie: they believe! What the so-called survivors testify, particularly those who testify in schools, is the privation of the concentration camps. However, there are very few who claim to have witnessed a gassing. The testimony about gassings contradict each other on the number of victims in the gas chamber, from which gas is led into the gas chamber, how long it took until it worked, what happened to the corpses and so on. Witnesses in Nurnberg trail has not been cross-examined, and they have been allowed to say the biggest absurdity without their credibility questioned.

    22. Has the official "historians themselves revised the history of Second World War?
    Yes! Up until 1960 it was alleged that there have been "gas chambers" in concentration camps in Germany and Austria. Thousands of "survivors" had witnessed "gassings", German officers had confessed and was executed after Nurnberg trail because they had "gassed" people in these camps. But suddenly, in 1960, acknowledged the Allies themselves that all these testimonies and confessions were false and that there has never been any "gas chambers" in those camps! The building that for years förevistats for the tourists at Auschwitz, which is supposed to be a "real gas chamber" for chemical mass extermination of people, has since 1988 been recognized as a "reconstruction". This then Fred Leuchter, America's foremost expert on gas chambers, in the first technical and chemical survey ever of the designated spaces at Auschwitz, confirmed that they technically would not have been able to function as just gas chambers.

    Auschwitz museum commissioned a custom chemical examination to try to disprove what Leuchter came until 1988. This so-called "krakow-report" only confirms what Leuchter found. Lüftl report, authored by the head of the East Empire engineering chamber, and the Max Planck Institute in Germany investigation confirmed the physical and technical impossibility behind förintelselitteratörernas claims about Auschwitz and other camps' "gas chambers".

    In some states of U.S., there are currently gas chambers being used to execute people under sentence of death. When looking into America's gas chambers, it has been concluded that the gas chamber is a very complicated method. The following conditions are required for a room to serve as a euthanasia chamber:

    1. Absolute tight of air! - it is the victims inside to be killed, not executioners outside!
    2. Preparations for initiating the gas
    3. Powerful ventilation fans to neutralize the gas

    The list above of the Auschwitz alleged "gas chambers", all these devices were missing. In Krema 1-"gas chamber", there is even a wooden door with a window made of glass. The distance between the door and the floor is 10 cm. With other words, the "gas" would be able to sneak out from the room through that space, which would make the gassing impossible. The Germans were no technical idiots!

    23. Zyklon B is a debugging preparations. Can it be used to kill people?
    Hydrogen cyanide, which is the main component of Zyklon B, is used in gas chambers for execution of a condemned people in the U.S. today. Zyklon B is, however, an insecticide in pellet form that has the property that it slowly releases its deadly vapors. This is of great importance for the Zyklon B's major success as an insecticide.

    One has to be something of a technological idiot to believe that this preparation can be used to kill millions of people.

    This, is because:

    1. The long time it takes for the pellets to deliver enough lethal doses. The gas evaporation temperature is 25.7 degrees Celsius. You should then consider that the Auschwitz "gas chamber" was in the basement below ground level and that the "gassing" has also been going during cold winters, according to the "survivors" and "witnesses". No heating coils or other heating devices has ever been found in these cold areas.
    2. The gas attaches very easily on the floor, walls and clothing.
    3. The gas flammability considering "gas chambers" proximity to the crematory ovens. Zyklon B used in concentration camps to combat the ever-raging typhus epidemic which threatened conditions in the camp. Zyklon B was exported to many countries in Europe.

      The German operator's manuals for the use of Zyklon B emphasizes that minsts 20-hour airing of the fumigated space is required before technically trained personnel with respirator may enter.

    24. Auschwitz commandant Hoss claims in his, under torture votes, "confession" that gassing took 20 minutes and that his men went directly into the gas chamber without a gas mask, and began ("while they smoked and ate sandwiches"!) Move out the bodies, only 10 minutes after gassing, is this true?
    This is an example of some of incongruities in Hoess so-called "confession". After 20 minutes, none of the victims would have died. Were they against all logic, yet been that, Hoess's men would not survive the "gas chamber", as there were no ventilation or any gas masks. Note that they also have been eaten food in the connection to the manage of moving hydrogen cyanide impregnated bodies!

    They had also been smoking by Hoess claims, given with the risk of explosion is completely mad - pockets of air, mixed bodies, the necessary volume distribution explosive air / gas (6 to 41% w/w) could be ignited. Hoess also says in his "confession" of the concentration camp - Wolzec - which never even existed. The fact that Hoess was afflicted by Jewish interrogators in British uniform is confirmed by the British interrogator Bernard Clarce (see Rupert Butler - "Legions of Death", 1983, page 235, and the "confession" of Hoess, written in, "Commandant of Auschwitz" (page 145 ).

    25. Have Jews also been killed with diesel exhaust?
    The camp Treblinka Sobibor and Belzek:

    First, defendants in the propaganda of "steam chambers" (!). And electric baths where you cut down those who would be killed. After that, there was instead talk of "diesel exhaust chambers". But even this is an impossibility: diesel exhaust is far too low in carbon dioxide (CO2) and far too high oxygen (O2).

    The condemned's breath, if they were packed into the chamber, would be enriched with oxygen (O2) from the exhaust. This would ironically extend the prisoners' struggle, facing of a suffocating death.

    26.Did SS officer Kurt Gerstein lied, when he described in "great" details about the "gassing" with diesel emissions in the "extermination camp" of Belzec?
    Kurt Gerstein says literally: 7-800 prisoners were compacted into the 25m2 large "gas chamber" - which is about 30 person / m2 (!), that gassings took only 32 minutes to accomplish the mission, and that 35-40 meter high mountain of shoes piled up at the camp and altogether 25 million people were supposedly gassed to death by the National Socialists. His testimony is clearly false. The Jewish key "witness" of Belzec, is even worse, he says that 750 people in a 16 m2 large "gas chamber" and that 3 million people has been killed, in Belzec alone.

    27. What function and purpose did the cremation ovens fill?
    Cremation ovens exists even today and are used pretty much daily, and they have also been used during the Second World War to burn dead bodies, and to prevent epidemics that can spread through the groundwater burying infected carcasses.

    Their existence in the camps is in itself no evidence of any crime. A German cremation oven at that time, could only burn one to two corpses (depending on the size of the corpses), they were run on coal / coke (fuel), and it required about 2 hours to burn a whole body and required regular cleaning, and at times, even cooling. To claim which the Holocaust literary people do, that only in Auschwitz would have cremated 7000 bodies per day is totally unreasonable and impossible!

    28. Has several corpses been burned in open pits?
    It is impossible to burn the corpses in such way because it can not generate enough heat in open pits. The 6-meter deep pits that are mentioned in Auschwitz, would not have been able to use because of the swamps in these areas would make it impossible. On the aerial photographs of Auschwitz 1944, when the "killings" were at most, shows no billowing smoke from the crematorium chimneys as they alleged, and no "queues" to the alleged "gas chambers".

    29. Are images shown in the mass media and in movies is, not the evidence that the "Holocaust" occurred?
    Holocaust propagandists use mostly of authentic images that are fed with propaganda designed suitable captions. Piles of corpses (the killing German women and children from the terror bombing of Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin) have been presented as murdering Jews. The piles of emaciated corpses, often appearing, died of epidemics and is derived from camps in Germany (Bergen-Belsen), where it is now widely known that there were no "gas chambers". In the chaotic final stages of the war, led by the Allied mass bombings, communication networks, to the supply lines to the concentration camps, broke down. The emaciated bodies from the people who fell victim to starvation and disease, which due to lack of including Zyklon B, was spread freely among the internees.

    30. This does not convince me to believe that "Holocaust" was fake.
    The text above does not explain it all, but good part of it. In order to understand this myth, you must study it deeper. Some great videos in the link below will prove many things with your own eyes, with help of blueprints, testings and more.

    Some very interesting videos and other information can be seen here:

    With the Gas Chamber Technology During WWII It Would Take Approximately 68 Years to Kill 6 Million Jews

    Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? (Anthony Lawson)

    Judea Declares War on Germany

    David Cole in Auschwitz

    David Cole and Mark Weber on the Montel Williams

    The Last Days of the Big Lie

    Bishop Richard Williamson tells the truth about the "holocaust" – Anders Lundin

    Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews

    Germany Off Your Knees Germany Ernst Zundel, The Second Trial

    The "Holocaust" Debunked - Ernst Zundel and the trails during the 80's.
    aka. Holocaust Destroyed

    David Irving The Holocaust lie

    One Third Of The Holocaust

    Holohoax Survivors who Tell the Truth

    "Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it"

    If the Germans gassed millions of Jews, did they also....

    1. Steam people to death like lobsters in 10 steam chambers at Treblinka
    2. Zap them to death with mass electrical shocks
    3. Blast them into the twilight zone with atomic bombs
    4. Beat people to death, then carry out autopsies to see why they died
    5. Force people to climb trees, then cut the trees down
    6. Kill 840,000 Russian POWs at Sachsenhausen, and burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens
    7. Bash people's brains in with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine while listening to the radio, then burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens
    8. Torture and execute people in time to music at the Yanov camp in Russia -- shoot every member of the orchestra
    9. Grind the bones of millions of people in portable bone-grinding machines
    10. Grind the bones of 200 bodies [¾ ton] at one time as described in photographs and documents which have disappeared -- study bone grinding in special 10-day crash-course seminars
    11. Whup people with special spanking machines
    12. (Note that photographs of German leaders, concentration camps, etc., are in full supply, but that photos of bone grinders, portable ovens, etc., have all disappeared)
    13. Make lampshades of human skin
    14. Cut people's heads off and then shrink them -- make pocketbooks and driving gloves for SS officers out of human skin
    15. Paint pornographic pictures on canvasses made of human skin
    16. Bind books in human skin
    17. Make saddles, riding breeches, gloves, house slippers, and ladies handbags out of human skin
    18. Drive Jews to cannibalism in all those freight cars
    19. More "scientific experiments" -- another ridiculous accusation -- another bizarre hallucination -- another example of German efficiency
    20. Torture people in specially mass-produced "torture boxes" made by Krupp
    21. Kill people for sleeping in their underwear -- kill people for wearing dirty underwear -- wear underwear stolen from gassed persons -- (didn't they have any underwear in Germany?) -- kill people for having armpit hair -- stuff chairs with human hair -- (an objection from defendant Göring) -- make socks out of human hair -- (actually, the correct translation should be hair-yarn "booties" for U-boat crews) -- (commentary) -- collect seven tons of hair for human sock making -- collect 293 hair bales (net weight seven thousand kilograms) at Auschwitz for mattress stuffing and making hair socks -- gas them to death, then destroy the bodies with quicklime at Auschwitz
    22. Use human ashes for repairing the roads -- mix human ashes with manure and sell it
    23. Burn human bodies using human fat for fuel -- burn human bodies using no fuel at all after removing them from the gas chambers without wearing gas masks -- burn 80,000 bodies in 2 old ovens
    24. Burn human bodies in holes dug in a swampy plain which is frozen in January where it rains and snows constantly and there is mud everywhere -- what did they do when it was raining?
    25. Kill people with poisoned soft drinks -- shoot 135,000 people in Smolensk and bury them Katyn-style -- shoot 200,000 people in the Lisenitz forest -- using the same methods of concealment they used at Katyn

    Informative pictures


    The Holohoax story is just one big massive stupid lie, to gain political and financial power.

    Holocaust = Israel
    Holocaust = Sympathy for the Zionist Regime

    The story of Moshe Peer is even more redicilous. He is supposedly a "Holocaust survivor", who has survived 6 gassings (!)

    Picture of the article here


    Another funny story, is this one:

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    I believe Holocaust happened, millions of innocent people got killed because they were Jewish as well as gypsies, gays and probably disabled people as well also people who were against the killings.

    RIP for all.

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    Oh Please?

    All sides are guilty of random killings of solders and civilians during WWII. The Holocost happened, but the degree is certainly debatable. I will grant you the Soviets killed far more people then Nazis ever did, but the story is always told by winners. Funny if the US would have stayed neutral in Europe, all of Europe would be speaking German and the Russians would be the evil demonized empire that slaughtered innocent Europeans.

    I don't support the communist or nazi ideologies one bit and both have been a horror in recent world history. Of course I'm saying this as a American. America was established on the idea of remaining neutral , but carry a big stick. It's a real shame recent government actions have been to promote democracy world wide, which is seen as American Imperialism by many in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5aday View Post
    I believe Holocaust happened, millions of innocent people got killed because they were Jewish as well as gypsies, gays and probably disabled people as well also people who were against the killings.RIP for all.
    That's an excellent point many gypsies, gays and disabled people even 100% blooded Germans were killed in the Holocaust along with many Jews. The nazis did not discriminate based on only race they discriminated based on perceived superiority. Gypsies, gays and disabled people were all consider inferior by almost all Europeans at that time not just the nazis.

    Nazis did not value human life so just like breading dogs they removed the perceived inferior ones from the gene pool. It's very logical and makes perfect sense if one does not value human life.
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    lol religion ?
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    if you want a serious topic, then you should present serious facts instead of racist comics showing your clear bias.

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    There are lots of misconceptions about Holocaust, but not the ones you are talking about. The misconceptions number one for instance is, contrary t what is said, the world KNEW about Holocaust, including USA, London, Paris and American Jews.

    Also not only Jews were kept and died in Auschwitz concentration camp. Poles, Russians, gays and even German criminals etc were sent there too. Jews were majority of victims- 1 million, but 100k were non-Jews. I dont know whether they were gassed too, but it was not a secret.
    Also some guards confirm what was happpening, also not all guards were Germans, cause some were Ukrainians etc
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    Am I right or am I wrong?

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    Vote for Ron Paul 2012. No more military aid to Israel. No more phony wars in the middle east against imaginary enemies. The israelites can take care of themselves.

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    I definitely agree that Jews have used it as a weapon to get to where they are today.

    For example, why do we never hear about the Persian genocide in which 10 million (half of Iran's 20 million during the 1800's) who were murdered/starved to death as direct result of British occupation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jalethewhale View Post
    I definitely agree that Jews are using it as a tool to gain power.
    That fact that is often used (and even sometimes abused too) does not make it less real, right the opposite.
    Am I right or am I wrong?

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    I am just not for those revisionist theories, every revisionist argumentation is extremely disrepectful to the victims of the holocaust, period.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Look up revisionism in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

    Revisionism may refer to:

    Historical revisionism, the critical re-examination of presumed historical facts and existing historiography
    The "revisionists" school of thought in Soviet and Communist studies, as opposed to the Cold War "traditionalists" school.
    Historical revisionism (negationism), a particular form of historical revisionism concerned with the denial of facts accepted by mainstream historians
    Holocaust denial, any of various claims that standard scholarly descriptions of the Holocaust are substantially erroneous, particularly the denials made by David Irving
    Revisionist Zionism, a nationalist faction within the Zionist movement
    Marxist revisionism, a pejorative term used by some Marxists to describe ideas based on a revision of fundamental Marxist premises
    Fictional revisionism, the retelling of a story with substantial alterations in character or environment, to "revise" the view shown in the original work
    Territorial revisionism, a euphemism for revanchism or irredentism
    Revisionism Theory, another word for Reformism

    Holocaust denial is explicitly or implicitly illegal in 17 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

    [180] The European Union's Framework decision on Racism and Xenophobia states that denying or grossly trivialising "crimes of genocide" should be made "punishable in all EU Member States".[181] Slovakia criminalized denial of fascist crimes in general in late 2001; in May 2005, the term "Holocaust" was explicitly adopted by the penal code and in 2009, it became illegal to deny any act regarded by an international criminal court as genocide. The Parliament of Hungary adopted the most recent legislation, which declared denial or trivialization of the Holocaust a crime punishable by up to three years imprisonment, in February 2010.[182]
    ^^^^ OP you 'd better be careful because i saw you have the hungarian flag....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arminfrench View Post
    ........The Gods pleased with those sacrifices would give the Aztecs as their chosen ones victory in balttles, good harvesting, and mastery over all nations, Until one day when it would be time for the Fifth Sun To extinguish and with it the People of the fifth Sun will be no more.

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